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Massdrop Pine Down Blanket

Massdrop Pine Down Blanket

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Hi everyone,

The Massdrop Pine Down Blanket has arrived at our warehouse and the team is now wrapping up quality control checks. We’re on track to meet our estimated ship date of May 22.

We’re looking forward to you receiving the first production of the Pine Blanket!
Awesome news ! Thanks !
Hi Everyone
Down Quilts and Blankets have appeared in Massdrop Polls since the very first days of the Ultralight Community in Fall of 2014. The polls have consistently been some of the most popular, resulting in super successful drops from the likes of Enlightened Equipment, Zpacks, Rumpl and more. 

At it's heart, this is the best down blanket we could make for you. It's roughly the size of a Twin XL mattress, and it would look perfectly lovely on your bed or couch. Secretly, there are a few snaps and hidden cords that can transform this into a sleeping quilt for camping or traveling.

What's special about our down blanket?

1) Comfort. We spent nearly a year finding the best downproof fabric that was both light and SOFT. When you cozy up to this on your couch or in your cabin, we wanted you first impression to be one of luxurious lightness. We didn't want you thinking that this is a really techy product with shiny plasticky fabric. You can be assured that this fabric is high performance, but it doesn't need to *feel* that way. 

2) Versatility. It's a blanket, it's a quilt, and it's possibly so much more*.

3) Best-in-class materials. We want you to feel confident that you're getting a high-end product, and so we started with the best raw materials we could find. The HyperDRY down was developed by The North Face and is the benchmark for quality down. It is Responsibly Down Source (RDS) Certified, bluesign approved, fluorocarbon free (a nasty chemical that was used in earlier hydrophobic downs), and allergen free. This 850 fill power down is very light for the amount of insulation it provides, and will last 10-30 years under normal use and care. The fabric is calendared for downproofness and matte finish and soft hand make it feel more like a comforter than a shiny sleeping bag.

4) Maximized value. By paying special attention to the design, we were able to achieve the maximum warmth to weight ratio. The sewn-through baffles are the lightest and most affordable, so we used tons of down, wide baffle spacing to allow peak loft, and minimal baffling to make a very thick blanket. We added one mid-blanket baffle to keep down from shifting in the long vertical baffles, and otherwise kept the baffles (the low point / potential cold spot in the blanket) to an absolute minimum. Going with 850 fill achieved our goal for weight, warmth, and durability. Moving up to 900 fill would have increased your cost 2-3x and saved maybe an ounce.

A few more thoughts.

Temp rating - Generally, a blanket or quilt with sewn through baffles will be warm down to 40-50F. However, this has 2" of loft, which would put it comparitavely at 30F according to EE and Zpacks. Also, Patagonia has a sewn-through sleeping bag that they rated at 30F. So without testing, I am fairly confident that this would keep men warm down to 40F and women to 45-50F, though it really depends on who you are, how you use it, and what other products you're using, like your sleeping pad and shelter.

Stuff sack - This comes with a stuff sack, though we intentionally designed it a little big to make it easy to stuff your blanket into it. It will definitely fit a smaller sack, likely down to 8 or 10 liters. If you're storing this for a long time, it's best to store it in a large sack, a cotton pillow case, hanging in the closet, or just out on your couch so you can use it everyday!

Design - This is a blanket first, and a quilt second. If you want the best high-performance quilt, then I would point you to Enlightened Equipment or many other small American manufacturers. I make this statement because something like the EE Revelation has a better footbox, more options for securing around your sleeping pad, and tapered area around your leg (which will keep you warmer, all else being equal). So, it's a better quilt. However, it would look a bit funny on your bed, it wouldn't feel as comfy on your couch, and the tapered leg area could be confined to some. Additionally, those quilts cost 2-3x as much.

Temp rating - Generally, a blanket or quilt with sewn through baffles will be sufficiently warm down to 40-50F. However, this has 2" of loft, which would put it comparatively at 30F according to EE and Zpacks. Also, Patagonia has a sewn-through sleeping bag that they rated at 30F. So without testing, I am fairly confident that this would keep men warm down to 40F and women to 50F, though it really depends on who you are, how you use it, and what other products you're using, like your sleeping pad and shelter.

Length - Yeah, it's long! I'm 6'0" and I hate it when my toes just stick out of a blanket or off a mat. My brothers are all taller and this happens to them all the time. I read so many comments from our members that we need to have a longer pad, a tent that fits tall people, or size 14+ shoes. I hear you, and this is 86" long. If you're not as tall, then you just have more blanket to snuggle around your shoulders.

