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Massdrop x Brad Zinker Dogtooth Frame Lock Knife

Massdrop x Brad Zinker Dogtooth Frame Lock Knife

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Hi everyone, We’re checking in with an update on the Massdrop x Brad Zinker Dogtooth Frame Lock Knife. The knives are en route to our warehouse and will then undergo quality control checks. We wanted to give a heads up that we expect shipping to span beyond the estimated ship date of September 28 and into the following week. We’re working with the team to get the knives shipped as soon as they arrive at the warehouse. We apologize for this slight delay, but are excited for you to receive your Massdrop x Brad Zinker Dogtooth Frame Lock Knife soon. If you don’t want to wait the additional time, you can cancel your order via the Transactions page: Thanks so much for your patience. We’ll be back with another update as soon as the knives arrive at our warehouse.
9/25 EDIT: We wanted to follow up with everyone regarding the Q&A Perk and let you all know that it is being finalized as we speak and we will be sending it out early next week. Our apologies for the delay in getting that completed and sent out sooner.
I'm excited to see it! I wish more of these knives were using .012" stock, since slice is nice
Très bon couteau, parfaitement réalisé et à la finition de très grande qualité. Je le recommande vraiment!
I'm not sure if this is the place to make this request. I bought this a couple months ago, have had it in my pocket off and on, with light use (e.g. opening boxes). I love the look and the smooth way it opens is just great! But it doesn't lock tight in the open position. I checked the screws but they're tight. I'd say the wiggle-room in the open position is more than 1/4"! I see this has a limited lifetime warranty, and I'd love to have a replacement knife that locks tight in the open position. I have several other flippers, less expensive without this flaw. Thanks, Ken Wyatt
@JonasHeineman is it possible we'll get this in different blade grinds? i'd love to see this with a saber grind, or flat grind!
Will the black PVD version be available again? Have the blue and absolutely love this knife. Fit & finish and action on my copy is perfect!
I received mine 2 weeks ago... Love it as my EDC knife... the only thing negative I can say is that when was in my front left pocket last week the blade opened up slightly. When I reached into my pocket the tip sliced my pinky pretty good. Perhaps the pocket clip should have been reversed to prevent this. I normally would keep the knife in the small pocket in the front right of my jeans but since phones are so large now I didn't want the knife rubbing against the tall phone. 9/10 from me.
When you look at the features, this is a really fine knife without much more to ask for. Most users seem to be pretty happy with it. The reviews are a little more telling. It's a five star rated knife but looking at the 31 individual reviews seems to not jive up to five. Lots of valid concerns expressed there. But there's no accounting for tastes. Still, I think it's significantly overpriced for what it is. You're getting a lot knife but for that number, you could do better it if you're willing to spend the time to look around a little more with attention to details.
I like the black pvd better but I dislike that the hardware is silver, while the stonewash version has stonewashed hardware making it a cohesive design.
This knife has really grown on me. Mine is so smooth and the detent is near perfect. The blue anodized one I have is aesthetically pleasing. This knife is good looking and has great functionality.
Just got mine. Very nice. Perfectly centered. Very smooth action. Would have liked a bit more gimping on the top of the blade but otherwise, this might be a five star edc...
Great knife. My only complaint is the pocket clip attachment point. Imo it would be nice if the frame was milled out where the pocket clip attaches. I believe the tanto version that's available now has what I'm referring to. It's just a minor cosmetic thing and would probably cost more. The action of this knife is awesome. Great detent and the framelock is easy to disengage. Easy one hand operation.

That's a good looking collection. Great knife review also
Are these the exact same as before or did they fixe the lockbar cutout?
I just purchased one of these second hand and it is an excellent knife. Action is very nice for the price and size, and it’s very compact and lightweight. Unfortunately the grind on the bevels is very uneven, to the point where the one side is almost non existent, close to where the compound grind meets (see pics). I’ve seen and handled plenty of other MD knives and they usually do a spectacular job on the grind. Maybe the compound threw them off?

