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Is there any way to get the different cups if you have the TH-x00's? Or maybe the emu-teak cups?
Only E-Mu sells cup separately. With TH-X00 you'd have to buy all 3 headphones to try the different cups.

That being said I heard the E-Mu Ebony wood type is also different than the Fostex Ebony wood type. Though all the research all points towards Fostex TH-X00 Ebony sounding the best. Beyond that some like E-Mu Teak better and I personally like TH-X00 better.

Effective if you have the money buy TH-X00 Ebony, if you can't afford to drop that much then just buy E-Mu Ebony cup and be happy with it.
I'm in France : Do you ship to France ? what is the shipping cost ? Do i have to pay taxes ?
Best regards.
You can click on join and the next menu will show you shipping cost and things before you commit. Impost tax is hit and miss but always expect the worst, I paid about 30% customs fee for Canada.
Hi, I'm in Portugal and just received my headphones, so yes, they do ship to Europe. But import tax is ridiculous. Expect VAT + surcharge on top of final price.
Currently using a pair of M50Xs (replaced the earpads to shure's SRH940 and added the headband pad for a HD800 to increase comfort, sadly still get a little bit of clamping pain because of the size of the earpads) and HD598s with HM5s.
Have the E10K Olympus 2 DAC/AMP and I'm really tempted to buy these because I really want an upgrade and I was wondering if it's good enough or I should upgrade that too? If so, are there any suggestions?
I have a pair of M50x and the purplehearts, the M50x is good, but the TH-X00 are the best headphones I own.

Amazing sounds quality for the price, beautiful design, and they're super comfy. I ended up adding on a pair of Alpha Pads and they're even better. I did have to create a plastic cutout to put under the pads and keep the bass punchy, the original pads have a built in oval plastic piece that focuses the audio. I ended up tracing them onto some old gift cards and cut out the hole. After shoving them under the new Alpha pads, I'm happy to report the sound quality is still amazing, and now my head feels like it's resting between two pillows (sounds weird, but it's amazing).

As someone who's newer to the audiophile experience, these completely blew me away. Listening to some high quality Flac files really shines. I highly recommend these headphones, and I've had them for about 2 years now.

The only downside I've had is managing the extremely long non-detachable cable, and the cable itself has a twist in the Y that connects to headphones that I can't untwist (seems like a bit of a quality oversight). There are mods to fix this, but I don't want to risk damaging the headphones. Fortunately, twist-ties work well for managing the extra 4' of cable I don't need to use.
OK, got my Ebony pair!

I have four questions for existing users...

1. Build - literally there is no clamping force; I am used to having headphones squeeze me a bit more, and I am worried about getting a solid seal (I am not saying that I am getting a bad seal, but that this is different than I am used to). Is this normal?

2. Build - there is a blemish on the right earcup. Looks like the earcup was dented (or imperfect to start with, and the stain/lacquer applied over the imperfection). Is this normal since wood is a natural product?

3. Sibilance... so I am somewhat sensitive to this, and I find sibilance in the mids/higher mids. I have tinnitus (a lasting gift from a run-in with meningitis) which may make it worse for me. I have read that others have noticed this sibilance as well. Are there any mods just to tame the sibilance?

4. Vocals... I also find some graininess, particularly noticeable in vocals... Music is flac format from Tidal. Note - no burnin yet, raw impressions. Am I the only one (maybe I have a bad pair),or is this addressed by burnin? Any mods to address this if it is a real and permanent problem?

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seems like you should sell these and get another pair of headphones. These arnt for you, and thats ok.
These are going to be good for me - after quite a few days of burnin they are starting to mellow quite a bit.

Now if only my new DT1990 cans will also mellow out after burn I will be thrilled!
I bought the Fostex TH-X00 Ebony Headphones exactly 1 year ago for $499.99. They just broke today. The rivet holding the right earcup snapped off. The right earcup is no longer attached to the headband. The rivet that broke is the one in the middle of the c-shaped bracket - which is the part that attaches to the headband. Anyone know where I can get these fixed?
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Yeah dude, Massdrop rocks.
Why would anyone buy these here? A little Googling and I found them cheaper or the same price. These are definitely not discounted
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Look at this on eBay -

If you want to use 3.5mm plug then you cannot avoid physicakly modding(cutting out some parts of internals to make sufficient space for the jacks). As a result, it is irreversible.

If you want to perform without making physical modification, this is the only jack you can use.

If you think this mmcx jack is weak, it is not!
Just make sure you tighten the nut properly and you will be alright.

The only thing that you will actually use physical force and actual mod is the pin on the mmcx jack.
I had to bend it a little towards inside as you can see in the photo.
I could have cut it short too but you decide.
Can someone recommend a snap on headband cushion for these? Thanks
ermahgerd >> recommend
I got Ebony recently beacuse I want the best bass headphone, I have bose QC25 and sony XB950BT, also I use Fiio x3 iii player and Fiio A3 amp, when compare bass between them I feel there is no big difference. they all sound good and close sometime I feel sony is better.
Did I miss something? or they are really close bass
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This is a bit late, but honestly, I wouldn't worry about an amp for these. Yes, they probably do scale up a bit, but they're extremely easy to drive, and everything I've used my th600 on sounds loud and clear.

You may just not appreciate the type of bass they put out which is: Really tight and fast with very little bloom for a dynamic, as well as very textured and deep bass. It may even sound somewhat bass-light on some genres as it has loads of kick but little bloom. Nothing wrong with preferring other types of bass.
May I ask, what type of music do you listen to?
well, I listen mainly to nu metal and trance, but I like other genre . except old records like 70s, 60s
what i want to say earlier, really is this the best bass headphone ever!!
compared to my 80$ sony headphone, there is no real, big difference in bass quality.
so I thought, may be something is missed here.
i am so disappointed

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