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Massdrop x Bradford Guardian 3.5 Fixed Blade Knives

Massdrop x Bradford Guardian 3.5 Fixed Blade Knives

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Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

The Bradford website lists the guardian 3.5 as having a 3.75” blade, while this drop claims 3.5”. Does anyone know the truth?
How hard are they running the Nitro-V?
Last I read was 59-60rhc... being nitro-v steel one of its benefits is being able to run it harder over aeb-L, Toughness and easier sharpening is the only reason to bring it bk down to 59-60.. in such a small fixed blade I would prefer 62 seems like a good balance with increased edge retention. Looking forward to receiving mine in the next couple days.
I get that it is cheaper/easier to work with at lower HRc, but Nitro-V really excels in the 61+ range.  Just a shame that only custom makers are willing to go to that level of performance.  We are talking m390 type cutting from a non-powdered steel!
I almost bought this knife. The i saw the massdrop logo on the blade. Why does it have to be so ugly and pronounced?
that's an odd statement considering the "Bradford" logo is about twice the size on the other side. This is a Massdrop exclusive so of course the logo should be present. I see the same complaint with the other knife drops.
Seriously. Massdrop is becoming pretty well known for producing high quality collaborations at very reasonable prices I don't understand why people get upset. I've never seen anyone complain that crkt puts their name on the blade when all they do is pay a designer for the design and subtract the production to factories in China.
Do you know if you can get a full, four finger grip on the handle?
I can get a full grip on my G3. The 3.5 is bigger. If it helps i wear a lg/x-lg glove
Is the RN0010 the serialization of the first production run?
I just haven’t been able to decide whether I like this knife or not. The steel is quite good. I really like the blade shape and grind. The price is OK. What holds me back is the angle of the handle to the blade. I would prefer it straighter as the angle appears that it would interfere with slicing at the heel of the blade.
Does anyone have a comparison on how the Nitro V steel in this version compares to the M390 blade steel models?
It's a newer steel, and a pretty good one. Nitro-V has good corrosion resistance, and is relatively tough (more likely to bend/give, than break). It's edge retention is fair. On a scale of 1 - 100. I'd say the edge retention is a solid 25. It's performs very much like CTS BD1, or Sandvik 14C28N. Better than AEB-L. If you are familiar with those? As far as comparing it to M390. It's not a fair fight. Going back to my earlier mentioned edge retention scale, of 1 - 100. The M390 would get about an 85. If this Drop was for a M390 version, or it's near equivalent. The price would be about $175.
Thanks. This drop ended up about $60 cheaper for me rhan m390 nut thinking I may prefer the m390 version
Massdrop, update your international shipping carrier for fixed blades already. If white mountain knives can do it for relatively cheap, you guys can find a way.
Be me Gets mail: "Bradford Guardian 3.5 available now to ship in one buisiness day 12 hours after getting mail clicks on link "Drop ended" What the duck?
I'm thinking it's Daffy.
Two hours left. I just saw this. I'm going to miss this one this time. It really is a pretty knife. Maybe y'all could make a future run bigger. Maybe 5-6". And get rid of the spanner screws. I have spanner bits, but I would rather see something more standard. I really, really like the appearance. And be sure the HRc is 63. I would have to consider pawning one of my kids if you made one like that.
This is great steel if the HT gets it into the low 60s. The link to the video shows it at HRc 63. MD, please report the hardness of these knives. You have been asked at least once before this request was just made. Thank you. 1/1/2019 EDIT, the the becomes to the
will the knife arrive sharp
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I'm holding it right now shaving hair off of my fingers. It's sharp enough I guess... Also the holster is friction based but it goes in deep. The leather holster is about 2/3 the length of the knife. I don't have a measure but I'm guessing the handle sticks out about 6.5CM
good comment.....thanks!
In the horizontal position what keeps the knife from falling out of the leather sheath..........
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thanks Steve
thank you...sure don't want the knife to fall out and not notice it!
Hi everyone, Good news! We’re excited to announce that the Massdrop x Bradford Guardian 3.5 Fixed Blade Knives have arrived at the warehouse and we’re planning to send them out a bit early. We now estimate the knives to begin shipping by the middle of next week. We’re looking forward to you receiving your knife!
Is there any chance for more orders?
We should have some available soon, but we want to make sure that all members who joined the preorder drop receive theirs first.
Anyone know what the Rockwell is on this knife?
Would also like to know the HRC before ordering... Have heard that some MD Nitro-V knives were only HRC 59? Would prefer 62-63 myself.
Mine arrived and I love the size and feel in the hand. However it appears the blade and handle was profiled with a very coarse belt and never touched up. Stonewash can cover up small imperfections but it still seems a bit rough.

From the looks of mine I believe the blanks are water jet cut with minimal if any finishing which is why it has that appearance.
Lazer cut is what I was told
Mine came in! Very pleased with it.

