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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Select Pocket Knife

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Select Pocket Knife

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Well Massdrop won't let me leave a review so I'll do it here. This knife has been a rollercoaster. I've had it for a few days now and I was Extremely happy with it. It's wicked sharp, it's super light, and it feels great in the hand. Well all that changed last night because the knife has literally started coming apart. To be clear I've barely used the knife. I've flipped it open many times (because it is a bit stiff and I was hoping it would smooth out a bit) but the extent of it's use has been opening 2 cardboard boxes. I have no idea why but the top of the knife is popping open allowing the blade to hit the frame as it closes. This is supremely disappointing. I didn't pay $99 and wait months for a knife that is destroying itself. Hopefully mine is just an exception but it definitely seems that there are quality control issues at WE Knives.

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Build quality no it's over all a well built knife but the fact that it happens so fast compared to other 2 flippers I have for around the same price point is a disappointing
rec'd this just now and was surprised to discover that the 'pouch' they mention in the included items is a sturdy zippered semi-hard case which will accommodate two knives or two similar sized and shaped objects. the spyderco cases which it resembles are only for one knife and don't have the sleeves to separate them. this alone is worth $15-20, at least to me although i have no plans to put the gent into it--this one is for edc. i hardly needed another knife--i've accumulated dozens of them in my quest for the 'perfect' one over the years. i usually go for spydercos and autos because i have no fingernails and i intensely dislike the thumb studs. but i only own one flipper, that being a zero tolerance 0770cf i got about two years ago. it's carbon fiber and thinner than this gent and slightly larger. but it has an assist on the flipper and a very aggressive pattern on the flipper and the force necessary to start the assist tears up my flipper finger. so i've been on the lookout for a carbon fiber with titanium frame flipper for edc when i came across this one. the build looks and feels superb and even better, the flipper is buttery smooth and takes about 25% less force to start than the zt and it opens seemingly just as fast as the zt with the assist and locks up tight--there is no side-to-side play. the blade is centered perfectly. the unlock bar is accessible and it also is easier on the finger than the one on the zt. the gent is slightly thicker, but that only gives it a better grip than the very thin zt. it is just about the perfect size for this type knife and any smaller and it would be hard to hold and use. i haven't compared the belt clip with my other knives yet, but it seems fine and if sitting down pushes it off my belt, i can carry it inside the belt or a pocket as its so small. i only casually tested the sharpness and it seems very adequate although not quite 'shaving sharp' as some gerber and kershaw models come from the factory. in short (!), i'm very pleased with this purchase and i've very happy massdrop offered shipping options. it was $15 for what sounded like two-day shipping, but it actually came overnight although it didn't ship for a couple of days due to the weekend. /guy
I have Rosewood option, excellent quality but too small for me, will sell it for a purchase price.
Hi everyone, The Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Select Pocket Knives are beginning to ship! We do want to give a heads up that shipping will span into early next week for some orders. For anyone who does not receive tracking information tomorrow, we apologize for the slight delay and we’re working with the warehouse to make sure all of the knives make it out the door as soon as possible over the next few days. We look forward to you receiving your knives soon!
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That's MassDrop's biggest failure in my opinion. Poor shipping. I really wish they would stop using FedEx and just use USPS. Even their cheap Parcel service is faster than the FedEx option MassDrop gives us and I can't imagine USPS snail mail would be more expensive... And if it was, I'd pay it.
Yes! My order was "shipped" on the 16th, and nearly two weeks later I still have not received the item. Why in the world does it take two weeks to mail something?
Please make the scales available separately! I don’t need two of these knives but would gladly pay for different scales that I can change out myself!
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Joe, you really need to stop this! If I could afford it, I'd have a set of every flavor. To change out with my mood. Absolutely love all the different grains you've done so far. Now you just need to do a "Cabot Guns" series of scales.... Meteorite, Mammoth Ivory, Damasteel, etc. 😁😎
Can’t stop won’t stop :D
Any chance for the carbon fiber handle scales will be made available for folks that already have the first version of the Gent as a upgrade that would be nice don’t you think?
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Yep! I’ve probably made a hundred sets or so now in various materials. My common hardwoods are $27 and up, Carbon Fibre starts at $35 and up, depending on the type (standard twill, marbled, dense twill, glow resin etc).
Can you email me and we’ll talk it out I am interested though!