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It is the BZ side slightly past where the two grinds meet. In the picture it looks almost like a shodow but is just the bevel being very thin there.
Mine had the same problem.
Any chance to ship to Switzerland? I can't find this country in the shipping adress.
Oh, I am on the drop for the black/black Dogtooth with G10 scales. Or I could have this one in a couple weeks. What to do? What to do?
To be honest I'd say both are worth it. The framelock is going to be a sleeper hit for me, it's not as flashy as the Buc, and it shipped right before the Keen that I'm more excited for. On its own merits it's one of my favorite recent knives and will probably keep growing on me
I would stay on the liner lock.  The lockbar cutout is sharp and catches/rips the pants.  The liner lock one's won't have that issue.
I'm still looking to buy one of these Dogtooth knives. If someone has one they need to sell. Just let me know.
Anyone know if the standoffs and clip are Ti?
Those parts are both steel. To check this for yourself at home, just grab a magnet!
I don't know why I didn't think to do that, but thanks for the reply.
Am I the only one who has trouble opening this knife one handed? Had no problems with any other massdrop knife, but this one I can't get it to flip open no matter how hard I push. And if the flipper tab doesn't work, then it's quite hard to pull out the slippery knife with the small amount of spine exposed. Is there any way to adjust the amount of force it takes to open the knife?
At risk you know this already, but are you making sure your fingers do not press the lockbar while flipping? It's a frame lock and they can be hard to flip if the lockbar is pressed even in the slightest way :)
Yes I'm sure, I can flip any of the other knives with an identical mechanism in my collection no trouble
is anyone still waiting on theirs? i am.
Very pleased to have one, it's a handsome build and light as a feather.
ALMOST PERFECT! Definitely one of the best knives in my collection, the grind is PERFECT, the blade thickness, action, centered, lockbar insert, CUTOUT to access the framelock (missing on most knives), ect. are perfect. I love this knife. BUT it does have a pretty ugly flaw. The lockbar cutout is too abrupt and the sharp edge under the pocket clip catches on my pants, then once that clears the deep carry portion is not inset into the handle so it catches again. The deep carry clip is thin so the second catch isn't a big deal but the sharp corner of the lockbar cutout is a pretty big deal and catches every time before even getting the clip far enough in the pocket to keep it from coming out. So close, if I had the ablity to sandblast and re-anodize I would drimmle off that point on the cutout and fix it, then slope the very edge of the clip down to the frame to keep that from catching as bad as well.
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Agreed. Alot of ways to fix it. The clip isn't really a big deal, but the cutout is the main problem. Looks like they are making a liner lock, that will of course fix it too, I really like the looks of the carbon fiber one, I bet it feels great.
That picture pains me a bit lol Would you like it re-anodized? I'd be happy to do the whole knife back to the stock blue for you if you just pay shipping The part you sanded will still have a slightly different color, since i don't have a media blaster to make the finish match either, but it would be a heck of a lot less noticeable than raw titanium lol And it would clean up the other scratches at the same time
This was my third massdrop knife and my favorite so far. Thin, light, wharnie blade, deep carry clip, splinter-picking tip, etc. It's a really smooth little Ti flipper at this price point. It's a perfect office EDC and disappears into any pocket nicely.
Holy moly this knife has blown me away. I can't get over how solid this knife feels given its small size and weight. There is a lot that could have gone wrong with such a unique and feature rich build, nothing did from what I can tell. It really is an EDC of epically good proportions.
Great little knife- the stonewash finish is a lot like the Microtech "apocalyptic" finish and it's really striking. Also, the flipped-open lockup is at about 50%, push-able to like 65%, which is perfect in my opinion. And the case, which I ordinarily don't care about at all, is double sided and can hold two significantly larger knives than this without scratching each other.
Anyone know what material the clip/backspacers/pivot/screws are? I assume the clip is titanium, and that the spacers are aluminum.
Please let me know! Thank you
Clip is steel for sure, screws are all steel, pivot is steel, spacers I'm not 100% sure about, but I think they are steel as well.
Thank you
I really wanted to have the hardware anodized, it’s unfortunate they’re using steel for everything. Oh well 😔
Got my knives and they are great. how do I get a replacement pocket clip. I didn't know that the blue one comes with a shiny clip and would like to purchase or exchange for a tumbled one like in the pics.
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Please note that TheClassyCthulhu has subsequently posted that the Boker clip does NOT fit.
Too bad. Even some of the cheapest knives nowadays use Ti clips. IMHO, the shiny satainless clip really looks out of place on an otherwise nice looking knife.
How do you properly sharpen this blade?
I just touched it up on a Sharpmaker. Pretty easy but you need to be careful with the tip.
Just wondering if there will be any left over that will be re-dropped? I missed this drop at the time.
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Yes, we'll make more Dogtooth available soon - the only difference is that they will not have serial numbers.
Awesome! I don’t care about serial numbers. I didn’t even check what numbers my Perpetua or CTF were.
I just received mine. I got the blue scales and satin finish. Incredibly light. Great deployment and lock-up. Perfect centering. A very nice knife. Only criticism would be the choil. It is very large for a sharpening choil and with just a little enlargement it could have been a nice finger choil. With the size of this knife and wharncliffe blade, this would have been nice. The box was crushed on one corner, but you'll get that when envelopes are used (hint). Overall, this is a great little knife.
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I received my knife yesterday. An incredible knife, the blue scales look great. The blade opens perfectly and is very sharp. This will become my go to knife. It is light, but strong, beautifully made and is both aesthetically pleasing and very functional.
I agree. Nice knife.
I got the blue satin, really like the finish on the handle, very matte and muted. The cloth below is gray for a color comparison. If i knew the bag held two I probably would have gotten the black one as well.
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The clip is shiny but i wouldnt call it chrome, it is as shiny as the blade.
Thank you for the information. Much appreciated.