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Massdrop x Ferrum Forge RUK Titanium

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To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Hey everyone, By popular community request, the RUK is now available in titanium! Thanks to everyone who picked up the brass and copper versions, and to the many members who suggested that we make a titanium version as well. The RUKs have become favorites around our office and with friends and family, even for those who don't love carrying or collecting pocket knives. I like the patina of brass copper, but these new titanium ones are superlight and perfect for a keychain. Thanks for checking out the page, let us know if you have any questions. A few notes as we get started: * The drop will be live at 6:00am PT on Thursday, November 1st. The price will be $49.99. * Our Estimated Ship Date is May 17th, 2019. * This drop is limited to 1200 total units. * If you join this pre-production launch drop, you'll get a titanium lanyard bead that matches the finish of your RUK. * Lanyard beads will be available for $12 as checkout options in future drops. Thanks and Carry On -- Jonas
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Now that's a slick, locking design with some nice finish options.
I love it, and am glad I was able to get in on it early!
Will this ever come back?
6 months for 1200 units it's a little much.
How does one replace the blade actually? Can I use a hobby knife blade to replace the blade?
#11 hobby blade and you take it apart via the 2 torx screws
When I saw the email talking about special perks for joining this, I couldn't decide if it was men in white coats or a straight jacket. Or both. Jonas, I really don't want to offend you, but I probably have. I just think this thing is goofy. But this is the reason there is more the 3 flavors of ice cream correct?
I wish this was made in the USA.
FYI -Cross posted from the Brass/Copper version. I've got copper fwiw. So, just changed out the blade with an X-Acto Z-11. Thought I'd mention that it can be done without full disassembly. But does take a little finesse. Here's what I did.... Push blade out half way, and put something thin (pictured is a removable pocket clip) in behind carriage to hold in place. Back out frame screws just about the thickness of the blade....just a little. Remove the button screw. Lift the top of frame just a tad to allow a little blade wiggle room. Carefully grab the tip of blade, tip down to allow the oval clearance over oval post. Remove. Then reverse steps. Insert new blade over oval, and seat. Replace button. Tighten frame screws. Remove carriage stop. Sounds a little belabored. But the first time really took less than a minute. Spent more time looking for my Torx. Second time probably 30 seconds. There it is. For all those that sited the procedure as a no-go for purchase. 😁🤯

A larger alternative that uses small scalpel blades is the Swann-Morton 2806 Retractaway handle. I have a couple of these for desk and craft uses and it is the best handle I've found after a lot (and I mean a lot) of searching for a folding/retracting handle which would fit scalpel blades.

People comparing this to Stanleys and acting like they're going to be breaking down a pallet of cardboard boxes with this thing sure is perplexing. The blade is tiny. It's a small discreet EDC for office environments and such; it's meant to hang on your keychain and look pretty until you need to open a package or box occasionally.
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Why you so mad tho? You buy a few mall ninja EDC blades? My post wasn't a personal insult to anyone who owns one, it was just a heads up for anyone who thinks it might be a good idea and has no experience with actually using work knives. You can't let little things in life get you down like that brah, you'll take 20 years off your life.
lol mad.... i know thats what you want when you post this crap.. but mad? nah. no it was a mass drop troll talking shit about a product they are neither interested in nor intended to buy... keep telling your self that sparky.... and sleep well knowing you got your dailey quota of attention for it. the little thing isnt getting me down quite the opposite ,im glad to be doing your dead beat parents job for them. troll on, winner!
if we started seeing these drops with a lefty version, you'd have at least one more customer!
wow these little useless knives are really getting expensive.
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Sure are... someone a little butthurt
someones a BIG buttHOLE
you need to get rid off that text on the top it make the whole thing look cheap... rest is awesome, text is terrible. I have the brass version and it ruins the whole visual of the knife.
takes way to long to ship out
Hasn't been manufactured yet
I have the brass one, its nothing more than a novelty that rarely gets used. There are some major design issues that make this less than ideal. For starters, the blade doesn't lock open or closed. That wouldn't be a huge issue on its own, but combine that with the fact the button/slide to deploy it is on the side of the knife and it makes for a very awkward grip when you try to use it. If you deployed from the spine of the knife this wouldn't be a problem. The second, much more glaring flaw is that you have to disassemble the whole knife to replace the blade. The entire purpose of having a knife with replaceable blades is so that you can replace them quickly and easily, otherwise you might as well just spend time sharpening a real knife. All of the other FFxMassdrop knives are decent offerings, this one just seems like a money grab. Edited to add: the lanyard bead is incredibly tiny, and only looks good on this tiny knife
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'but if you really can't see the glaring flaws with this knife then your opinion doesn't really matter to me.' lol translated.." if you dont agree with me you dont matter. only I matter. " rofl...priceless. !!
Problem, not issue.
Another similar knife is the $25 mini cutter I'm waiting for my kickstarter 3Coil - Crane folding scalpel to show up and then I'll see if that works for me.
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Yes, I have three of them on order and have high hopes. Hope they ship soon. Also added on a Puma on for a friend that is a big AR fan. Thought he might like the novelty.
Got the HummB to try out. No doubt the Ti is cheaper. But..... You still have to hold the slider/button in place to keep the blade from moving/retracting. The button is flat, and harder to deploy/retract and hold during use. Blade can open in pocket. Stick with the RUK.

