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Massdrop Vast 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Massdrop Vast 35-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

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Can it do higher refresh rates at lower res? I play competitively so i need 144hz in certain games .
can it be sent to tftcentral for a review?
Anyone else getting split second screen going black with GSync on? I thought it was just with StarCitizen, but now its even happening with Destiny 2. I'm on an i7-8700k and GTX1080Ti.
Hy, yeah it is not perfect with G-sync. Up until now I played only some Fallout 4 where I have the same issues and Dead Islands where the frames are static or just more pronounced. (Ryzen 7 1700x and 2x1070).
In order for g-sync to work on this monitor it seems the current requirements are to have it connected over display-port 1.2a, have windows 10 and to have a 10xx series card.
This requirement is listed on page 18 of their "NVIDIA Control Panel Quick Start Guide" If anybody manages to get it working on windows 7 please let me know.
Has anyone tried to get Nvidia's Gsync compatability working yet? I just installed the drivers but I am not seeing the GSync option within the nvidia control panel. Is it because I am using HDMI and not DisplayPort? What good displayport can I buy off Amazon?
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Just recieved my DP 1.4, and it works with the GSync Compatibility. However, there it is barely noticable for me personally, just a small change, and I get the occasional flickering, so I disabled it and decided to see if I can squeeze in some extra Hertz, and infact I was able to get 110 hz! Trying 120 hz made the screen flicker vigerously, so I went down.
I can't get it to work with mine. I bought an allegedly compatible DP cable, but when I switch to freesync mode it resets to 2560x1440 and I can't get it to change to anything else. Guess I'll just have to try another cable or give up.
Hello! This question has probably already been answered before but I couldn't find any discussions about it here. Does anyone know approximately how long the monitor takes to ship to the US?
UPDATE for anyone else who was wondering. It ships in 2 days within the USA.
Is this monitor wall mountable?
Will this monitor get GSYNC support ? only asking because this is a thing
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As it turns out I do see some artifacts in certain games. Divinity Original Sin 2: once in a while a weird dot matrix pattern flashes, I would say it lasts 1-2 frames Planetside 2: has above problem, and also the character select screen is all black. I need gsync off for this screen, then turn it on after choosing character
I am using it with a 2080 Ti and have no big problems, however it seems that the display VRR range is a bit off. If I recall correctly mine was set to 49-125hz but I have seen some referencing 40-100 and I believe its the monitor folks trying to comply to LFC req. (high limit>=2.5*low limit) but the panel clearly doesn't support it. I suggest using CRU and gsync test programs to detect the limits for your panel, I got mine to work without artifacts on 45-100 but your mileage will vary. If you don't get these ranges correct then you will experience flashing and distortion when going over/under the limits.
what about that site,that fake or it is true and only 69,99$ LOL?
Doesn't sound legit
very not legit
There are hundreds of monitor models available capable of variable refresh rates (VRR) using the VESA DisplayPort Adaptive-Sync protocol. However, the VRR gaming experience can vary widely.

To improve the experience for gamers, NVIDIA will test monitors. Those that pass our validation tests will be G-SYNC Compatible and enabled by default in the GeForce driver.

G-SYNC Compatible tests will identify monitors that deliver a baseline VRR experience on GeForce RTX 20-series and GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards, and activate their VRR features automatically.

