Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Bluesearch

Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue

Massdrop x AKG M220 Pro Headphones – Blue

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Hello I would like to know where you shop or apperel is in eu or us
I'm still new to the whole headphone scene. Any idea how these stack up against the JVC HA-MR55X headphones I've already owned for a few years?
Can't say how these hold up against the set you're talking about, but compared to my Bose soundlink 2.0 overhears this set is phenomenal. And only 50 bucks! I don't have the massdrop version, I got the k240 55ohm version of these cans from guitar center and I absolutely love them. The semi openness is nice and doesn't bleed as much as open ones do, but still provides that nice open Soundstage. Great phones. Great price. Just do yourself a favor and replace the ear pads. The pleather gets greasy and they lose their support pretty quick. Beyerdynamic 990v velour pads fit perfectly and don't mess with the sound too much.
Is there aa lot of noise leakage in these?
I just moved to a crowded office and apparently people can hear my music.
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Any design that's open or semi open will allow leakage. You might be able to turn it up a bit more than a fully open design, but not too much. Closed back designs isolate more, but the range of sound is impacted.
these leak a good amount from when i used them. for 50$ they are great though. the takstar pro82 are a great inexpensive closed can at a great price or for a bit more the m40x is a good option which sounds great
How do these stack up compared to the K240s?
I found the ear pads on this headphones to be extremely uncomfortable after wearing it for awhile. Can someone recommend ear pads as replacement that you think it doesn't degrade the sound quality? Thanks in advance
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There's many options available, did you purchase the red velour? If so can you post a picture of it? I want to see how it actually looks like on our AKG. Thanks!

Got these and love them, bought pairs for my Beyerdynamics and Hifiman headphones as well. Super comfortable and plush.
I'm looking for a pair of decent headphones for my dad. He's not an audiophile by any means, so long-time comfort and build quality are more important than the sound quality. Should I get him these or Audio-Technica m20x? Or maybe there are other good options in that price range?
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Got lucky I guess....bought mine and a pair for a co-worker (after they tried them) and zero issues. Heard good things about Takstars as well, never sampled though.
Audio Technica M20x . Best Value.
Do these have a mic
No microphone.
this sounds amazing with a good amp, with little bear b4 amp, i prefer this over my philips shp 9500s... it reveals more details and maintaining its warmness with improvement on soundstage too
Meh. My Sony MDR-V6 headphones are far better for editing, producing, and overall monitoring. These AKGs are lightweight with lofty earpads and can be worn for long periods without suffering too much, but the semi-open nature also bleeds a ton. Overall sound reproduction is muddier and there is a noticeable difference in volume between the AKGs and Sony MDR-V6. I have to turn my source up a few decibels when using the AKGs to achieve the same volume. The detachable cord is a nice feature. The actual color of the red is more like a maroon, not as bright and vibrant as shown in these pics.
I think the price is about $5-10 too high considering the overall sound quality. Am I just crazy? Maybe.
Don't bleed super bad IMHO - far worse out there and they are semi-open, so have to expect it. Agree on the comfort, even with glasses on they do not make my head hurt. Definitely benefit from an amp. Sound is flat without any DAC/amp use. Colors are muted, go the blue myself and it's dark. For ~$50, can't complain too much and they will go to work as my beater pair I think.
the sound is not muddier, it is less hyped. The AKG K240 is well known to be a very flat headphone. The Sonys on the other hand are pretty well known for cystaline highs, due to a pretty wide presence peak in the upper mids. The Sony cans are good for editing and other such production work because they have good isolation, and you can hear what is going on even in a noisy environment. If I was operating a boom mic, I'd want 7506 or v6. But at home, or on the road I prefer K240. Too bad the design doesnt fold.
Speaker systems and headphones come in a wide range of flavors; some you like some you don't. AKG's have had a rep among some for weak bass response. I can see why some feel that way but my experience with the M220's is that they reflect the quality of the recording; if the bass was well recorded you'll hear it. These and related AKG's were intended to be recording monitors, tools of the trade. To my ears their response seems relatively flat with no upper bass bump. I also have a V-Moda M80 that has a substantially different flavor with emphasized bass response; not excessively so but very different from the M220's. I enjoy them both.

I listen on my phone (Spotify, Tidal, HandzOn) through a Dragonfly Black or on my laptop (JRiver) with a NuForce microDAC2.