Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks (2-Pack)search
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Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks (2-Pack)

Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks (2-Pack)

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Has the sizing issue been rectified?
I'm a 10. Was ringing about getting medium, one size smaller, but you would think quality control would have been sorted by now.
Buyer beware: these are NOT 73% merino wool as advertised. I received mine a few days ago and they are actually 58% merino wool - marked clearly on the sticker holding the pair together. I contacted Massdrop about this and they didn’t do anything to rectify the discrepancy.
As others have mentioned, the size of the sock vs. what the chart says has some discrepencies. With that said, I wear anywhere from an 11.5-13 depending on the shoe, but I'm typically a 12. I decided to buy the XL as 12 is the max size it fits and so far I've been really happy with the fit. They are a little snug, but the heel lines up pretty well when the toe is pulled all the way on. I was a little surprised by the lighter mesh on the top of the foot, but they still keep my feet warm and I think the mesh actually helps make them more breathable.

TLDR: Sizes are wacky. If you're in between sizes, size down. I'm a 12 and XL fits well if a little snug. It's a warm comfy sock with a breathable mesh on top of the foot.
Great sock all around except for the fit. They fit WAY large. Take a size or 2 smaller than usuall.
be aware, the black one is actually not true black. take a look:

really wish MD would post realistic photos. they did the same thing with the grey MD x fitsok crew socks too.

I have worn mine throughout the winter. The only issue I have is the sizing , as stated by other members. As an option add 3 " more in height. This would be a incredible boot sock .
Socks seem pretty well made, but I went with the sizing guidelines (I wear a 10.5 shoe) and they fit really large. When I pull them on enough so that there isn't a bunch of excess sock in front of my toes, the heel area is nowhere near my actual heel.
These were horrendous. Won't ever be buying them again. Wish I could leave a review to save others.
I was interested in buying a pair - mind giving some insight into what you disliked about them?
I'm size 11.5 and bought the size listed for me. They were at least 2" too long putting the fitted heel of the sock up my ankle. They had obvious seams that you could feel. The material felt gross, hot, and clammy, nothing like usual Merino blend socks. They were so bad I threw them away, and I never throw stuff out.
I ordered black and these aren't even close to black...
Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks. As of this morning over half of the orders have shipped, and Fitsok has informed us that the remaining socks will ship by Wednesday (March 28).
We apologize for this delay, and the overall lack of communication on this drop. Rest assured we are working with Fitsok to get these socks shipped to you as soon as possible.
The expected ship date for these has come and gone. When can we realistically expect to have the socks shipped?
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Hi! I'm so sorry for the delayed responses from our side. The packing slips are with Fitsok and they have currently fulfilled over half of the orders. I am working with Fitsok and our team to get a more formal update out to everyone asap. But wanted to give you guys an update in the meantime. To be clear, this is not an issue from Fitsok side. This is a Massdrop specific issue. Fitsok have been amazing partners during the production of this sock. :)
Wow, I received an email from Gwen, stating it was a fitsok issue.
Hi Everyone,

We have a quick update on the Massdrop x Fitsok Mountain Crew Socks. The socks are currently going through quality control checks and will soon be prepped for shipment. We are on track to meet our estimated ship date of November 16.

We're looking forward to everyone receiving the mountain crew socks!
is this sale of 2 pairs?
no idea whats a 2 pack
Yep, 2 pairs of socks (or, 4 socks total).
are these more expensive than the regular fitsok crew socks bc of higher merino % and the presence of silver?
Wondering if these are still running large. Bought back in Sept.; followed size chart recommendation, which was XXL for a US13. Did not shrink much with laundering--sock way too long for comfortable fit in boots. Relegated to winter sleeping/lounging socks, which is fine but I would like to have a pair of these for boot socks. So...still hugely oversized? Or has fit been adjusted since then?
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Yes these are still running large.
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