Support for G-SYNC Compatible monitors will begin Jan. 15 with the launch of our first 2019 Game Ready driver. Already, 12 monitors have been validated as G-SYNC Compatible (from the 400 we have tested so far). We’ll continue to test monitors and update our support list. For gamers who have monitors that we have not yet tested, or that have failed validation, we’ll give you an option to manually enable VRR, too.” Hell Ya
For everyone who would rather have a G-Sync monitor, here is some news: It may not work perfectly with every monitor when it is rolled out, but the option to enable G-Sync on any Freesync monitor will be in the January 15th driver update.
Gonna kind of echo some of the more recent posts... looking over the display panels and announcements from CES... is it time to start talking about a "2-Vast" 2019 update? I've seen a couple of shots in the recent comments about how the Vast 2017 model is "only" a WQHD display rather than a 4k panel. While 4k panel prices are dropping fast; they were hideously expensive 2 years ago. More to the point; from a gaming perspective; graphics cards that can actually push 4k rendering resolutions are also hideously expensive. Actually right now graphics cards that can push WQHD resolutions are also expensive... but AMD's Navi is supposedly going to crack open WQHD rendering in a sub ~$199 price point. Not that I have much hope on that since... well... the RX590 landed with a dud thud. Anyways: the Vast 2017's trade-off of resolution for response has always been an acceptable bargain. So I'm not too terribly concerned if the Vast 2019 goes for a WQHD panel. What I think does concern me is the color quality. Specifically; what I'd like to see in Massdrop Made Monitors is a DisplayHDR 1000 certified panel; or maybe a DisplayHDR 500 True Black certified panel:
In FB page this monitor is for 69,99 $(old price 479.99$) Realy !!! Is it true or fake ?
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Hi there, No, these posts are not legitimate. Please see here for our policy on unauthorized third-party partners:
Hi! Thanks for information! Have a nice day ;)
Very impressed so far, not a spec of light bleed, great monitor so far.
This big and it ain't even 4K? Huh.
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Thank you Dhry, very cool!
I don't believe there is currently an ultra wide 4k display for sale. If youre gaming with enough power to run ultra settings at 3440 1440 at 100hz you'll be blown away. This monitor rocks. I only came back today to see if anyone had luck with gsync and it looks like its a go. So add another check to this sweet deal!
So this came out in late 2017... I'm sure it's still great, but what's next on the horizon? Vast 144Hz with HDMI 2.1?
I'm going to move to Japan from Singapore. This monitor is not for shipping to either of the countries. Do anyone know a similar monitor in Japan?
The exact same monitor 100% identical, is being sold now online here in the nordic countries under a different brand name. I bought the vast 35 inch monitor in the first rollout. And its now sold in black version as well. Sold on nordic websites under company name : Svive Pyx 35", they even go as far as stating they created the monitor in close partnership with their gamer community. Taking all the credit from massdrop
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I'm not aware of any.
Hmm, I actually prefer the black. !Remindme when they make this in 144Hz.
I'm on Windows 10 and, when I play any game, I'm getting the screen going to black for 2 seconds, then it restores for a random period of time only to go black again. I'm using an GTX Nvidia 1070ti and the monitor is set up on Windows as a generic pnp monitor. It didn't come with any drivers. Does anyone have a solution?
That's a tough case of Blanking should hopefully be fixed maybe with the NVidia January 15th update
It's awesome for the price I really cant complain........ i wish the base was wider to fit my sound bar better though

Take the base away and get a floating monitor stand :P
=O good god.... you’re right!! *face palm*
Curious for some feedback for anyone who has bought this monitor! Appreciate it in advance
Check the reviews tab.
I never trust the reviews tab anywhere cause most companies pay for the reviews or bots etc. just wanted a real life experience I could trust
Wondering why buy this over the MSI 34" one... also this only ships to US/Canada
Seeing a weird facebook ad for these for 70 bucks. Im confused. Im sure its fake but i wonder.
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I'm here for the same reason
Same here. Saw it with the same description. Strange
How about getting some curved 1440 gsync monitors
Anyone else with a mass Drop Vast monitor find their text blurry?
I bought the vast on Nov 26th and the tracking number said it was delivered on the 30th but it never showed up. I contacted Massdrop and the Fedex( that’s the shipper they used) and Massdrop just gave me a refun and now they won’t communicate back to me about buying another vast at the sale price I originally bought it for of 479.99 :(
What do their T&Cs say about what they have to do in this kind of situation?
I’m wondering if anyone can help me determine if something is wrong with the vast I just received, or if this is normal behavior... after plugging this thing in, I swear it actually has double ghosting than my 6 year old 29inch 60hz ultrawide (I believe TN). In faster paced games (pubg, cod, etc) the blur and ghosting feels like it’s almost twice as bad as my old panel. I took some photos of the blur busters tests. Something just feels off here. If this is ghosting reduction, then I feel bad for the people who bought VA panels that haven’t had these controller tweaks. I feel like it’s so bad, that I must have a problematic unit. But I don’t have another screen to compare it to. The only way I can describe what I’m seeing is, I feel like I’m playing on a set that has that silly frame interpolation stuff. Whatever it’s called where the screen creates intermediate frames for “smooth motion”. When I even do a medium speed turn in an FPS game, I see 4-5 copies of the objects scrolling sideways across the screen. I’m attaching some photos. Would love someone with more experience to tell me if this is normal. (gtx 1080ti, 100hz, tried two different DP cables, and turned everything in the OSD off that I could that might affect post processing) Thanks to anyone that can help me with this sanity check.

yuuuup same here. I've kept it to long to try and return i think so I'm shopping for a replacement
It's a VA panel.
Anyone have a link to the drivers? Mine didn't come with the instructions or drivers. Windows isn't finding the drivers on it's own either. Swapped out DP cable and tried HDMI as well. Hooked up to a Rx 470. is selling this for $69.98 , I'm sure it's a scam and someone needs to stop them.
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Surely this is a scam?
Total scam. Only place to get this monitor is here so be careful out there y'all.
I ordered this and received a gaming chair.... Anyone else have something weird happen like that?