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Massdrop x Brad Zinker Dogtooth Frame Lock Knife

Massdrop x Brad Zinker Dogtooth Frame Lock Knife

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Hey everyone,

We became familiar with Brad's designs through his Urban Trapper and FR models that were popular in the Blades and EDC communities. Based on the strong sales of the regular production versions, we worked with Boker to make some exclusive versions of these available on Massdrop, with anodized liners and steel upgraded to S35VN.

When I saw the custom version of this knife on his table at the 2017 USN Gathering, I loved the teardrop handle and wharncliffe blade right away, and I had a feeling the community would like these new designs from Brad as well. We had an idea of what steel and colors would suit Brad's designs and be popular with members, and we knew that WE Knife would be true to Brad's design in executing the production.

We made only a few changes from his original design: We reversed the compound grind on the bevel - instead of the blade being thicker at the tip, we made it thicker near the choil; this made sense for a knife that's designed for EDC and not hard use, as it gives a bit more strength near the handle for cutting or shaving harder materials, but keeps the tip slender for piercing tape and boxes or making precise cuts. We also were able to give this a lockbar insert, which are not featured on Brad's custom knives. And, based on member feedback and our own experience carrying the Urban Trapper, we rounded the corner of the flipper tab slightly so that it would be more comfortable during repeated opening.

Brad has been great to work with, and we're grateful that he's entrusted Massdrop and WE Knife to make this design available to the community. As with all Massdrop Made knife collaborations, the designer personally reviewed the prototypes to make sure the production was up to his expectations.

A few notes on this drop:

* The drop will be live at 6:00am PT on Tuesday, May 1st. The price will be $119.99 (shipped to US addresses).
* The drop is limited to 1200 total units, but there are no limits per color.
* Each piece will be serialized, starting from 0001 on each color. Serial numbers will begin with color codes: G for Gray, L for Blue, K for Black.
* Gray = stonewashed handle and blade. Black = PVD coated + stonewashed handle and blade. Blue = anodized + oil sealed handle with satin finish blade.

Thanks for checking out the drop and making it possible!

Carry On -- Jonas
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who is supplying the steel for the handles or the blanks for the blades? do you have information on your raw material suppliers you can share with the community so we know massdrop is not using unfair labor and abusing human rights for inexpensive raw materials?
The maker is WE Knife Co, look them up. The steel is made by Crucible Powder Metallurgy, I think it's produced in New York.
Brad actually had the prototype of this knife with him at The Blade Show and he allowed me play with it. I was blown away at how well We made this knife! If the next drop for this knife is after the first drop gets delivered, Massdrop may have a problem meeting the demand because this knife is going to blow people away! I already plan a get a few more to give away as gifts. I can’t wait to get mine!!
So how does the cash back work? Is our account refunded or is it a credit on our Massdrop account?
Hi! The $10 will be issued by 5p.m. PT today. You will get an email with more details. Thanks!
does anyone know if the PVD coating is DLC quality or not? deciding between the pvd coated one or the blue anodized with satin blade
Please start to look into avenues for international shipping. You're missing out on a very large lump of money from the European market.
It looks like they learned their lesson. Now they are incorporating a replacable steel tip on the lockbar to prevent the premature wear on the locks that were present on the Zinker/ Boker urban trapper (titanium). Good Job!
What’s being used for the pivot? Washers, bearings and what kind?
They're almost certainly using bronze caged ceramic bearings like they do in the Falcon and Gent(and probably the rest of their knives, but those are the only two I own)
Too bad it has a compound grind, otherwise it would have heen a no brainer for me...
what would be the ideal angle to sharpen this at without "sharpening" the compound grind?
I went along with Massdrop and felt ok for We Knife (Chinese) to be involved with Bob Terzuola on a one time basis. I did not realize that Massdrop is taking as many master knife makers as possible and paying them to sell out to We Knife more often than not. This is disappointing, and I am unsubscribing to Massdrop. Made in China should be an exception to the rule, which is what I thought when I moved to purchase Terzuola's CTF. Let me know when you offer me something made here. America First, stop patronizing our great knife makers.
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thank you for the feedback without calling me an idiot, I am not being sarcastic!
Yeah Omnichops! Take that (ZT Japanese).
Brad, glad to see that these are made by WE instead of Boker.
I'm reluctantly passing on this because of the size and the holes.
Please design a DP or wharnie folder with 2.99 inch blade and forget the holes -- thank you!
US made please
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Oh, I guess I should have read further along, you're just a bigot taken in by silly ass yellow menace propaganda.
Well, at least the self righteous moron troll showed up. Now the thread is official. I don’t really need a sympathy idiot telling me about the difference in quality and price. I’ve had knives from both and US made trumps chinese mystery “quality” every time.