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Massdrop x Gavko Thresher Titanium Frame Lock Knife

Massdrop x Gavko Thresher Titanium Frame Lock Knife

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We got in touch with Michal Gavac, the solo designer and maker behind Gavko knives, through Chris and Elliot Williamson, a.k.a. Ferrum Forge Knife Works, who collaborated on the “Spinner” model, which Nick Shabazz called his “favorite FFKW knife.” Michal’s developed a strong following in the knife community for his unique designs and some wild blade grinds.

We discussed possible projects and decided the best thing we could do for the community would be to offer a production version of a popular existing Gavko model. This design has previously been known as the “Thrasher” or “Trasher” on his custom handmade versions that normally sell for $1000 to $1500. It’s been offered in a variety of blade profiles, but usually with a flipper tab opening mechanism. While this opening style is obviously popular, we felt the protruding tab detracted a bit from the smooth, sharky lines of the profile when open or closed. With the right geometry and a bit of practice, thumb studs can offer the same kind of snappy action as a flipper tab.

Once we settled on thumb studs, we looked at the design and used them to carry the shark theme a bit further here by making them slightly oversized and using PVD coating so they resemble a shark's eyes.

Aside from the awesome design, we’re stoked about a few particular elements of this knife that are first-time features for any Massdrop knife collab:

* Scales milled on both sides of the handle
* Left-handed versions with fully reversed lockbar and pocket clip (+ $10)
* New Aqua color, which is modeled after Michal’s coloration on handmade versions
* Color-matched titanium hardware for a framelock knife

A few notes on the drop before we get started...

* Only the first production run will be serialized. The run is limited to 1200 pieces.
* Our Estimated Ship Date is December 14th, 2018

We're glad to be working with Michal and launching another collab with one of the community's favorite makers!

Carry On! -- Jonas
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I’m so glad that you guys decided to make this without a flipper. I personally prefer thumbstuds. Great work 🤙!
I agree 100% as I've said before I know people always complain about the Massdrop logo. However this case is extremely>BAD<The Massdrop logo Kinda stands out on this knife like the word bad does in this post. 😯😰😨😲 Like many other's have stated I understand it's your product and you have every right to advertise it as such. I'm just hoping you can re consider the area and style in which you do so. P.S. Regardless your going to sell a ton of these as you well know. To be perfectly honest I've already ordered one myself just prior to this post. Pelagic in Aqua-(Blue-Green) of course. That's the stand out of the bunch IMHO. lol Anyways I guess I'm just hoping someone at the top might consider all the pushback there getting on this Logo situation Thanks. Trevor
Hi folks, Mike here.
Just want to drop in and say that i had the 3 prototypes here for few days now and im super happy with how they turned out. They are impressive knives if i can say so myself...
Everything from the fit and finish, action, grind, construction... Really well executed.
Im very excited that people can finally get much more affordable than my custom pieces or even midtech runs I had in the past, but still very high quality knife designed by me.
I hope You all are too and I hope You'll enjoy them as much as im enjoying these 3 i have here...
Thank You all!
Best regards,
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I'm very glad to see your name up here on massdrop! I followed your knives and journey on YouTube from when you only made fixed blades, and I have always been a fan of the balance between function and flash of your work. Happy for you man. I hope you continue succeeding!
Well I have to say this is a first for me. I actually get to respond to my own question lol. I got to ask Mike if he would be making any smaller models with Massdrop in the future in a post after his YouTube video about this knife Tuesday. He told me if all goes well yes he would like to do other models with Massdrop and he also said he's thinking of somthing with a blade size of around 3.25"
The first one isn't even built yet and I'm already pumped for the second. 😆
I made my purchase but the only thing that had me on the fence was the logo placement. I don't like Billboard knives. I think a lot of people would agree . Even other companies are getting the hint and finding ways to make logos more subtle.
I'm extremely happy to be able to get a knife of this quality at this price point, I wouldn't own one otherwise! I can't wait for it to get here!!!
All I can say is i can't wait is going to be along wait
Little bit expensive.
I joined this drop on July 10th, just checked back and it’s saying “join the drop” I don’t see anywhere that says I joined. My PayPal reflects my committed payment, which at that time was $199.99. What’s the deal????!
i think that just default button thats available on the page. if you go to your accounts transactions you should have it there as well. i think it just gives the join button again in case you want to order more again.
Thanks! 🖖
***I never write anything sort but this one is particularly egregiously long. Dont read it if you dont want to, it's a post for myself as much as anyone; sometimes by detailing a conundrum out loud or in writing, one finds the answer was actually clear the whole time, the arguments just needed to be voiced to really perceive their relative merits. That, uh, did not really happen here. I'm just as stuck, so if you do read this before tomorrow, feel free to chime in with your two cents.***

The color/style options for this knife are just the matter-of-opinion, multiple variable, no-right-answer sorts of choices that short out my processors like I'm a self-aware punchcard computer arguing with Bill Shatner.