That one thing that stopped me buying this was the brand etched onto the blade. And the dull blade finish a little. But hey I get that Massdrop are proud of their company and it was a collab? Ok, cool but guys you are not well known knife manufacturers or something that a customer would want on their product. Isn't this more about the customer? 'Massdrop' on the blade has killed my intentions of purchasing a few cool knives now. Don't get me wrong I thing Massdrop is great! I just don't feel the urge to put a large sticker on my car or a flag in my front yard about it
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Sounds like you're just buying it as a piece of jewelry than if you care so much about what's on your blade. It's a sub $100 titanium framed S35VN folder with bearings and wood/CF scales. It only exists at that price point because of MD's distribution channels, if they want to put their name on it, so what. Why are you even here if you consider MD such a "low integrity" brand? Also, they hired someone to make the design, a lot of mainstream knife manufacturers do this. I guess Spyderco shouldn't have their logo on the Techno or Slysz Bowie since they paid for the design, right? Benchmade has an entire page dedicated to acknowledging people who design knives for them, probably shouldn't have their logo on those knives either huh? All they did was pay someone to design it and then have a factory produce them, right? This wasn't MD buying a stock of no name knives and slapping their logo on them. They were instrumental in getting the design created and working with the manufacturer to produce it. The fact that you consider them just a re-seller of this knife shows your ignorance here. At this point I'm just chalking you up to one of the countless people who troll the MD boards looking for a place to bitch about the logo, or the shipping, or the wait times.
All they need to do is make their "logo" cooler. Problem solved. (call me Massdrop, I can get this done for you!:)
sell the scales so I can retrofit
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I’ve been making scales for these for a while now. Pointy Precision on Facebook
Just looked you up on FB and inquired about scales for the BM 707 sequel. Nice work!
I wish they would look at customer feedback and revise the clip.
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Yeah, like the clip to very discreet for work. It bended once when it got cought on a sofa in my back pocket but it was easily bend back in its original shape using a plier.
Seems people are divided on it.
Im hesitant to buy this knife because of the shipping issues. It is a damn shame Mass Drop is willing to lose sales instead of dealing with the issue with FedEx. I know many companies that will not use FedEx for the same reason.
The shipping is a little frustrating. The funny thing is when I returned an item, the return label they sent me was UPS.
So a lot of people are complaining about the shipping on this knife. I've ordered a lot of thing off this site and the shipping is frustrating but for me if I've waited months already for something to be manufactured I can wait another week or two especially if it saves me money. Keep up the good work on these awesome collaborations Massdrop. I received this in CF yesterday and I'm pleased with the knife. I wasn't sure about the stonewashed blade but mine matches the frame perfectly.
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Agreed. What did you get?
Same thing carbon, figured it would match my car better

@JaleesaG Do you know when the next drop will be?
Now :D
I knew it was gonna be soon just didn't expect this soon!
Mine came in today. fantastic fit and finish as well as action! I'll do a bigger write up with some pictures in a few days after I've had the chance to put it to use.
Does this knife not have a steel lock bar insert?
No but the end of the lockbar has been carbonized to harden the titanium. I have a few framelock knives like this and if done right its will last a long time. Time will tell with this one but for me, I'm not concerned. I had a crkt titanium framelock with no insert and flipped it open thousands of times, it showed just the slightest sign of mushrooming.
I was pissed that my knife is taking 2 weeks to arrive, then I read the comments that some haven't received updated status or have to wait even longer. Hey Massdrop, maybe add in an extra dollar or two to the cost if you need too and upgrade the shipping speed! It's ridiculous that it takes this long to ship/receive a product within the US. Might save you a few bucks but is that worth pissing off many (most?) of your customers that buy your products?
Like the standard Gent before it, the Carbon Fiber "Select" Gent is a beautifully-made, exceptionally-useful, and dare I say gentlemanly little blade. The carbon fiber scales are a touch thicker than those on the G10 version, but that's not a bad thing. If anything, the very slight increase in overall thickness of the handle makes if fill the hand a bit better. I wasn't too sure of the bead-blasted/stonewash blade finish; the original Gent is a little "brighter. In person, though, the blade finish complements the carbon fiber really well. Mine came hair-popping sharp out of the box, but a few passes on a strop really brought out the sharpness of the blade. Centering was perfect, and though there was a very minute but perceptible amount of lateral blade play in the open position, this was easily and naturally corrected after the standard disassembly, cleaning, and lubrication steps all my new blades go through. A note on disassembly: it's super easy. T6 all around, except for the "hidden" pivot screw, which is a Phillips head. The tolerances are excellent and tight, so getting it back together and in perfect operational condition should be identical each time, with little to no "fiddling" to get the action and blade centering dialed in. It's a sexy little knife, and the carbon fiber and "darker" finish on the blade really propel this into the stratosphere of my favorite EDC knives. The extra 20 bucks premium over the "standard" gent is well justified with the quality and finishing of the carbon fiber scales and "upgraded" blade finish, so those who were worried about that, belay your fears. Great job, Massdrop, Ferrum Forge, and of course, WE Knives. Excellent product, great value, end of story.