On the same day that my package was scheduled to be delivered to me in New York, it was rerouted to Massachusetts. Any one have any idea what’s up with that??
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I totally feel for ya!! And, there likely will not be any answer for this. Since the knife is still in the US, you may still get it I know that because I had my CIVIVI Praxis, scheduled and assigned to be delivered to my Wisconsin address and zipcode... it was delivered to.... wait for it.... Sidney, Australia!!!! I never got the knife I ordered. Massdrop provided me a credit for the ‘drop. Not to be out done, and to satiate my desire for the Praxis, I bought the Praxis from White Mountain Knives :)
Sorry, you'd have to contact FedEx directly about any shipment routing issues, our support team doesn't have any better information than you do for packages that are already in transit.
I just got my Green Camo Linen Micarta/Nimbus...#019. In a word... AWESOME! It is exactly what I expected and more. I will be looking forward to actually using this knife. Will update this post with my thoughts as they develop. In the mean time, hope everyone who has endured the long wait for this ‘drop will be initially as thrilled as I am :)
Got the same one! #003, I am extremely pleased! Like you I am excited to use this knife. I can see it being an integral part of my EDC.
Glad to hear it. These were made for hard use, please post a review with some pics of how you've been using it after you get a chance to beat it up a bit. Thanks!
Hi everyone, Production is well underway for the Massdrop x Bradford Guardian 3.5 Fixed Blade Knives and we’re super excited to share a few production images:


We’re on track to meet the expected ship date of November 30 and we can’t wait for you to receive them. We’ll be back in early November with another update!
Those richlite scales look awesome cant wait to see the finished product at my doorstep!
any updates?
By popular demand, and just in time for the launch, we've been able to add options for both linen micarta colors with stonewashed finish. There are now 8 combinations to choose from. Thanks for your interest in this combination, and to Bradford for making it possible!
CC: @GoodTimes @DDro @jallen89 @DBSS @DSpeed
Hey everyone,
We are pleased to launch our first collaboration for a fixed blade knife with Bradford USA. Their production line Guardian 3 and 4 models have been popular with members, and Brad Larkin has been a supporter of the Massdrop community for a number of years. When we approached Brad about a collaboration on the 3.5, he was eager to get started and has been great to work with.
We love that Brad has used feedback from his customers to refine his designs, and we’re stoked that we can offer his newest model - based on all of that feedback. Our goal for the project was to make the Guardian 3.5 available to members in the most popular finishes, including Brad’s signature stonewashed DLC “Nimbus” finish and some new handle materials, paired with a popular new nitrogen-enriched steel that was featured in another popular USA-made collaboration, the Massdrop x TJ Schwarz Perpetua folding knife.
In fact, you can even get this Guardian 3.5 in the matching Cool Gray G-10 and stonewashed finish. One other thing to note about the handles is that all of them are textured, except for the Richlite (also a new material) which is polished smooth. Before we get started, here are a few housekeeping notes on the drop:
* The drop will start at 6:00am. The price will be $119.99. * This drop will be limited to 1200 serialized units. There is not a limit per style. * Our Estimated Ship Date is November 30, 2018.
Thanks for checking out our first collaboration with Bradford USA, and our first-ever fixed blade collaboration!
Carry On -- Jonas
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Is there any word on what hardness at which these knives will be run?
I forgot to thank you for responding to my I’ll informed questions! LOL! I changed again the same day you responded to me. I went with the stonewashed & I believe green camo $ I look forward to carrying what I perceive as an awesome knife! Thanks Again!
How will this Richlite handle hold up?
Does each knife come with the #4 tool bit to take grips off?
What will be the best sharpener for this nitro v blade?
What does nimbus mean?
The blade is dlc'd black then they stonewash it.
Have not joined this drop.. yet? Waiting on reply concerning the knifes HRC rating. Curious. Thank you.
How do we know MassDrop is going to send out the knife that they are advertising on here? I was just duped by MassDrop on the last order, not sending the product which they listed. How can you and I be sure this isn't going to happen again?
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Jonas, this is why we love you. Always polite and wanting to help, but also nailing you with facts
I really want this thing. The problem is, as many have stated before, that Massdrop logo is so terrible. I’d rather get the M390 version direct from Bradford for a little more money to avoid that ugliness.
Can you guys come up with a cooler maker’s mark? If youre gonna keep coming up with awesome knives, come up with an awesome logo like every other company/designer.
A stylized M for example Perhaps MD in a cool connected way. Just do something. You go through all this trouble to make the perfect knife, then ruin them all with your signature. Be better.
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I ended up just buying a Bradford Guardian 4 directly from Bradford, they had a Father’s Day sale. I’m sure even with the ugly Massdrop logo this will still be an amazing knife. People say the ergos are solid, they all compare it to an ESEE
The old logo was better but a third of every comment board consisted of nothing more than the poignant and fresh inquiry of 'where is it made' and the plaintive bleating of 'why does it have a logo I hate logos it's billboarding Massdrop is ruining everything they ruined these knives the knives are ruined look at the horrible logo it's so bad make the same knives but with NOOOOOO LOOOOGGGGGOGOOOOOOOS'.
So now the logo is some rounded looking bold block lettering, rather than a nice spidery logo that showcased engraving skill and used mostly negative space for the lettering.
Thanks a lot, logo fascists.
uggg, I wish we didnt have to wait until November to get it, hah. I will forget about it by then, and already be on to other knives. lolz.
I'm extremely frustrated that Massdrop have stopped shipping knives to Japan and I'm not quite sure why. Many of the knives sold on here are made in Japan and everything I've seen on Massdrop is legal to sell, buy and own here. So why can't knives be shipped to Japan?
Yep, same here. It's because of our shipping partners, you can read more here -