Massdrop Vast 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitorsearch
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Massdrop Vast 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Massdrop Vast 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

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Any reviewer like Level1Tech or TFTCentral got hands on one of those?
Some analysis on the input lag would be great.
I have a Massdrop Vast in great condition which I'm offering up for 300$. I live in Fremont, CA if anyone is interested, please contact me at I got this in the first drop.
Massdrop can we get an update on the stock remaining?
So PIP forces whatever is the secondary input to be the full UltraWide aspect ratio. This means connecting a PS4 makes the output all stretched when trying to play picture in picture.

Please allow the second input to display at it's native aspect ratio!
Honestly, make a g-sync version and I'm all over it.
Sorry for the dumb question, but where is the warranty information? I see the bullet that says: "Warranty: 1 year for the panel, 2 years for the electronics, managed by Massdrop", but I don't see the details. For example: I've read comments that refer to pixel perfect, but no official documentation.

Am I just overlooking it?

anyone can answer this? i want to know too
I've had this monitor for a little over a month now and so far I'm pretty satisfied. At the moment the blue LED in front is dim and flickers constantly while the monitor is operating. Does anyone else have this problem? As far as I can tell it has no effect on the performance or otherwise. Should I be concerned?
How much would international shipping cost? I've been interested in a few drops but can never justify the purchase because international shipping prices is not stated.
Hello, I can not get the audio working through the port on the back of the monitor. Please let me know what is up. I have it connected with the supplied DP cable and have the audio out set to DP-8. I plug in different headphones and it does not work.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this monitor has the same panel (or very very similar) as the Acer ED347CKR ultrawide, which is also made by AU Optronics. Only, the Acer is currently $499 at microcenter.

Both monitors have the same resolution, refresh rate, curvature, viewing angle, brightness, both have freesync and very similar stands.

The Vast is 1 inch bigger and has a 2ms better response time, while the Acer has much better power consumption, pixel pitch and warranty.

Just food for thought lol.
Yeah your Better off buying something else l the panel has very bad light bleed around the perimeter of the monitor it’s like bob Ross was giving each cloud a “little friend”
If you live in Europe do not buy this monitor. It's the exact same thing as a Electriq 34 inch. Entire thing is the same.
Electriq seems to have only 60Hz refresh rate
I want to buy this monitor but i'm afraid it will take forever to ship...have anyone from U.S California bought this and gotten it in a timely manner? or did it take a long time?
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Looks like VA ghosting, that’s just an inherent property of these panels unfortunately. I find that turning off overdrive / increasing the response times will make it less noticeable.
I figured, and its something I can live with... I must be blind though, I cannot find an overdrive setting anywhere in the ODS
What is Massdrop policy on dead/stuck pixels?

Anyone who has purchase this monitor have issues with dead/stuck pixels?