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Massdrop Lift 2.0 Sit-to-Stand Desk

Massdrop Lift 2.0 Sit-to-Stand Desk

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UPDATE FOR THE MARCH/APRIL 2018 DROP Hi everyone, We wanted to clear up any confusion on the number of packages each member should have received for the Massdrop Lift 2.0 Sit-to-Stand Desk drop. For the first batch (shipped around 7/24) of desks there were 3 shipments. However, with the second delayed batch (shipped around 8/3) there were only 2 shipments, as the manufacturer included the newer panel in the box (instead of an additional shipment). We apologize for the confusion and hope this helps to clarify the situation. If you have any additional questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out to our Community Support team via your transaction page:
Why my transaction got denied
Is MDF strong enough to hold a desk mounted monitor arm holding 2 monitors?
... I want my desk... now :<
The white wood grain in the top picture is the wood or the white? If its the wood, why isnt that in the regular size? Its beautiful and i hate plain white and plain black but the 60 inch is too big :(
Got this at Costco for $179.99 sometime in Q4 of 2017... Albeit a different brand, it’s the exact same thing. I feel like mass drop has become a sellout company. havent seen a single worthy “drop” since October of last year. BUMMER
What brand was it for $180?
What are the maximum dimensions for a tabletop if purchasing just the base?
Is it a possibility to only buy the control panel as well as the dual motors and three-stage telescoping frame?
For those of you who have just received the last drop of this Lift desk, what kind of damages to the table top did you guys have if any upon receiving the table? Here's a couple of photos showing some damage mine came with. :c

when will you guys get this out again or make a v3? I'm just curious. I wanted to buy this last night, but now I think I'm just going to buy from another brand.
Did you guys get enough buyers for this drop? I'm wondering because it said needed at least 1 or 10 more ppl. I can't remember exactly. It just ended a couple hours ago.
I think I'm going to buy this. I don't think gas lift desk are in demand for reaching lower heights below 28". And it's probably not possible without sacrificing weight load capacity. I wanted to go for faster height change with quiet operation. I've done a little comparing and I think this is a great deal. I was window shopping for these kind of desks for the past 2 years; on and off. This is most likely the best deal overall for the price and specs.
Make a gas lift one and I'll buy it in a heartbeat. I have yet to see a gas lift one that can support very low height under 28"
I wish to see a gas lift that can reach 24" like it's motorized-counter part.
I haven't assembled my desk yet, so I haven't had a chance to look over the manual, but does anyone know if there's a way to manually raise the minimum height? I'm thinking about using an under-desk pc mount for cable management stuff, and I wouldn't want it to accidentally get crushed if the desk goes too low.
EDIT: The manual has a few protection modes, and one of them is called "Rebound protection" the description is really confusing, but is this what I was looking for?
How much does the table base weigh in the packaging (sealed)? And what are the dimensions of the package?
Stats from Fedex (base only):
  • WEIGHT 62.7 lbs / 28.44 kgs
  • DIMENSIONS 41x10x8 in.
I got mine without the table top and got something from Ikea. Staying just under the max width of the mechanics, I was able to put an 85in table top from Ikea on it, which cost me about 50-80$. In total I got 2 feet more desk for 100$ less!
Short story: I love this desk!
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Bought this stand on massdrop a year ago for 199$. Bought a top for 40$ that's 4ft by 8 feet and it's the best desk iv ever used. Shame charging $150 for throwing in a top.
OMG, thank you so much for mentioning that. I've been looking everywhere for this exact type of desk for $100 or less. Are there other ways to search for beveled bottom? I noticed that 'ergo' or 'ergonomic desk' works for searching for that bottom cut on table tops. Now I just need to find a pure-white colored one.
I love Massdrop but this item seems like an anomaly. I can say I went with (home) for the same price and have had zero QC issues. Cable management was ~$20 more. Dual monitor mount was another $50.
I have bought other MD items and have been happy, just sharing here.
This desk looks nearly identical to offerings.
Oh wow, did anyone else get a shipping label for this last drop? 5 days earlier than expected :D
Anyone have suggestions on a good material (plywood, particle board, etc) would make a good desk top? I'm only getting the frame, so I can customize the shape of the top for myself.
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I went with a sanded plywood from the big box stores (left over from making desk tops for my kids). Full sheet of 3/4"x4'x8' was $50-55. Homedepot has Purebond brand at $53 for a full sheet.
Was hyped to join this drop but with all of the quality control issues being posted and the general lack of communication from Massdrop, I'll wait until a version 3 comes out.
wtf. there's quality issues with v2? damn... i was about to join this drop after reading like 10 more comments, lol.
So there is only 7 reviews so far, how has it been holding up for people who have gotten earlier versions. Looking through the comments so far hasn't filled me with confidence to join
The usable surface seems a bit small for my personal use, could you guys maybe offer something closer to between 60-70 in wide in the future?.
There's a 60 inch version.
I realize that now thank you. Had to go to check out to see it.
It would be cool if Massdrop did a drop with just the legs, and let us source our own tabletop. That way they could, hopefully, ship internationally.
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The idea was so that they could ship internationally.
Obviously if they offered without the top and still don't the tabletop isn't the issue >.>
My desk does not reach 49 inches like in the description. At max 35 inches. I have contacted support to see if this is an issue.

