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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Select Pocket Knife

Massdrop x Ferrum Forge Gent Select Pocket Knife

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Hey everyone,

The Gent has been a big hit with members - both knife enthusiasts, and folks who never carried a pocket knife before giving it a shot with the Gent being their first EDC.

While the G-10 scales are great for everyday carry, we have seen a number of members making their own scales and asking for upgraded materials. So, based on that community feedback, we worked with our great partners at Ferrum Forge and WE Knife to bring back this popular knife with some new scales: a modern carbon fiber, and a classic rosewood.

A few notes on this drop before we get started...

* The drop will begin on June 19th at 6:00am PT. The price will be $99.99, with free shipping to US, reduced rates for International.
* This drop is limited to 1000 units of each material.
* Wood is a natural material; the color and grain of all scales will vary between every knife.
* All knives purchased in this pre-production drop will be serialized.
* After this drop ends, Gent Select in any future production runs will not be serialized.
* Serial numbers will be randomly distributed; the time/date when you join the drop will not have any affect on which serial number you get.
* Members who join prior to 10:00pm on June 30th will see their order processed and cards charged on June 30th. Members who join after this time will have their orders processed when the drop ends.

Thanks for your suggestions to give the Gent an upgrade to Select class, we hope you like it just as much as the original if not more!

Carry On - Jonas

PS - In case you missed it, the original Gent can be found here:
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Unsolicited endorsement: I bought a set of aftermarket scales from Joel (padauk wood, no clip holes) & they are perfect.

It won't stop me from jumping on a future MD CF scale offering, but there's a lot to be said for instant(ish) gratification.
Thank you! The Padauk has been very popular. I just ordered another length of it but this time I’m keeping a set for myself! Cheers
Hey everyone - Friendly reminder that members who have already joined prior to 10:00pm on June 30th will see their order processed and cards charged on June 30th. Members who join after this time will have their orders processed when the drop ends.
Will those of us who joined the drop prior to June 30th receive our knives sooner?
I would like to see more scale options and colors (I like orange) on the next drop. That CF is cool but, how about some offsetting colors in the CF. Black scales getting a bit old to me, how about you? That will raise the price on the fancier scales but, I am good with that as other products on Massdrop have done.
Is it possible at this late date to change the handle material that I selected from carbon fiber to rosewood?
Robinson Truitt <>
One thing with Massdrop is I'm learning patients. I've been waiting on the Spyderco delica with super gold steel for months and now I'm waiting on this gent. I know my falcon was worth waiting for, hope these are also worth the wait.
Does frame lock spring have steel washer or something at the tip? Or hard steel blade grinds soft titanium directly? Something like this:

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What knife is in the picture?
Clone of Coordinal by Sinkievich. Something like this(but mine is plain D2 steel):
Love the knife. Any chance of a drop on LEFTY Gents? Please?

They’re ambidextrous. The clip works on either side.
I'm really tempted by the rosewood handle but I've never owned a knife with wooden scales. Are they prone to chipping or breaking?
I have the Fantoni Dweller in Cocobolo for a traditional gent carry. Comes with a leather slip pouch rides in pocket without being scratched by other items.

I would remove the pocket clip on this and find a nice pouch. This would be for dress (suits) outfits in wood handle not my edc. Same with watch, lighter, pen, hankerchief.... Whole accessory kit for dress occassions.

I gave my original FF Gent to my son for a dress knife as I found preferred slip joint of the Fantoni to flipper. But younger individuals should like the modern style and I believe at this price point is a gem.

Am considering another gent in wood scales but do not want serial number so will likely wait for a future run.
Not sure about this knife but I've had wood (cocobolo) on my colt 1911 pistol and it was carried daily for 3 years with no issues.
Can anyone tell me whether the blade is exactly 3", a little shorter, or a little longer, from the end of the handle to the tip? I'd have preferred a blade length a hair shorter than 3" for legal reasons, so am trying to figure this out. Many thanks!
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At the other end of the spectrum, Chris Reeve just released the Impinda (sp?) (high end slip joint), which is still listed on the site at just over 3”, which is a real design oversight if marketed mainly in the US.
Lol that's brilliant, design a slipjoint at just a hair over 3" so it really doesn't have a point beyond being nice.

I like my lockless knives to be under 3" to help me rationalize their existence vs my nice locking knives that range from 1.5" up to 3.9" with lots of integers to choose from.
This drop is a big win for the knife community. It shows that the supplier not only listens to their customers, but will also jump in and bring the customer wishes to market Ina relatively short period of time. Yes, I know, it's still months away. But it has previously been mentioned some of what it takes to bring a new SKU from idea, to shopping cart. Big thumbs up from me. 👍🏻.

That being said, I am still on the fence as to whether I'll be picking up another Gent. Not because I wouldn't love another, but just need to balance the cruel reality money management, and juggling other wants/needs of family with my own.

However in the meantime, will continue to try my hand at my novice (at best) skills to mod the models that I'm fortunate to already have. And will definitely be picking up some of JoelEllis scales. He has a great scale variety with exact mill matching. And was smart enough to price them in a fair, but not overdone sweet spot for a custom plug-n-play add-on.

Here's a couple more shots of my Hodge Podged Gent. On front, cold hammered Silver Bullion over Bronze anodized Ti frame. On the lock side, hammered Copper over polished titanium. As is probably very evident from my posts, but I have a little problem with decisiveness. Or at least I think I do. Not really sure. I should probably run a poll to see which way I lean. 😜