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Yes, this is the real Liquid Carbon!
Same power (2.8W RMS Balanced, 0.7W RMS Single-Ended), same balanced bridged topology, same high quality parts, 1x Gain/3x Gain, same sound known by the audiophile community.
Okay, there are a couple of differences in our X version:
-This version comes in the Massdrop chassis, stackable with Massdrop products such as the Cavalli Tube Hybrid.
-Separated the switching power supply from the amplifier section. We have an in-line power brick. (Still handles 100-240V.)
-Removed the Kubicon 4-pin output (RSA) that was on the front. (Working to have an adapter so that you can plug a 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable into the 4-pin XLR jack. Not available yet.)
-Removed the 3.5mm input jack.
-Added an RCA output to pass through a DAC signal. (This way you can run: DAC > “LCX” > Another amp or Powered Speakers, etc.)
-There were some volume potentiometer issues reported with the original Liquid Carbon, we’re taking extra care to ensure high-quality channel matching pots are selected by our supplier and QC’ed by the factory.
-Massdrop Made, produced with our manufacturing and supply chain. Warranty by Massdrop.
How is the Liquid Carbon X different from the Cavalli Tube Hybrid?
-No tube. Pure solid state. (Though still known for a non-fatiguing presentation.)
-Higher max power than new CTH. Using the balanced 4-pin XLR output, the LCX can output up to 2.8W balanced into 50 ohms vs. new CTH 1W into 50 ohms single-ended.
-Quieter for IEMs. This is counter-intuitive at first, but the Liquid Carbon was originally conceived of for in-ear monitors. By using 2 discrete amplifiers per channel, this allows the use of some very low noise parts. Keeping a gain of 1x as an option allows for plenty of power on tap for IEMs but a quiet background and room to move on the volume dial. Choose this amp for IEMs to large headphones.
Sonically, this is the Liquid Carbon. With improved volume pot and different power supply implementation.
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Please keep an eye week is CES but 2018 looks pretty promising. ;)
Hi CEE_TEE, is there any update on the production/distribution of this amp? In addition, will Massdrop be providing any further information on the Massdrop/THX amp that I assume you are referring to in the CES 2018 update above? I read the Sound & Vision piece on it but was wondering if there might be an update on further specs, price and availability.
So I understand that balanced output is rated at 2.8w / 50 Ohms. What would be the output at 300 Ohm? I would just like to be able to compare it to other amps.
The balanced output power is very similar to the Schiit Jotunheim (2.8w/50 Ohms vs. 3.0w/50 Ohms) therefore the LCX should come in a little under 900mw/300 Ohms (which is the output of the Jot). More than enough power for HD800/HD650/HD600.
Oh ok thank you.
Any update?
This or Schiit Jotunheim ?
They both have fairly similar specs, and we don't really know how this one sounds so it is hard to compare them right now. I doubt you can go wrong either way. The Jotunheim has the power supply inside though, so it *could* be a little bit more noisy. Whether you will hear that noise is another matter, I doubt anyone knows right now if a difference can be heard.
Thank for the advice. I am end up buying an used Jotunheim and Modi Multibit. I am really want this amp too, since it fit my budget, but the shipping time is killing me. This amp with an SDAC should be less than 400$ when it open again this March. I hope i dont make a wrong decision
Any updates on a new drop? With or without included DAC..
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it sounds like Massdrop is making the units after the drop ends (aka after they got all the orders in), so I doubt you'll get significantly shorter wait period.
Guess ill clarify: This drop happened right at the end of the chinese work year, so the factories were not running for a long time. Then it takes a bit to train the new workers coming in, and to set up the tooling for this job. Hopefully the next one will have tooling available already because of the previous recent order and so the next drop will only take 2 months to manufacture instead of 4.
What would be the best dacs (under $400) to pair up with this liquid carbon. I only have low impedance headphones that go no more than 62 ohms and no more than 300mw.
All sorts of good DACs I have the Grace M9xx and recommend
because they are a good company and it's relatively cheap. I bought the
and plan to stack it with the LC.
Though a lot of people use
never heard them but a lot of high end users use them.
Problem is you don't know if you'll like them until you heard them.
Still "some" people say a DAC is a DAC:-)
Any updates ?
Since some drops are popping out again, I really want to jump on this now :(
Hey guys,
Congrats to those who ordered their unit. I havent been on Massdrop for a while and I missed this drop. If anyone's having second thoughts on their purchase, do message me and lets see if we can work something out.
Can anybody help me. I have the hd6xx on the way, i am interesting in this Lcx and the Topping DX7. Would it be able for them to drive the hd600x, cause i read that it is a high impedance headphone. I know the Crack is perfect match for the hd600x, but the crack is also only good for high impedance headphone. I am looking for something more general, so i can drive other headphone too. No tube, and it would be nine to have full balanced. That is why i am considering this one and the Topping Dx7.
You might check out the Eddie Current ZDT Jr. It's a 7-8 month wait but I jumped on it. You can use it with low impedance headphones.