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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent S35VN Pocket Knife

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent S35VN Pocket Knife

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Hey everyone - I wanted to give you all an early heads up that we'll be relaunching this drop on Friday, March 9th! Everyone who requested the drop will get notifications as well, and it will appear in the regular daily email.

Thanks to everyone who made the first drop a big success, we hope you're enjoying your knives! Before we get rolling, a few notes:

1) Thanks to the success of the first drop, we've been able to place an order in advance for this round - that means a shorter delivery time, so we'll have an Estimated Ship Date of April 30th.

2) In addition to the original black scales, we've added Blue and OD Green scales. A color indicator will precede the serial numbers. There will be 1140pcs of Black (K1500 - K2700), 475pcs of Blue (L0001 - L0500), and 285pcs of OD Green (V0001 - V0300). The reason the quantities don't match the serial ranges exactly is that we reserve 5% of inventory for warranty service, just in case.

3) As you may have seen, we included a handkerchief in the first drop instead of the usual microfiber cleaning cloth as a little surprise for everyone. Folks seemed to like it, so we’ll be doing that again for this drop.

Thanks again for making this possible, here's a sneak peak at the new colors:

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I would contact customer service and see if you can get a replacement for sure. I'm not sure if the the head or the threads stripped, but the torx screws that hold the scales on seem pretty shallow.

I'd heard others had problems with loose pivots so I put a dab of loctite on mine as a preventative measure and had to be quite careful with the fasteners because of the shallow torx and the Phillips pivot. It's my only issue with the knife really.
any idea if we can get replacement screws? my pivot screw is starting to strip. im in the philippines so sending it back isnt an option. thanks
I love this thing! 3D machined some new scales tonight... same day the new version launched! Lol. Can’t wait for the stonewashed version!

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I'm going to get dragged kicking and screaming into the social media age...

<grumbles & goes off to create Facebook account>
Haha! I’m the same. Everyone says I need Instagram... 🤷‍♂️

Anybody have any tips for getting those torx screws out without stripping them? Would some lubricant hurt the g10?
Most important is to have a well fitting torx driver made of a good hard tool steel. I got dedicated torx drivers from the local farm store made in germany which are a T6 and a T8 which covers most pocket knives. They happen to be the brand Frico and were about 8 dollars a piece. A spyderco PM2 might be a T10. Then, make sure you press down hard while turning. I don't remember there being any locktite.
I finally got around to trimming out my metal scales on the Gent. It looks much better now. But I do already have a small correction to make. Last minute while reassembling, I decided to grind out the lock access recess, and round off the contact point of the lock bar. This made the new scale not equal at that point, but I was too tired to fix it last night. Maybe some day I'll get that fixed. But for now at least, it looks much better than it was.

Hi! when will we be able to buy this knife?
Hey guys, I was hoping someone might be able to help me out when it comes to closing the knife. This is my first blade and it just caught my eye, since I’ve always wanted one but never got around to buying one.

So basically when I close it by bending back the frame, it takes quite a bit of pressure from my thumb and it starts to hurt just after a couple of flips. When I see the YouTubers reviewing it, they just do it so effortlessly, so that’s why I’m a bit confused. Should I be able to bend back the frame easily m or am I just being weak?
Just keep working at it. Most of the reviewers you see working flippers and frame/liner locks so effortlessly, have probably flipped tens of thousands of times. I'm a constant fidget flipper with a little OCD, and I still run into knives that give me some trouble every now and then. On my Crux, I ended up rounding off the contact point on the lockbar, and opening up the recess on the front scale.
Trying something different, yet again. 😬😁. Since I've been playing around with copper and silver recently, decided to attempt to bring this color and texture into the Gent. Totally loving how easy it is to customize, or even just personalize the Gent with just a couple of Torx screws. I had grown a bit tired of just swapping out the two different colored g10 scales I made. And I've been trying to make some jewelry for my wife with some of my bullion silver and a little copper.

At first I was just using two different materials to see what I liked best, then planning on making a third peice in that material. But like me, everyone I showed it to (mostly family), either couldn't decide what they liked most, or liked it with both as is. So for now, it's staying as-is. 👍🏻

The copper started out as a 7/8" copper pipe. Opened up, then flattened. And hammered with a roofing hammer for texture. The silver took a little more work. I had some bullion that I had melted and re poured into little 1 oz rectangle bars. With one of these, I started a-hammerin'. I tried doing it red hot, like forging steel. And also cold with fresh temper. Eventually the one ounce was close to the thickness of the copper. After drawing an outline around one of my existing scales and snipping it out, I was left with about 1/2 ounze of silver, in the rough oversized outline of a Gent scale.

Still not sure how to finish off the sides and make it look decent. But my family all suggested I just leave it as-is, to keep the rough "home crafted" look. I'm still not sure, but it's easy enough to wait while I try to come up with ideas. If you have any suggestions , feel free to throw them out.

Long story's the latest rendition.

Damn, looking good!
Thank you Sir.
I joined for a blue in the second round after reading Anthony Sculimbrene's review on his blog, A few weeks ago, I received L0022.

At first, I was playing around with the pivot tension and had it decent for a day or two, but it would inevitably loosen and the blade would feel rattly and even lean to one side. I now have the action dialed in and it is unbelievable. Effing ridiculous. Here's what I did.

You need the following basic tools and products: T-6 Torx driver, PZ1 or PH1 Philips driver, removable (blue) thread lock, small tube of white lithium grease.

Disassemble the knife to it's component parts. The only part I didn't separate was the detent ball on the lock bar. Clean each piece with Q-tips, etc. When reassembling, put a small film of lithium grease on the bearing facing side of each pivot washer. Also, and this is key, streak a small amount of grease on the pivot section of the blade piece along the track where the detent ball travels/rubs. It might be hard to see where this is until you flip the knife enough times that it starts to show. When you are ready to screw the pivot bolt (Philips head) into the female side add a dot of thread lock and tighten to just the right tension barely above the point where you achieve zero blade play. Let it set for about 20 minutes before starting to flip the knife again.

That's it! OMFG, the action is now dialed in and it is just mind-blowing.
yep. just did the same thing with mine
Got it in black, because it's all they had left. I've had it and carried for less than 24 hours, but I can already tell it's going to stay in my rotation for a long time to come. What a nice little knife. Now if they make the exact knife with carbon fiber scale plates, and only increase the price a little to offset that extra cost, then I would buy two. Make it happen, guys!
What just hapoenef!
My order says cancelled?
no info no email
whats up?
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Forgetting that one/went with the Spyderco Native 5 Blue Box!