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Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks (2-Pack)

Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks (2-Pack)

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I think that I am going to pass on this drop.

I read most of the reviews, and comments, and it seems that there are definitely sizing issues.

I normally wear a size 13 boot, or shoe, and this would mean I should purchase an XXL according to the sizing chart.

However, based upon what others have recommended, I should purchase a size down, which is an XL, which I normally wear in socks from manufacturers like Wigwam, and Darn Tough.

Bottom LIne... this sounds like a guessing game on the sizing, and many are not happy after they try on the socks.

Second... I read the specifications, and apparently the sock height is only 7" from the heel up the leg.

Again, I took a moment and measured some of my trusty crew hiking socks from Darn Tough, Wigwam, and others, and most of them measure 10" for the crew height, and 11" for a boot height sock.

A 7" height seems more like a hybrid crew, or a quarter crew sock, and again, all of this is based upon the sock height reported by Massdrop.

I normally always wear boots, and long pants, and once in a while short pants, with boots, so I want a sock that fills up the boot space.

If I was wearing sneakers, or low cut hiking shoes, then the height would not be an issue.

FInally, Massdrop states the following:

All orders will be shipped by Massdrop. Estimated ship date is July 23, 2018 PT. Your payment method will be charged 2 hours after purchase. Cancellations are accepted until that time, after which the request will be submitted to vendors to deliver the best delivery time to members, making all sales final.

It sounds like it could be a hassle to return or exchange the socks based upon the language, notwithstanding the vague "Lifetime Warranty."

Bottom Line... My little voice is telling me to pass on these socks.

I noticed that Massdrop has posted a copy of what is described as the Fitsock LIfetime Warranty on the product description page for the Mountain Crew Socks drop.

Following is the language which comprises the Fitsok LIfetime Warranty:

This guarantee covers all Massdrop x Fitsok socks, including the Merino Hiker, Merino Low-Cut, Merino Crew, and Mountain Crew models.

For warranty inquiries, please email or call 877-454-7765.

Please note if the socks you return are not in stock, Fitsok will replace them with the most similar style or color available.

My interpretation and understanding of this warranty is that if the Mountain Crew Socks don't fit properly, shrink, wear out, fray, tear, rip, or are defective, etc., then I can return them to Fitsok for a replacement pair.

There is very little detail, and no mention of who pays for shipping, and there are no disclaimers, or conditions listed, so it seems to be unconditional, like the warranties offered by Darn Tough, Farm to Feet, Icebreaker, Wrightsock, et al.

The language however is definitely not as unambiguous, ironclad, or unconditional as the language found in the Darn Tough, Farm to Feet, Icebreaker, or Wrightsock warranties, which are my preferred socks due to their high quality, reputation, and the warranties.

Some companies like Wigwam have a lifetime warranty, but not unconditional, and it only covers defects in materials, or workmanship, and not normal wear and tear; so basically no warranty, as compared to the other companies I mentioned, which will replace if your socks for any reason like normal wear and tear, or of they just plain wear out, shrink, don't fit, etc.

Wigwam does however make very good socks, unlike Thorlos which last time I checked had only a thirty (30) day warranty, and Thorlo socks have always worn out very quickly in my experience, so needless to say that I will never purchase a Thorlo sock again.!

Anyway, I digress...

So, it has crossed my mind that if I purchase the Fitsok, and they wear out, that Fitsok will deny my claim by stating that there were no defects in materials, or workmanship, and that they don't cover normal wear and tearlike Wigwam.

By the way... I have searched the Fitsok website, and could find nothing there about their warrenty.

Fitsok only has a page that describes their limited time return policy.

Fitsok also does not list the fibre breakdown in all of their socks listed on their website.

Fitsok uses terms like ISW Wool, and Shadow Yarn to describe the fibres used on their socks, but they do not explain what those terms really mean, and again, there is no fibre composition breakdown.

I noticed in this drop that the fibre composition seems to be incorrect, as Massdrop has listed the main fibre as 73% Merino Wool, and Coolmax Polyester, but they do not state or more finitely breakdown the percentage of each fibre separately.

Another Massdrop purchaser has stated as much, when he received the socks, and read the actual Fitsok label.

I have asked him to reply with the fibre percentages listed on the label of the socks that he received.

