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Updated 8/2:
We have a quick update on the Lift 2.0 Desk. As of today, the drop is 50% shipped. Unfortunately, there was a delay in receiving the full shipment from the vendor, and we now estimate that the remaining desks will ship by the end of next week. We apologize for the delay and overall lack of communication. We're working with the warehouse to prioritize this shipment and we've sent an email to those affected with more information.

Hi everyone,

We have an update on the status of the Massdrop Lift 2.0 Sit-to-Stand Desks. The desks are on their way to our warehouse, and will soon be prepared for shipment. We wanted to let you know some important information about how these desks will ship.
During quality control checks, our vendor noticed that the control panel wasn’t up to the standards we expect. Luckily, they were able to produce a new and improved control panel. However, the packaging was already complete and therefore this new panel will be arriving separately.
For this drop, you can expect there to be a total of three separate shipments, each with their own tracking number. Package #1 will be the tabletop.
Package #2 will be the table legs, and the first production control panel.
Package #3 will be the new and improved control panel.
The new and improved control panel will have a green dot placed on the back of the control panel, as well as on the outside of its packing box.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the extra shipment. We're looking forward to you receiving the first production of the Massdrop Lift 2.0!
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When is this shipping?
AveryC We need an update. This is past due. Radio silence is not good. Has the second shipment arrived at the warehouse? Has it even been sent?
Before you start! Read this! Make sure you don't tighten down the screws highlighted with red in step 1 right away. It will make step 2 much easier to line up screws shown with green

Alright, lets start seeing those pics! I need some cable management and storage ideas. I have a few headphones and a few headphone amps i want to neatly have accessible on the desk. I also need to find room for a small UPS, a cable modem, a wireless router, and a computer of course.
I am extremely disappointed in the quality control on this product. See the attached photos. The holes for the screws on the feet do not align with the holes on the legs, so the screws can’t be put in place. I can only screw in one or two screws of four on each leg. I dismantled my existing desk to make space for this and now I have no idea what to do.

Hi I’m having some issues with my shipment

1. My desktop arrived damaged

2. The holes for the feet of the legs do not align so I can’t get bolts in there securely -

Please advise
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Most of the holes on mine can not be threaded properly. The angle is too severe.
More severe than naveedx983? That picture he has above looks like mine did and it worked, but i had to lift it completely up.
So two days in and I'm loving it. My current problem is cable management. I've order a large zippered sleeve but I've got three power strips. Any one have any suggestions or ideas? I'm guessing I'm not the only one with multiple monitors, speakers, chargers, phones, headphone amps on his desk...
Same here! One thing I did for my tube amps was get a UPS. It eliminated some hum and now I have some things plugged into that instead of a power strip. Like modem, router, etc. I may also get something like a shelf/cabinet for storage and to mount power strip to the back of it. I'm curious to see what you come up with though
I got all 3 shipments in today. In the box with the green dot that's supposed to have the "new controller panel" I only got the controller box. Is that correct?
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Turns out I'm an idiot and didn't look at the directions closely enough. Thanks for pointing out my error, segy!
Yes, I got the same thing. There's a "bad controller" in the box with the legs. The box with the legs has all the cables required, or at least it did for me.
Built mine tonight, not everything is mounted. I am using an Ikea desktop. Working well so far, my girlfriend sat on it and it went all the way up just as fast as with no weight other than the desktop

I think one tip I will give to everyone is to not tighten the legs fully in until you get the left and right sideplate screws in. If you tighten the legs the side holes for the sideplate are a pain to get screwed in.

Otherwise - this was relatively pleasant to get hooked up, and im sure moreso if you bought the included desktop. Enjoy!
Did you get the gerton tabletop? If so, did you just pre-drill and screw the controller to the bottom? Just putting mine together and figuring out what to do since theres no predrilled holes. Also feel like i need to add some finishing to the tabletop.
Yep, Gerton tabletop. I used 1 1/4 wood screws and predrilled all the holes.

Also agree on the finishing...I am using it today and its pretty rough on my arms! I wish I did the finishing first because I spent all night mounting everything to the bottom of the desk
Just got mine today as well. Also hit a snag with one of the actuators not functioning properly (Doesn’t fully extend and makes a streching noise when moving).
Mine just arrived today. It looks like some bits are missing and a cover is cracked, nothing too bad but I am curious if the missing rubber spacer is required? It looks like there should be 3 per support, one of the rubber spacers was loose in the packaging and the 6th appears to be missing.

It doesn't look like the missing spacer is required. I have the desk fully assembled and it's working like a champ. The damage to the legs is hidden by the location of them, I assume that was caused during a test fitting. I'm really digging the desk so far.
I just received my desk and I've hit a snag. The screw holes for one of the feet do not line up and I cannot screw it in. I hope that massdrop can send me new foot for the desk. It looks like mine wasn't one of the desks that was assembled and inspected :(

Hey I’m having the same issue posted a pic above. Hope we can get some new feet fast!
Me too naveedx983. I opened a case with Massdrop. I'm waiting for them to get back to me. After seeing your post, I'm going to unbox my tabletop completely and examine it as well. Once I hit the issue with the feet, I stopped the assmebly and repacked the stand.

I'm starting to wish I had spent the extra $100-$150 and bought an autonomous desk. A co-worker, and a friend of mine each have one. They are very happy with their purchase and do not have any quality issues. However, I'm sure that Massdrop will address our issues soon.