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Massdrop x Hasbro Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x Hasbro Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard

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Hi everyone, We’re back with another update for the Massdrop x Hasbro Mechanical Keyboard. Following up from our last update, we’ve gotten final approval from both the designers and Hasbro to proceed forward. However, due to damage caused by last month's Typhoon Mangkhut in Southern China, some parts of the order had to be remade before shipping to our warehouse and we’re now expecting for shipping to begin in mid-October. We apologize for this delay, and we know it is extremely disappointing for everyone involved. As a thank you for your patience, we’ve added a $10 credit to your account, which will be automatically applied to the next drop you join. If you don’t want to wait the additional time, you can cancel your order via the transactions page: Thanks so much for your patience. We’ll be back with another update as soon as the keyboards arrive at our warehouse.
How long does it take Massdrop support to reply to a ticket. 36 hours ago, I reported a missing tab key from the scrabble set and still no acknowledgement they receivied my complaint. Does any one have a spare tab key?
Support has contacted me. Thanks
It seems the legends are much thicker on the real caps than on the renders. What happened? The Light Weight font in the renders is what made it look so nice. Its just bloated now with the heavier font.
Woot! Just got mine today. I'd almost forgotten about it (March order).
Hi everyone, We have an update on the status of the Massdrop x Hasbro Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard. The keyboards are currently awaiting final approval from the designers, after which they’ll be shipped to our warehouse and undergo quality control checks before going out to members. Unfortunately, that means we’ll be unable to meet our estimated ship date and now expect shipping to occur in late September. We apologize for this delay and we’re working with the team to get the keyboards shipped as soon as possible. If you don’t want to wait the additional time for them, you can cancel your order via the transactions page:
Thanks so much for your patience. We’ll be back in the next few weeks with another update.
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Hi, just wandering if we could be updated as it is the end of September.
I also haven't received my keyboard yet. When do we expect this to ship?
Hi everyone,
We’re checking in to let you know the Massdrop x Hasbro XDA Scrabble Mechanical Keyboard is making its way through production!
Cassidy has confirmed the plastic colors for the different keycaps and we're now working on finalizing the production legends. Check out the photo below for a preview of the project in progress.
We’re on track to meet our estimated ship date of September 4, and we’ll update everyone in late August with the status of the shipment.

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Never mind. I found the thread for scrabble keycaps massdrop and my concern is addressed there.
Hi, just wandering if we could be updated as it is the end of September.
Hi, I need to change my shipping address for this drop, who should I contact?
Hey guys and gals!! This is a really exciting drop as it is one of the very first drops in mech keys to have a partnership of this caliber involved in the drop! I expect we may see a decent number of new faces around here, which I’m also really stoked about! I wanted to give out a little basic info here just for any newcomers that have been drawn to this set. This drop, which includes the custom keycaps and a keyboard, is perfect for anyone that doesn't already have a mechanical keyboard and wants a quality keyboard & these epic custom caps right out of the gate.
If you don't know me, I'm Andy aka livingspeedbump (long story) aka LSB. I've run for years and been actively designing and creating within the mech keys community for years. My first set, Jukebox SA, was the very first SA keycap set to ever run on Massdrop, and recently my GMK Honeywell set won Keycap Set of the Year in the 2017 Deskthority awards. I've also helped design keyboards, like the UNIQEY C70 that recently sold on Massdrop.
One of my favorite parts of this community is watching is grow, and helping out new folks along the way. I know this can be a very intimidating hobby to get into with all the new lingo, available options, customization, mods, etc. My contact info is at the end of this post, so if you are new and have questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me! KEYCAPS Keycaps are just that - the plastic pieces that cover your keyboard. Keycaps themselves are generally interchangeable across keyboards (so long as they have the same, plus-sign stem known as a “Cherry Stem”). They’re easy to put on and take-off of a keyboard. Custom keycap sets are a staple of the mech keys community, and are far more than just a visual overhaul. They often provide an entirely new typing experience to a keyboard. The Scrabble keycaps are high quality PBT with dye sub legends. These legends will never wear off!

KEYBOARD The WASD keyboard included in this bundle is a very high quality tenkeyless board (no numpad). I have a comprehensive review on the fullsize, but otherwise identical WASD V2 here:
WASD makes some of the finest production boards on the market. I love the understated design and exceptional build quality!
INSTALLATION You may be wondering how you install the caps on your keyboard, and how difficult the process may be. Fear not, it’s VERY easy!