I'm really interested to hear what you plan on using this for. I've already been using one on my couch at home. We keep our house at 60 F in the winter, and this has been perfect for covering the whole family while we read books before bed. I've also used it alone on my bed and backpacking. What are your ideas?


*As for the DIY / MYOG person, I definitely had you in mind while designing this. The value of the raw goods, if bought elsewhere, is more than we're selling it for here. I've already been working with Aaron Sorensen on ideas (he's known for modding Costco Down Throws). With a little cutting or sewing, you could make this into your dream quilt with tapered legs. Maybe add a #3 zipper and turn it into a sleeping bag. Sew two together and it's a California King size blanket. Layer two together and it could be a 10F blanket. Cut it in half and make it into two underquits for hammock camping. Turn it into a pair of quilts for toddlers. What else? You tell me! In fact, I'm going to start a Talk page specifically for sharing ideas on altering this blanket:
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Uhm I don't think where I'm located is at all related to the weather of where we camp.

We've traveled between California to Colorado, and while we're located in the SF Bay area, regardless of the state we're at we've been caught in well below freezing evening temps at >8,000ft AGL at any point of time in the year.
Would jump all over this if it were rated 20F (maybe even 30) and were a little smaller to make it similar weight. It seems that all of the drops for top-quilts are 40F+.
Does the lining have any DWR applied? If so, does the DWR contain any pfoas? Are there any other variations of this blanket as a sleeping bag or anything else coming soon? Thanks!
Came quickly in the mail. Wife took one look at it and told me it was going to be hers and I should have gotten two.
Story of my life with cool throws / blankets.
I hear you. I bought this to serve multiple duties...lightweight camping blanket alone, another down layer for cold weather camping, or general household use. Pleased with it so far. I'm here in the Smokys for a week vacation stay in a cabin. I brought the down blanket for early am/late pm time out on the deck. I used it once the first night....then my wife asked to "try it out". I haven't had a chance to get it back. Ordering another for me.
Just a heads up for Canadian buyers, as someone earlier has noted, taxes, duties, exchange, and customs fees bring this blanket up to about $195 CAD. Gotta say now that I've received mine, it's not really worth it.
Got my second one of these, absolutely LOVE them.
One alteration I might add;
a couple extra snaps down the side so that there's less gapping. either when done up as a tube, or when snapping two together.
Otherwise.... PERFECT.
I just paid 51.80CAD duties...that's insane on a chinese down blanket for 100$. Also I don't like the material and feel of it, it's kind of cheap crap really...well, not so cheap crap.
I grabbed the end of a roll of shock cord from REI (1/8" thick, I think) that was 15' long. I cut it in two and ran each cord through the long-side channels. It took about 15 minutes to slowly inch the cord through the channels and the hardest part was digging the end out of the far side.
I put cord toggles on the ends and rigged it up as an underquilt. I've only slept in it one night in my yard on a 60F night, but it was really nice. The wind didn't cut through and the extra length was luxurious. Tightening the cords on the short sides was fairly effective at closing up the gaps. I will need to work out a better way to rig the cords to my backpacking hammocks, but that was a really quick and easy mod.
I might try it as a topquilt tonight, to see how the footbox functions compared to my other quilts.
Bought this one.
Is it okay to apply water repelant products like Gear Aid or Nikwax just to add additional repelancy from condensation?
It's already been treated at the factory...?
I just received mine yesterday (green) and would be happy to sell it at a discounted price to anyone that wants to save a little money. Nothing against the blanket - It just isn't quite what I thought or was expecting it to be. The difference between this and my many costco blankets isn't enough for me to justify the $75 dollar price difference (it's nice that it's longer and has snaps and paracord but I mostly wanted it as a house/traveling blanket and I was expecting the material to be much softer/different than the Costco blankets, but at least to me it's not noticeably very different). Anyway, if anyone wants mine at a discount let me know.
Jeremy, I'd take you up on your secondhand offer, what's the best way to get in touch?
Hey, I apologize I somehow missed this last week. If you're still interested you can shoot me an email at Thanks.
Ummmm..... I'm feeling really weary about this purchase as it seems to good to be true!
$7 freight to Australia and posted on the day when payment is made..... What is this sorcery!?
Did you do it Ducman? Do you get an estimate for shipping time?
I purchased it and got it within 9 days! first ever super cheap delivery and speed from Massdrop lol.