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Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp

Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp

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Hi Everyone,
The Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amps have arrived at the warehouse and the team is wrapping up quality control checks. We are on track to meet our estimated ship date of February 28.
We're looking forward to everyone receiving the first production of the Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Liquid Carbon X Amp!
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Will remaining units be sold off similar to the CTH amp?
Can we get another drop please?
For what purpose besides having 2 different, similar looking amps would one stack with CTH? Use CTH as a tube preamp or to have one balanced SS and a single ended tube amp?

i just received my LCX (484) amplifier, but it did not have the instructions.

is there anything that i need to know before using it?
or is it just to turn it off before changing headphones?
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I just got mine as well, 486 =)
A little soft on SE output.
Expected louder sound on the 4-pin output.
But I was using non-balanced DAC, so I'm not sure how much difference a real Balanced DAC would be.
Does Cavalli (or anyone in the know) read comments by any chance? I have a 28V Acopian PSU for the CTH and was wondering if the slight undervolt would work with the 30V Liquid Carbon X or not a chance... wanted to possibly hear it from the "horses" mouth :)
What is a good budget DAC with balanced output for this amp?
either the new massdrop x grace dac with balanced ($150) or the smsl su 8 ($250)
I ended up getting a refurbed Cambridge Audio DACmagic Plus for about $275. ($350 new)
How does this compare to Matrix hpa 3b? the internals on the matrix looks much more convincing where as the components used in the liquid carbon x looks abit sketchy
Anyone with experience with both the LCX and the Cayin iHA-6? My eye was originally set on the LCX but since it didn't come back before my upgraditis reached it's breaking point I went with the Cayin. Don't really need another amp at this point but I've been eyeing the LC since the original limited run. At this price curiosity again rears it's ugly head...
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Oh trust me, the Cayin isn't going anywhere... love mine as well. Not to get too off topic, which DAC are you pairing your's with?
jdslabs el dac until i can get a rme adi-2
Question... I am wondering if the LCX is worth getting in my situation...

I currently have the following DACs and amps

Topping D50 DAC
NFB 11.38 (with integrated DAC & Amp)
iFi xDSD (with integrated DAC & Amp)
Aune X7s Amp
MD O2 Amp

The cans I usually use are:

Focal Elex
1990 DT Pro
Aeon Flow Closed

Would the LCX offer a sufficiently different sound with the cans I use to make sense for me? How different would it be?
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You should really look at the DarkVoice 336SE OTL. That is my next purchase. They supposedly make the Senns HD sing.

But, I have the Topping D50 paired with my Aune X7S and love that combo. I am looking at the Focal Elexs too -- how do you like them? Those cans or the Hifiman's he4xx. Decisions, decisions. . . .
Thanks for the suggestion! I have been thinking about the DV!

The Topping D50 I think pairs well with just about anything - decodes the bits faithfully, and generally stays out of the way of the chosen Amp and headphones!

As to the Elex, I have them and they are my favorite headphones that I own. Extremely dynamic, good sound signature from bass to treble. Clear and a bit bright. They can get tiring when paired with a bright amp (for example not the greatest pairing with my NFB 11.38, but sound great driven by the X7s). If you like the warmer (at least by comparison) sound and thundering bass of something like the TH-X00, the Elex might not be to your liking, though.

I don't have the 4XX, but I do have the Sundara. I would say I like the cleaner, more dynamic sound of the Elex. But I do like the Sundara as well and if the 4XX have a similar sound signature I would think they are great cans as well.
Any chance to see full specs of the unit? I mean things like SNR?
About damn time