Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Crew Socks (3-Pack)search
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Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Crew Socks (3-Pack)

Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Crew Socks (3-Pack)

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Great patrol sock! If you are a first responder or anyone that has to wear boots for a living, these socks work great! They are tall enough that 10" high top boots won't rub against your skin, comfortable enough to wear all day, and anti-stink enough to wear multiple days in a row. They also make a great CrossFit sock for the protection of your shins. They soak up the sweat too so your feet still stay dry, even in Texas summer heat.

I have a big foot, size 14, so I ordered the extra large. These socks are tight around my foot and tight around the lower portion of my leg. They are noticeably tighter than say Nike or UA socks of same height. However because of that, you don't ever have to worry about then falling down.

Great sock overall and are the only sock I wear for work.
they strangle my calves, even with the XL. I wear size 11-11.5 shoes and have pretty big legs. Not sure why they don't just make 1/4 cut socks. Less material, less cost, less strangling.
These socks are crazy tight, and they shrink after first wash. The calf area is impossibly tight. Do not buy if you are a man. Massdrop doesn't take returns so I ended up giving the L socks to my petite sister.
I wear US 9 shoes, so I ordered the XL because I heard they were tight, and they're still too tight. They'll do, but be careful when picking sizes.
Very happy with these - perfect thickness and comfortable - would buy again. Sizing was spot on for me with Large.
Had my set turn up today. I wear a size 12 US shoe, so I ordered the XXL ones since that's what the chart said. But damn are they tight. Need around 2 sizes larger. As another has said, I also got the special Merion wool type.
I have 12s as well - and do not like tight socks. I don't see a XXXL size, so I think I'll pass. Thanks for commenting!
I wear a 15 and the XXL fit fine
I must have gotten a limited edition set. This set is made with Merion wool!

Luckily Fitsok’s construction and material is better than their proofreading.
Repeat buy. Great value.
Edit 5-27-18. Go at least one size larger. I'm a men's 7.5 US. I have a set in small; they're TIGHT! Then I got some in medium; they're still tight. Finally, I got some large; they're snug AF. I wash cold and hang dry. It's ridiculous but they're still a good value. Low odor, quite dry wearing, not slippery except on tile, does not irritate skin, makes my breath fresher, my Tacoma gets 0.5% better fuel economy, and my ex-girlfriend still hasn't pestered me! I call that a win!
Thank you for embiggening my knowledge of textiles.
no more oatmeal option?
These are fab, I have been wearing these for a while now through winter and now in our mini heatwave and never twisted or moved whilst in my boot.
Great socks definitely buy agai.
PSA: those who are ordering the grey one, it's not true grey. it's more of a blueish grey. be warned.
I really like these socks.... I bought the tallest ones but wish they were offered just a bit taller...
Ditto I prefer a taller sock as well.
I also needed to order a size up, my first order was mens large and I wound up giving those to my wife and ordered the X-large for myself
Mine arrived a few weeks ago, and I've been satisfied with their function and wear. I'm rotating among the three pairs as I continue to work on my planar fasciitis, and they've really helped me handle my commute.
I got mine last week. not thrilled. The first pair I wore pilled significantly after first wear. I'm hoping they last, but the first wear has me a bit skeptical. I will update the review if my opinion changes.
I own many brands of merino wool socks. I wash them all together and air dry them together. These socks have shrunk down to tiny toddler sized socks and are incredibly tight to wear now. Not a rebuy for me.
There should be no tax on clothing for NJ.
Got my order today, have to say, brand new socks have a bit of pilling on them. Some of the threads seem fatter or have areas which are fatter than others. I've usually seen these in seconds or products usually being sold at places like TJ Maxx etc. The Darn Tough socks, which I also bought, are definitely much better quality. The colors were tired and insipid.

Not sure if I'd buy more of these.