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Would like to try these but I'm not sure what to power them with, I would be running them through a 5 year old stock Dell PC

If it's a Massdrop made item that's a plus. If I can just run them through my PC alone that's even better.
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The description says no amp needed that you can run them right from your phone, so you should be good to go.
OMG, AKG has its own velour upgrade.
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The wang_yifei velours are the absolute softest, much softer than the Brainwavz velours.
Hmm, these are about 2cm thick when on, and wearing, my ear touches inner sponge. It's not uncomfortable at all, but low clamp force makes them bit loose. Sound is miles better than defaults, but sound sweet spot can pull Marco Pollo tricks on me.
They are very nice headphones,that sound very good and feel nice on my ears for long periods of time.
my order is sitting and not moving for 2 days now. And its about to become a 3 day delay. Why did it stop in one location for too long? Its already april 8, and another 4 hrs more and it will be april 9 Here in my place. help please... thanks
The delay you'll need to talk to DHL about... Massdrop can't do much about what the shipping company does with your package.
Should I burn these in first or do they sound great out of box?
I have a pair of AKG K240 Studio’s (identical to these in every respect apart from colour) that have hundreds of hours on them. These sound identical to them right out of the box.
Mine did get their sound bit settled after 12-15h.
Just listen music you like, way you like at 50 to 80% of volume, you should hear sounds of mild cracks and noises. Thats drivers settling, just don't crank volume to full, they may get damaged. Thats general rule of burn in process.
Some ppl use various sets of noises, but thats just bull imo. Adjust em to your needs, I say.
Completely agreed on the shipping. Smartpost is not so smart plus it is adding way too many hands on the package . For instance edison NJ to BFE, PA to BFE Kentucky to Southhaven Mississippi then Back to Nashville TN just to be handed off to USPS which then in turn 1-2 more days of shipping time. How the hell can you even consider this smartpost? How does this lower shipping costs anyway? Using 2 shipping services saves cost?
Apologies for being that guy, but I'm pretty sure the "last mile" of taking packages to the door of the recipient is the most expensive part. Offloading that to a service that is already doing it on a daily basis is almost certainly going to save money.

That said it's still shitty for all the reasons you mentioned.
They were supposed to arrive today (3/21/18) but the tracking shows the package is sitting in my local post office after being handed over to USPS. The delivery date was changed to tomorrow by end of day. The headphones would have been here by now if they had just shipped them out Priority Mail and charged me for it. Evidently, SmartPost is how FedEx hands off the package to USPS for local delivery to lower costs. Why? It would have been better and simpler to just pay USPS to drop the thing in my mailbox; I would have had it by now. Ridiculous.
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A quick note on the official AKG velour pads for these (and K240/K271 models): the diameter of the hole in them is rather smaller than that of the vinyl pads. In my case, at least, this resulted in them resting more on top of my ear lobes than around them. Significantly less comfortable.

I‘ve tried the Brainwavz Round (NOT “Round XL”) velour pads with these. They fit very well and install easily enough but move the driver further from the ear due to their increased thickness. It altered the sound a bit too much for my taste.
The hilarious part is that I'm trying to improve the sound of a $50 set of headphones by getting a better cable and different pads when I would have been better off just buying the AKG 240s at Guitar Center when I saw them. :-)
I saw (and demo'd) these at Guitar Center for about the same price w/ tax that I paid here. I would have got them there except for the sales associate who spent 15 mins. yakking with his buddy about their audio setups before bothering to notice me standing next to the locked-up headphones (that he didn't have the key for). Mistake. I should have forced down my anger and got them then. I ordered them here instead not realizing that "standard shipping" here is FedEx "SmartPost"; aka the slow boat to China and back. I just wanted a pair like my Superlux HD668B that I got here a couple of years ago. I wore out the cord on those swapping between my gaming PC, laptop and work PC and ordered a replacement on the big A; got that in 3 days. (I use an ATR2100-USB on an boom w/ a shock mount for TS, Discord and the occasional Skype call on the gaming PC.) Nothing fancy, or boomy, just a decent set of inexpensive headphones. I'll have to check Frys on the way home from work next time, see if I can't catch the 240s on sale with a promo code or something.
I know this is an odd question, but how does the bass on this compare to the Logitech g430's. I would assume far lacking but I'm not completely sure
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If the G430s sound like the 230s I have, then yeah, Uzuzu is correct.