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Hey folks, we've seen a few posts about the provided instructions, and we received a few support emails saying the instructions were missing from their package. As a way to improve the experience, we revised the instructions today, you can download the updated instructions here:

Hey guys, I'm considering joining the drop for the 2.0.
Can anyone tell me what the package dimensions and weight were for this so I can calculate freight forwarding costs?
Appreciated and thanks.
Would also like to know shipping dimensions as I am going to mail forward this too.
Have an issue with the desk, it keeps displaying EAI and SAI over and over and not lifting up or down, have any one had this issue please help, unplugged it from the surge protector for several mins still the same problem.
Same here. One desk was having the issue, so I tested a power block from another desk on it, and now both power blocks are failing
Can this be Ship out of US ?
I only received 1 box. The box said "Carton 1 of 2". Do you receive 2 boxes or 1?

The Lift ships in two boxes, usually they come at the same time but sometimes they'll be delivered a day or two apart.
Issue fixed, deleting post out of shame
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yup that did it! chalk it up to a misread on the instructions! thank you for your reply!
Nice, glad that solved it! Do you mind un-deleting your post or the relevant parts of it though? No shame in misinterpreting some instructions, and maybe there will be others in a similar situation that could gain value from seeing the problem and solution here.
I can say I've assembled a lot of things and these are by far the worst instructions I have ever seen. After about an hour of fumbling around I managed to get it all together and it seems to be working perfectly. I've had no issues with it so far and am overall very happy with the desk. One thing I was afraid of when I bought it was not being able to operate under my setup but it seems to be doing great.

I have added a lot of stuff to the underside of the desk using 3M VHB didn't want to drill screws in and risk damaging the desk. VHB is holding up very nice and everything is secured nicely!
Clean those screens man!
I actually had just got done installing them and snapped the picture. I cleaned them shortly after
This came in today, and first impressions are that the assembly instructions are super bad. Nigh inscrutable diagrams, and *terse* descriptive text. I've almost got this assembled after about an hour, and thankfully I've done a dry run before putting the top on, as the drive shaft isn't working properly: the side opposite the motor isn't lifting. Maybe the shaft needs to be tightened? Who knows! It's totally unmentioned beyond "put it into the column". I'll probably figure it out, but I gotta say, as a seasoned Ikea veteran, these are the worst yet flat pack furniture instructions I've ever seen by a wide margin.

Edit: Hours later, and I still can't get this thing put together properly. Pretty sure I figured out the drive shaft configuration, but for some reason if I hold down the up button , it goes up a couple or three centimeters, wigs out, and goes back down one. I can't actually get it to raise more than 5 cm. Sometimes it shows an inscrutable message on the LCD (ASREAL? hard to tell). I was hoping to reset it, since the motor side appears to be raised by half an inch or so relative to the side raised by the drive shaft, but, I can't find a manual online for it, as I have no idea who the manufacturer is, and all model numbers (MDX-17901-1 on the box, MDX-15177 on the aformentioned inscrutable assembly instructions, and MDX-17900-1 on the packing slip -- How do these even disagree?!) pull up nothing on Google.
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No, and has been useless so far. However, I believe my problem is that the motor was damaged. The packaging is ok, so I assume it slipped through QC somehow. you can see the casing has been broken in the picture below. I'm pretty peeved, honestly. This was over $300 and between the really bad instructions, the poor QC, and now Massdrop's help desk, I'm at a loss for words.

Desk has been RMA'd. Replacement came quickly and is working correctly. Only remaining complaint is the instructions, and while the updated ones at least show how to use the control panel, the actual assembly instructions are still pretty bad. That said, otherwise, I've been made happy. Thanks, support!
Hi Everyone! Good news. The Massdrop Lift Sit-To-Stand Desks have arrived at the warehouse, and we’re planning on sending them out a bit early. They are currently undergoing quality control checks, and we expect them to ship by 12/29.
If you need to change your delivery address please contact community support through your transactions page ( by tomorrow, 12/20 at 5pm PT.
How is this desk compared to the Autonomous models?
is it actually not shipping until January? If it's going to take that long, I will have to cancel
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I cancelled it immediately, no problem. ended up just buying something local, with adjustable legs :-(
Can I..uhhh...have your reservation? XD