Are they belong to which brand or companies ? I remember massdrop bring vivo last time. but I dont thinks these are vivo one.
I could not find lift 2.0 product, any off experience companies from current market? Or is it Massdrop own product?
Anybody got this shipped to europe (preferably germany)?
Well this comment section's lack of response/support from Massdrop coupled with the manufacturer's failure to address concerns has me very wary. I joined this drop but I'm pulling out and waiting for concerns to be addressed, I'd advise others to do the same.
Apparently the after delivery support is severely lacking. If I could, I would ask for a refund.
Updated 8/2: We have a quick update on the Lift 2.0 Desk. As of today, the drop is 50% shipped. Unfortunately, there was a delay in receiving the full shipment from the vendor, and we now estimate that the remaining desks will ship by the end of next week. We apologize for the delay and overall lack of communication. We're working with the warehouse to prioritize this shipment and we've sent an email to those affected with more information.

Hi everyone,
We have an update on the status of the Massdrop Lift 2.0 Sit-to-Stand Desks. The desks are on their way to our warehouse, and will soon be prepared for shipment. We wanted to let you know some important information about how these desks will ship. During quality control checks, our vendor noticed that the control panel wasn’t up to the standards we expect. Luckily, they were able to produce a new and improved control panel. However, the packaging was already complete and therefore this new panel will be arriving separately. For this drop, you can expect there to be a total of three separate shipments, each with their own tracking number. Package #1 will be the tabletop. Package #2 will be the table legs, and the first production control panel. Package #3 will be the new and improved control panel.
The new and improved control panel will have a green dot placed on the back of the control panel, as well as on the outside of its packing box. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the extra shipment. We're looking forward to you receiving the first production of the Massdrop Lift 2.0!
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@AveryC We need an update. This is past due. Radio silence is not good. Has the second shipment arrived at the warehouse? Has it even been sent?
Hi @AveryC, I received my desk last week and things seem to be working fine. Are all shipments from the first drop supposed to receive a separate package with the new control panel? I haven't received anything and would love to know what is going on.
Also, looking at the rest of this thread, there are a lot of people concerned by how the first drop went and the QC issues some people had. I think everyone would appreciate Massdrop acknowledging this and explaining how things will be corrected. Can you please break the radio silence, especially if you're going to be continuing to carry this product.
How about refunding the $100.00 difference from the current price versus what early adopters paided?
ORDER # MD-56973-2769911 DATE PURCHASED Mar 16, 2018 TOTAL $449.99
base price has always been $350 (270 without the top). Did you order the 60" option?