As a rule, I like knives with color and interesting texture, which would argue for the aqua pelagic, esp since its the same +$20 as the big eye, but weighs less and looks better. I think so anyhow, and judging by the comments I'm not alone.

Also, I usually prefer a satin to a stonewashed finish blade, so it seems like a no-brainer, but...

...taken as a whole, the grey models look really good, and I think I like the plain version best of all, esp considering it's cheaper. Except...

...if the backspacer has that same texturing on all three versions, which I think it does, wouldn't it really look better to get the grey big eye--then the handles and backspacer would all have similar texture, preserving the monochromatic, homogeneous style that is the whole point of the grey. So it seems that there are really only two top-tier options, however...

...knife pics often lie. I dont quite understand what the trouble is, but very frequently I find the pics posted of a knife by the entity selling it, whom youd think would be motivated to display the knife as favorably as possible, fail to capture something fundamental and/or cool about a particular knife. Sometimes it's just colors: for example, I recently picked up an exclusive kwaiken with micarta scales and brass bolsters. It looked kind of off-kilter and homely in the pics, but the actual knife is BEAUTIFUL. Literally a work of art, and the colors compliment each other perfectly. So maybe with the Thresher here, the brass colored version is actually the most attractive. I'd bet it looks the most high-end, custom-like of the three color options, even if the pics dont show it. Plus, I like getting the knife no one else has (or far fewer have; I'm sure some ppl like the brass color right off). But if we're going for "sophisticated", the question of which model presents the same problem as with the grey versions. So if a case can be made for all three colors...

...maybe my first instinct is right? But that seems to be the instinct of everyone else, which is both a point for and against it...and this is my mental hell. Around and around for days on this question, like its life or death, but the very fact it's not is partly the problem. The more difficult and impactful q decision the easier I find it is to make. Its the easy ones I cant do, like picking out a tie or an entree off a menu. Girls who are into astrology always guess my sign the first time we are in restaurant together because when they ask me, "so what do you think you're going to order?" they get a dissertation like the proceeding. Which isnt the worst thing in the world, because the window into my psyche will either horrify them or fascinate them. And either way, I no longer need worry that I'm being sufficiently charming, and I focus on the truly difficult issues, like dessert.
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thank You very much!
I aim to entertain, despite spotty Internet connection, which leaves me replying to comments much too tardily.

But I wanted to say thank you again for ordering a Thresher like the rest of us to check out the "through-process", as we used to say in a previous life as a corporate drone [shudder].

W/o pointing any fingers or making unfair comparisons, it was very discouraging to receive a past Massdrop collaboration piece that had a feature...hmmm, how to put it?...the feature's design was solid, but the execution had clearly been done w/ the goal of keeping costs down at the expense of function. And indeed, the feature in question turned out to be a problem for many who ordered the knife. What was disheartening was that it was SO obvious--everybody saw the problem, even I saw it, and I dont know nothin' about nothin' so far as design, materials science, metallurgy, etc., goes. So surely the very talented designer would have seen the problem too...unless no attention was being paid to the project at that point by the designer. Either that, or it was a conscious decision to allow the manufacturer to cheap out, and either way, felt like the designer had no investment (and therefore no connection) to the finished product that I ultimately received.
So thank you again for keeping an eye on the [sigh] "through-process", and finished product.

Also: I'm sure you've seen the knife, at least pics, that Mr. Ochs designed for a new Massdrop collaboration, correct? To be made by Reate--they do great work. I myself would not compare apples to oranges; however, one could interpret Mr. Ochs' design as a sort of challenge, if one looked at it that way. I dont know if a challenge was his intent, but he DID look rather self-satisfied in the pic, as if to say, "my design is the best of any produced for Massdrop, and no one will ever surpass it".

That's a highly subjective opinion, of course, and like I said, comparing such disparate knives is as futile as comparing disparate frui. might be an enjoyable exercise to demonstrate to Mr. Ochs that he is gravely mistaken by working with Massdrop on another piece, something even more functional, finely made, perfectly designed and all around cooler than Mr. Ochs "Orca" with its MokuTi clip and satin finished, RWL-34 steel blade. No doubt you're busy with a million projects--and a new baby, I believe I read? Congratulations! May he or she be healthy and happy, and prefer to sleep through the night from the day s/he is born! Andd it's no good getting overworked, but if you have a min in the next few months, you might consider working with MD again. W/ Ferrum Forge gone off launching their own line of production knives SOMEONE will have a chance to fill the void...and babies are expensive...
I'm amazed this drop hasn't maxed out the 1200-unit limit. Perhaps the price point is just a bit too much for some?
the blade tip looks like it could be a weak point. Should I be worried about it snapping at some point? I use my knives daily. This will not be a safe queen. I can’t imagine that the tip will be be easy to keep from being damaged with any sort of moderate use. Can anyone ease my concerns?
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Thank you Mike for the reply. Sounds like my concerns are unfounded. I will be placing my left handed order this evening. Thank you!
thank You very much! i really appreciate that