Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Bluesearch

Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue

Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue

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Entry-Level Semi-Open Headphones

The first pair of headphones any aspiring audiophile should own, the Massdrop x AKG M220 Pros have it all: reference sound, comfortable fit, and a price that makes them the best value in full-size headphones today. Inspired by the renowned AKG K240 Studio, they feature the same 30-millimeter dynamic drivers and semi-open design. For comfort during long studio sessions, they have a lightweight, flexible frame and self-adjusting suspension headband. And for more casual use, they pair beautifully with your phone or portable music player—no amp required. A removable cable and replaceable ear pads complete the package.

Note: The Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphone will launch and end each day to collect purchases. Items will ship within 4 business days.

Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue
Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue
Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue

Reference Sound, Comfortable Fit

Marked by clear highs and a solid bass presence, the M220 Pro’s reference sound signature offers a great baseline from which to compare other headphones as you build your collection. And even as that collection grows, these are sure to remain a favorite, with their circumaural fit and smooth matte finish. The ear cups are even mounted on gimbals with a two-axis rotation, which allows you to wear them in a variety of positions without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue

About AKG

Founded in Vienna, Austria, in 1947, AKG quickly became one of the biggest players in the world of sound. Within months, it’s DYN series of microphones—manufactured by hand by a team of five—were being used in radio stations, theaters, and jazz clubs. The company launched its first headphones in 1949, and in the ‘70s, introduced the now legendary K140 model that would begin the evolution that would eventually lead to the M220.

Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue


  • Massdrop x AKG
  • Color: Blue
  • Principle: Semi-open
  • Fit: Circumaural
  • Driver unit: 30mm dynamic
  • Frequency response: 15 Hz–25 kHz
  • Impedance: 55 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB/mW
  • Power handling: 200 mW
  • THD: < 0.25%
  • Cable: 9.8 ft (3 m), straight, removable, 99.9% oxygen-free copper
  • Connector: 1/8 in (3.5 mm)
  • Weight without cable: 8.3 oz (235 g)


  • 1/8–1/4 in (3.5–6.35 mm) adapter


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