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Hey everyone -
Most of the Puro’s have been delivered and I want to update you on the status of this drop.
While the majority of Puros have arrived without issue, we have continued to hear reports of problems. We know this is a big letdown for those affected, and if you report a problem, we’ll do everything we can to make it right.
The issues stemmed from two problems on the part of our partner. First, an error was made at the size labeling stage of production resulting in some Puros with incorrect size labels. Second, the QC process did not meet the provided standard. We’ve made process changes on our side to avoid similar issues and all plans to work with this partner are frozen.
While these issues ultimately affected a slice of participants, their experience is not representative of what you should expect from a Massdrop brand product. For that, we apologize and urge you to reach out if affected. The best way to do this is to go to the ‘transactions’ page ( and click ‘Contact Support’ on the Puro transaction.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the drop and posted comments and pictures to update us regarding your experience with this drop. We appreciate you being a part of the community and making Massdrop better by reporting these issues.
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Hey Caminante - I can't personally speak to how every case will be addressed, but if you have created a ticket you should have an answer shortly. If you haven't heard back from the team, feel free to let me know. Thanks.
I just received a brand new pair of 7s as a gift from a relative. I need a 7.5 unfortunately. Any way to do an exchange?
Hi, I'm looking for a size 10.5

How much do they usually go for?
How much
Anyone selling a size 10?
Anyone selling a pair in US size 10? Or 9.5?
I think they run kind of big, there is a size 9 for sale on ebay.
Who’s selling an 8UK?
I am. Email is listed in a comment below. Contact me
Any news if they will be available in the future?
Anyone selling uk 8 ?
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Got wechat but your contact won't show up. Same as whatsapp
you’re selling it for what price?
Still have these on hand. They're a size 9 but fit like a 10. Anybody wanna purchase?
What's your email ill take or just let me know how i can get them how much?
Probably a long shot but if anyone has a 7.5 they’d like to trade for a 7 let me know.
Recently got around to opening this and trying mine on.
Like other reports, sizing is completely wrong.
Might there be a black version of this?
Based on Brad's post this will probably not occur again.