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Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Chukka – Factory Seconds

Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Chukka – Factory Seconds

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I'm looking for a Chocolate in size 9 if anyone has them from the last run(Original or Seconds, doesn't matter)...thanks!
I've worn mine a couple times now and I love them. I haven't been able to locate the blemish but these shoes are incredibly comfortable. I wouldn't wear them on a day I expect to walk a lot but they feel like soft moccasins.
I received mine from the last drop, they're nearly perfect! The only flaw I can find is a tiny mark in the leather, something that would have happened the first time I wore them outside anyway. Very happy with the purchase - they're sooooo soft and comfortable!

Just received my drop, but out of what I expected before Ignore other minor defects, my one got a critical flaw. Shabby leather made the most visible part got blemished seriously This make me very disappointed because two shoes apparently seem a different thing
I'm a little bit confused by what's going on in the pictures... Can you explain?
compare two shoe in first picture, they look different then you won't believe they're in pair
I got mine a few days ago, I could find the blemish, but it was a very minor scratch that blended in. Quick question, what products have you used that successful protect these shoes and still allow them to keep their luxurious look?
I use the Saphir spray-on suede conditioner plus Saphir super-invulner protector on all my suede.
Does anyone know how much the firsts retail for?
No retail option, these were originally a custom makeup for the Massdrop x Allen Edmonds collaboration.
For reference, though, the suggested MSRP at the time was $395 and the discount price for the Massdrop campaign was $240. That pricing was in keeping with typical Allen Edmonds retail and promotional pricing, as is the pricing on the these factory seconds.
Just received my first pair of "seconds". The blemishes were pretty visible. Will wait until the "firsts" come back out and pay a bit more. Guess these will be my beater AE's.
These factory seconds are a disaster. The entire dye job is a mess look at how bad this color is, right out of the box. $180 for this are you insane?

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Still a RIP OFF when a new pair is $219 here on MD!
I've purchased seconds before. This is well below that quality. I'm not buying seconds for some third rate shoe company. AE seconds are usually really good. the messed up stain is beyond that, and sending it back to AE for a rework would end up costing what i could've gotten these for firsts. Not sure why you want to defend a poor job here.
Since these are the extras of last years seconds, does anyone think these may have bigger defects than last years?
Any chance a navy blue version is in the works? Please?
I have two pairs of Italian-made Chelseas and one pair of Italian chukkas, I'm a 43 in all. Will I be a 10D in Allen Edmonds? There's no Allen Edmonds near me to try get sized by them.
Depends on the width of your feet.
I am selling a size 13 of this shoe in the snuff color on ebay. I couldn't tell any issues with it and it fits well. I just don't want any more shoes right now. Let me know if you have questions.
If I'm a 11.5 wide what size should I get? Sadly no 11.5 eee. Would 12 d be okay?
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What do you mean they don't make these in a wide fit, the sizd list clearly shows 3E sizes
You're right. I missed that at first. Just be sure to try something on in 9.5EEE as the shoes here on Massdrop are generally non-refundable.
there was a Sand in my size, and after having gotten the Snuff in the previous Seconds drop, I knew I had to pounce for this.
Please bring AE back to make matching belts for these shoes! Or any beltmaker with access to the same suede, for that matter.
Check Allen Edmonds' site. They already sell suede belts in these colors. They also seem to be on clearance frequently . I got chocolate and suede at bargain prices.
Lost in the mail unfortunately :( Second thing that has been lost that Massdrop has shipped to me, which is strange as it happens to nothing else.
Very desepcionado like my purchase. The article information indicated that the boots had small marks on the uper and seam defects in the heel. In addition, the sizes were true to size. I request my size 10 1/2 medium. I must say that the size is correct in the long but it is very narrow. In addition they have defects of construction in the heel tab that in a boot has a totally defective form that diffuses the functionality !! If I had known about these defects I would never have paid $ 179 for that product. It is unusable.
I've seen a good range of outlet factory second shoes. Especially online, there's a big risk with factory seconds.
Arrived today and can’t see any hint of imperfections. The fit is great and the finish it’s actually better than the originals firsts I received in summer. Thanks massdrop!
I got mine today and they fit great! I wear a 12D in the Park Avenue, McAllister and Bradley and got a 12D in these too. I can't see anything wrong with them. They didn't come with shoe bags. Is anyone using shoe trees with them? I am afraid they will stretch since they are unlined.
is anyone using shoe trees with these? I’m afraid they might stretch out the heel
I have the same question. I don't think I am going to use shoe trees. The unlined suede seems like it might stretch.
Mine arrived today and now I know WHY my particular shoe was marked as a 2nd. Cosmetics look fine but I wear a 12 D and these are more than 1 inch too large. I have other AE shoes and familiar with their lasts but this may even be a 13.5. Normal 12 D measures anywhere from 12.5” to maybe 12.87” but these are 13.5”. No way in the world are they a 12 D.
You should complain to Massdrop/Allen Edmonds. Factory second defects should be limited to cosmetic defects, not structural.
Mass drop was very cooperative in assisting with this matter and allowing a return. I took pictures of the size with a tape measure and they were on top of it immediately. I don’t have any issue with MD, as it was 100% the fault of AE. There was nothing wrong with the boots cosmetically but assumed they had already been returned by someone who experience the same issue with the incorrect sizing noted on the tongue of the shoe and that is why they marked them as seconds.
Shoes came, width is spot-on, length maybe 1/4-size too loose. Does any one else feel like the outsole/heel of the shoe is darker than the photos? Overall good buy, haven't noticed any issues yet, aside from a slightly-offset height.
I have a size 10D in snuff I'm looking to trade for a size 10E. These are just too narrow for me.
Of course this dropped while I wasn't checking massdrop and on vacation. So pissed. Been waiting 6 months for this...... Looking for the light brown in 12s.
Alright!!! Looking forward to the end of this month when these orders ship. I had originally ordered the Snuff then there were several days when I had debated back and forth with getting the sand colored pair as well. One night I couldn't sleep until I got out of bed to make the purchase. I think that might be called retail addiction... not sure.
should I order a 10 that I wear in my chelsea boots are or a 111/2 like my adidas Ultra boost? Please help
Sneaker size doesn't translate well to 'dress' boots and shoes. What is the make and last of your chelsea boots?
If you stop by a Nordstrom or other store with a shoe department, get sized on a Brannock device (metal doohickey) and order that size for this MDxAE chukka, made on the 511 last which runs true to size.
My Chelsea boots are aldo and oro Los Angeles size 10
What was the pricing of the original stock without defects?
Almsot $260 including tax. The price for these seconds is slightly better than the usual sale pricing for AE seconds sales.
Is a D standard width?
Yup, D is.
Will these ship out sooner than end of January,? If not, what's the reason for the long wait?
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Can't argue with that.
Please provide a size chart. Are these US or UK sizes?
US Sizes