Mine’s waiting for me at home. I was hoping the CF scales would be a little thicker. Nice!
I received my Rosewood Gent yesterday. Well done MD!!!
How much did these go for on the latest drop?
Massdrop please stop using fedex for shipping. They are absolutely garbage and ridiculously slow. They can't be that much cheaper than usps first class mail and I'd gladly pay a dollar difference to not have to wait 2-3 weeks for fedex to send my package via turtle caravan.
Received notification of shipment on November 16. Today FEDEX finally showed receipt. Can't believe the expected delivery date is December 14! Something wrong with Massdrop and their shipping methods. One month shipping is just stupid.
Hi everyone, Production is well underway for the Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Select Pocket Knife and we’re super excited to share new production images. We’re on track to meet the expected ship date of November 16 and we can’t wait for you to receive them. We’ll be back with another update closer to the ship date.
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Thanks. Waiting on two!
Damn looks like 50/50 chance whether you get a dark or light color rosewood. I really want dark though :/
@JaleesaG @JonasHeineman So with 720 requested, how likely is this to get a second drop for those of us who missed out on the initial release?? 🙏
Every collaboration I've seen on here has had a redrop approximately 3 weeks to a month and a half after they ship the initial drop. I'm 99% sure this will be the case with this drop also.
Don't suppose we could get a version with these grips + a satin blade?
Hey everyone - Friendly reminder that members who have already joined prior to 10:00pm on June 30th will see their order processed and cards charged on June 30th. Members who join after this time will have their orders processed when the drop ends.
Will those of us who joined the drop prior to June 30th receive our knives sooner?
Hey everyone,
The Gent has been a big hit with members - both knife enthusiasts, and folks who never carried a pocket knife before giving it a shot with the Gent being their first EDC.
While the G-10 scales are great for everyday carry, we have seen a number of members making their own scales and asking for upgraded materials. So, based on that community feedback, we worked with our great partners at Ferrum Forge and WE Knife to bring back this popular knife with some new scales: a modern carbon fiber, and a classic rosewood.
A few notes on this drop before we get started...
* The drop will begin on June 19th at 6:00am PT. The price will be $99.99, with free shipping to US, reduced rates for International. * This drop is limited to 1000 units of each material. * Wood is a natural material; the color and grain of all scales will vary between every knife. * All knives purchased in this pre-production drop will be serialized. * After this drop ends, Gent Select in any future production runs will not be serialized. * Serial numbers will be randomly distributed; the time/date when you join the drop will not have any affect on which serial number you get. * Members who join prior to 10:00pm on June 30th will see their order processed and cards charged on June 30th. Members who join after this time will have their orders processed when the drop ends.
Thanks for your suggestions to give the Gent an upgrade to Select class, we hope you like it just as much as the original if not more!
Carry On - Jonas
PS - In case you missed it, the original Gent can be found here:
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The drop ended like six weeks ago, did you have a specific shipping concern or are you asking for a general update?
There won't be any changes for a couple of months at least.
shipping updates are coming now I guess, neat!
This drop still on schedule to ship in mid November? Any updates? Thanks
So when are we going to see scales for our gents sold separately? They're made to swap out without affecting the pivot. We want color and material variety without having to buy another knife! Or do I have to RIT dye my baby blue that wasn't as dark as I'd have liked?
Mine is way off center. One side of the blade is touching the liner. Eventually it will scratch the blade. It's a really nice knife but this is a real bummer.
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I got mine in the previous drop....
Thanks. I’ll try it out!
I would like to see more scale options and colors (I like orange) on the next drop. That CF is cool but, how about some offsetting colors in the CF. Black scales getting a bit old to me, how about you? That will raise the price on the fancier scales but, I am good with that as other products on Massdrop have done.
Is it possible at this late date to change the handle material that I selected from carbon fiber to rosewood? Robinson Truitt <>