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Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Chukka – Factory Seconds

Massdrop x Allen Edmonds Chukka – Factory Seconds

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Not signing up until there is some clarification on the stitching. Is it tonal or contrasting?
Could someone from Allen Edmonds or Massdrop comment on the issue of the contrast stitching of the Olive Chukka's?

Several people would like to know which they'll be receiving with this order.
I wear a 9.5D in AE Higgins Mill boot which is the 1757 last. Should I order the same size in this shoe?
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My Brannock measure is 10D, but I had to size down for Higgins Mill. My feet are weirdly shaped though. Narrow at the heels and wide forefoot.
The 1757 is more robust ('duckbilled') than the 511, which is a bit more shapely. My best advice is go TTS for the 511, it's a comfortably snug fit for me.

I can't find the sizes available. Is there a 6.5e or double e?
Click join drop and there's a drop-down for size before you actually sign up.
Can I use this as a sizing guide?
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Found Brannock device in a sports store. The sales let me measure by myself. Here is the photos of my measurement. My right foot is a bit wide in E; while my left foot is in D. Should I go for 9.5D?
Hmm, fully E or on the wider side of D? I don't want to advise you and not have it work out, so you'll have to use your best judgement. I'll just say this:

* People who have differently sized feet will usually go with the larger size and use an insole or pad for smaller foot.
* However, most shoes and boots use stiffer leather and are also lined. These chukka are unlined suede and are very pliable. The leather gives as much as it reasonably can, and the lacing structure is rather accommodating.
* I'm 8D (on the wider side, almost E) and sized true for these chukka.
I got a pair over a year ago when these first launched and joined for a second pair this time around. These are really great boots and I highly recommend them!
A new pair of 511 lasted Leeds in smooth calf size 10d is tight in the toe box for me. It might be on the edge of being intolerable. All other things considered it seems to fit well.

Does this item seem to be lasted tighter than a calf leather shoe or boot on the same last?

After break in of the boot, how much stretch have people noticed?
I own a pair of Dundee 2.0s in suede as well as an unlined pair from a previous version of this drop. The reverse calf offered here is far more pliable than that of the lined suede of the Dundee 2.0 and tends to almost mould to one's feet. So my experience tells me that you'd fair better here than with your Leeds (even though these will still have some minor structure to the toe and are arguably more tightly lasted).
Thank you for your feedback and instilling some confidence to stick with the order I placed in 10d.
*33* pairs in chocolate? Really?

At Massdrop HQ:
Manager 1: "Hey, what's the most popular color for men's shoes?"
Manager 2: "Brown."
Manager 1: "Is dark brown a good color?"
Manager 2: "It sure is! It hides stains, and goes with just about everything."
Manager 1: "OK. Let's offer hardly any AE x MD shoes in that color."
Manager 2: "Sounds like a plan!"
Is the sizing spot on or off ?
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Well yes, they still fit well but have a sleeker look and feel.
The unlined suede moulds to your foot after the first wear.
Feels narrower than Loake Mitchums, Loake Kalahari, RM Williams Yearling, Grenson William if that helps anyone.
People have discussed this but I'd like to know before I purchase: Will there be contrast stitching which is pictured in some of the photos but absent in others?
I've asked via email, and nobody from MassDrop has answered...