On paper the socks seem to be a good deal for the price, as the fibre composition seems to be a good combination, especially when combined with the lifetime warranty.
Has the sizing issue been rectified?
I'm a 10. Was ringing about getting medium, one size smaller, but you would think quality control would have been sorted by now.
Buyer beware: these are NOT 73% merino wool as advertised. I received mine a few days ago and they are actually 58% merino wool - marked clearly on the sticker holding the pair together. I contacted Massdrop about this and they didn’t do anything to rectify the discrepancy.
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I no longer have the label. When I received the socks I confirmed through the manufacturer’s site they are indeed 58% wool.
I usually wear a size 11.5“shoes and the large fit really well. Going a size down is recommended (thanks everyone).
I’m quite happy with these socks even if they are 15% less wool than advertised here. They are thick, well made and comfortable. Would buy again.
Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Massdrop advertised that the socks were 73% Merino Wool, and Coolmax Polyester combined.

I guess that I can extrapolate that the Coolmax percentage is 15% by taking the combined total of 73% minus the actual 58% Merino Wool Fibre content.

Of course there is also an infusion of silver, which kills bacteria, and 15% nylon and 10% polypropylene, for added durability, and moisture wicking, and 2% lycra for stretch.

The Coolmax Polyester is well known for its excellent wicking properties, as is the Merino Wool, just not as well as the Coolmax, which is why manufacturers started combining wool with other moisture wicking fibres like Coolmax Polyester, Nylon, Tencel, Lyocell, Rayon, and Bamboo.

Merino wool is thermo regulating, and will still insulate when wet, and is well known for its antibacterial properties, so when combined with the silver, this sock should never exhibit any odor.

Based upon the mix of fibres, this should be a very durable sock, that will remain odor free, while exhibiting excellent breathing and and moisture wicking properties.

Due to the facts that these socks are made with hydrophobic fibres, your feet should stay dry, and you should not experience any blisters.
As others have mentioned, the size of the sock vs. what the chart says has some discrepencies. With that said, I wear anywhere from an 11.5-13 depending on the shoe, but I'm typically a 12. I decided to buy the XL as 12 is the max size it fits and so far I've been really happy with the fit. They are a little snug, but the heel lines up pretty well when the toe is pulled all the way on. I was a little surprised by the lighter mesh on the top of the foot, but they still keep my feet warm and I think the mesh actually helps make them more breathable.

TLDR: Sizes are wacky. If you're in between sizes, size down. I'm a 12 and XL fits well if a little snug. It's a warm comfy sock with a breathable mesh on top of the foot.
Great sock all around except for the fit. They fit WAY large. Take a size or 2 smaller than usuall.
be aware, the black one is actually not true black. take a look:

really wish MD would post realistic photos. they did the same thing with the grey MD x fitsok crew socks too.

I have worn mine throughout the winter. The only issue I have is the sizing , as stated by other members. As an option add 3 " more in height. This would be a incredible boot sock .
Socks seem pretty well made, but I went with the sizing guidelines (I wear a 10.5 shoe) and they fit really large. When I pull them on enough so that there isn't a bunch of excess sock in front of my toes, the heel area is nowhere near my actual heel.
These were horrendous. Won't ever be buying them again. Wish I could leave a review to save others.
I was interested in buying a pair - mind giving some insight into what you disliked about them?
I'm size 11.5 and bought the size listed for me. They were at least 2" too long putting the fitted heel of the sock up my ankle. They had obvious seams that you could feel. The material felt gross, hot, and clammy, nothing like usual Merino blend socks. They were so bad I threw them away, and I never throw stuff out.
I ordered black and these aren't even close to black...
Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks. As of this morning over half of the orders have shipped, and Fitsok has informed us that the remaining socks will ship by Wednesday (March 28).
We apologize for this delay, and the overall lack of communication on this drop. Rest assured we are working with Fitsok to get these socks shipped to you as soon as possible.
The expected ship date for these has come and gone. When can we realistically expect to have the socks shipped?
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Hi! I'm so sorry for the delayed responses from our side. The packing slips are with Fitsok and they have currently fulfilled over half of the orders. I am working with Fitsok and our team to get a more formal update out to everyone asap. But wanted to give you guys an update in the meantime. To be clear, this is not an issue from Fitsok side. This is a Massdrop specific issue. Fitsok have been amazing partners during the production of this sock. :)
Wow, I received an email from Gwen, stating it was a fitsok issue.
Hi Everyone,

We have a quick update on the Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks. The socks are currently going through quality control checks and will soon be prepped for shipment. We are on track to meet our estimated ship date of November 16.

We're looking forward to everyone receiving the mountain crew socks!