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Massdrop Logo T-Shirts

Massdrop Logo T-Shirts

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

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Washed it.
Immediate fade on print.
Shirt is tight enough.
I will post pictures. unfortunately every time I go outside I end up naked, wish someone would hack my phone and post my stuff.
Regardless, this needed more in a few departments, like an X collaboration thing with someone besides Hanes. :D
I just want nice T's.
This kind of fits in there but not as well as others.
I am worried if I wash it again.
I just got it, it's a Hanes.
No serial, no special anything.
But it might be a good ink print, I have no idea.
Sometime I will post pictures of myself doing stupid stuff in it.
Still trying to get a connect for formaldehyde. :D
Joke folks.
Shipping update?
Delivered to AZ today.
Hope that gives you an idea. :D
Or not.
My only wish is that they came in at least 3 colors...
would have joined if 2X or 3X were offered...
Massdrop should land somewhere in the middle with this.

I understand a nice capital injection of cheap merch for the org (that we all enjoy), but I also think the price is asking a bit much for the "walking billboard".

These should be a 5 dollar (for the 5 year mark) add on item (so we have to buy something else first, which you know we want to anyways) so that we everybody wins. I would probably buy both colors if they were $5.

Side bar: I don't know what size to order either. I can wear anything from L to XXL depending on how the factory cut them that day..I have had size deviations on the same brand and T shirt model when ordering online.
You should give these away with orders for your 5th anniversary. I would wear a Massdrop logo t-shirt but if I'm going to be a walking advertising billboard, I don't want to pay for it.
the t-shirt in the photos is 60% preshrunk cotton But the description states 100% preshdunk cotton. So... which is it?
European guy here that doesn't know what size to get. I'm 186 cm tall and weigh 82~kgs. Normally I wear large, but I've had American large t-shirts be too small or way too big. What should I get?
These are Hanes shirts.
If you have any at all.
It should be the same.
You are about my size overall.
I say medium. ;)
Thanks dude! I've just found a measuring tape that has inches on it and measured one of my shirts; you are spot on! Medium should be good.
But seriously. Merch is where the money is. For those of you on the fence, this is a nice shot of working capital for Massdrop.
Happy to support you and will absolutely rock the shirt.
Man... they need fat sizes for this. I need a XXXL now....
I'm a male but I like the female shirt color & print design. Oh well, pass.
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I'm totally down for wearing stuff I like regardless of gender but when the shirt is specifically designed for women, it kind of starts to look weird. Nothing against people's decisions, just some don't look so good.
I also wished the men's was the woman's.
Still bought it though.
Why are people so negative about the shirt? If you don't want to have massdrop written on it don't buy it. It kind of defeats the purpose if the shirt did not say massdrop. Then it would just be a shirt.
Us technology loving overweight geeks would like to be able to get these in bigger sizes...