Nah. I bought the copper one and found it very difficult to use, since you have to hold the blade open against the spring while you use it. Not a very clever design. I have a tiny, razor-sharp Gerber pocket knife that works a lot better, and cost $10.00!
i like it but its still a $70 box cutter down under. I bought my titanium version (which of course doesn't look like this but does use OLFA blades for $21 on ebay with shipping and a lot less lead time. Theres much cheaper alternatives out there.
If this was available in raw titanium, similar to the raw brass model I picked up during the last drop, I'd be interested. Raw Ti looks awesome with a media-blasted finish Why does everyone want to anodize over titanium?
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Awesome! That's good enough for me. I'm just tired of seeing Ti covered with something else. Let it's inner beauty shine through! :-)
Tashi Bharucha would agree with you very much.
I'll also say, if the paint job is going to similar to the titanium flashlight Massdrop has offered, it'll scratch off super fast and suck.
Anodization isn't paint, neither is PVD
The comments above outline a number of concerns that make this one a dubious consideration at best, but the six-month wait time is ridiculous and it makes this one an emphatic “no way”.
I'd be way more interested if it wasn't anodized and had a machined finish (or similar to the brass/copper versions). Otherwise, it hardly matches a lot of other common titanium keychain EDC, such as quick releases or Keybar/smartkey.
I like it a lot and was looking forward to it but it’s too expensive especially with it being manufactured in a low cost location. I always happily pay a bit more for products Made in the US. But if a brand uses a low cost location(which is fine and can be good quality too) I expect a lower price point for the consumer. Moreover I have the copper one and i don’t like the fact it doesn’t lock open or close. I’d prefer the pusher on top as well.
I’d be a buyer at 20-29$
For what it's worth for people considering this buy, I've had the brass RUK for a while now on my keychain. It's more of a fun novelty than anything else, as I still find myself using my Spyderco knives a lot. But it's a good backup for really minor work like opening packages if you don't have a knife on ya.
There is no way this costs even a fifth of this price to make in china. Come on. ... I could see $19 but $49? Wasn't the US made TUKK $50?
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All due respect, you two are the only ones taking shots here. "The rest of us" as you put it, aren't here on this current RUK, so nobody knows what you're talking about. I don't like seeing people bashed for no apparent reason, especially with no context. So, take your own advise please, and don't interject your name calling if you don't want to provide some background. Pretty simple really
All due respect, you are the only one who doesn't know what we're talking about; by your metrics, only you. The reason you only see 'us two' responding here is that this thread was already 4 days old by the time you decided to interject and derail the topic itself.
Fuk outta here with your $50 fuggin box cutter
$50 boxcutter with a six month lead time. Why does this not excite me?
You fail to see the uniqueness and astounding utility in this POS? Oops, I mean RUK. There, that's better.
Copper one for the desk at the office.. do I get the Ti one for my entry table at home..

A cerakoted version would be nice for some more color options.
Do you have to disassemble the whole thing to change the blade?
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For me, this is a fundamental design flaw.
For me as well.
I have this on my keychain. Not very pretty but the blade locks. I'm trying to decide whether to try out the RUK... Screwpop Ron's Utility Knife 3.0 Ultra Compact Stainless Steel Pocket Multi-Tool with Keychain and Carabiner Attachment plus Bottle Opener