In this case, because you’re getting a separate keyboard and keycaps, you’ll simply have to place the keycap over the proper key, press down, and boom - keycap attached! The larger keys like the spacebar and enter keys can take a little more fidgeting, but they’re just as easy to put on. The only additional thing you’ll need to know for them is that there are additional stabilizers that you’ll need to attach to line-up with the keycap when you put it on. Hopefully this was of some help for everyone! Again, if you have ANY questions at all please don’t hesitate to reply to me here or send me a message to me at Reddit, GeekHack, or Deskthority (my username is livingspeedbump there as well.)

For those that want to dive into the hobby a bit more, here are a few more resources I've written to help you find your way even deeper down the rabbit hole:
Mech Keys 101: Layouts Explained: Happy Scrabbling! -LSB
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Well I see they changed the keyboard to a WASD V2 in the included section now. Glad I didn't order thinking it was going to be the CODE, like it used to state.
Hi, just wandering if we could be updated as it is the end of September.
I totally goofed on signing up for this drop. If anyone is not in lover with theirs, I would happily buy it off you. Pretty please!
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true, but its probably the least i would sell it for. try r/mechmarket when it starts getting shipped
While this drop is manufactured is there any way we can select a UK ISO layout? Thanks :)
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WASD sells a UK version. Buying one of those would be best.
@cassidoodledoo said it is not likely these keycaps will drop again - see her comment
oh right, well thanks for finding that
This shows my understanding of all the keycaps that are included.
Information from here -
not even a reply,, haha good bye
You're asking them to do something illegal. Haha, good bye.
I noticed that there are two pictures of the keyboard in description.
First keyboard has "ESC" and "Enter". Second keyboard has a star icon and "Scrabble" respectively.
Which will I get with my purchase here?
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This is correct!
I didn't know about the second set of F & J keycaps. One pair is regular, the other pair is homing dished. I updated the picture to show this. Using the regular pair, you can rearrange the alpha layout from QWERTY to various alternatives (Dvorak, Colemak, etc.).
can you declare low invoice when shipping?
I didn't notice the change in keyboard until now. Good catch by those paying attention. Unfortunately, my original plan was to buy it with the keyboard. The bad news that the keycaps only drop closed already. The good news is that I hold on to the $160-200 I would have spent. Unless the keycaps only drop reopens, that would change things for me.
I hate to be that guy, but is the ship date actually in September? or is that just a placeholder
It's a generous date to cushion for inevitable manufacturing craziness! Could potentially be earlier, if things go perfectly, but you know how these things are. :)
It is due to the time needed to manufacture, receive, and install the keycaps - I assume they will be installed. Either way, the keycap-only estimated delivery date is 8/30 so September for these keyboards makes sense.
Kinda crappy of you guys to change the description and included items in the middle of a drop. I would be pissed if I was one of the people that joined expecting to get the CODE keyboard with LED backlighting.
For those that don't know this drop used to say it was for the CODE keyboard with backlighting. Now it is for the WASD V2 which has no backlighting and caps that can be customized for the same price as this on the WASD website.
I would buy it if there is a full-size available.
n00b question: With the keys that come with this keyboard, can I switch them around to a Dvorak keyboard setting?
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Are there two pairs of F and J keycaps - one homing dished and one regular?
Does the WASD keyboard come with its standard black ABS keycaps and the scrabble keycaps are not attached? Or does the keyboard come with just the scrabble caps attached? I’m confused because the post above explains how to swap keycaps.
It comes with the Scrabble keycaps!
If I got a fullsize keeb down the road, I would just need to add the numpad keys for $17.99+$9.99 s&h = $27.98 +$159.99 = $187.97 It would be nice if there was an option to add numpad keys with this drop, to save $10 bucks on shipping.
too bad it's only browns
Browns are the best choice, IMO, for someone that has never had a mechanical keyboard before, so the decision makes sense. If you wanted something else you could get the set and stick it on whatever you want :)
160 bargain on a keyboard that has no numpad, at most this should cost 150 full price, but seeing as this is massdrop it should be at most 120-30
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Loyal Scrabble fan. I developed and this fits perfectly into my collection of Scrabble stuff. I will probably get 2.
Cool project!
There is something about this set this is just a bit off.
Is there an alternate Command Key for Mac users? Can you confirm that I can just swap the ALT and WORD caps? Do I have to mess around with the keyboard settings in OSX or will the Control, alt/option, and Command keys be mapped correctly out the box?
Yup! You can just swap the ALT and WORD keycaps on this board - they're the same size.
I don't think it will come out of the box working the way you'd want with mac, but you can either configure that on your computer to map ctrl/alt/option how you want, or (if you're brave / experienced) you can mess with the firmware and program the keyboard itself! There's definitely a bunch of people on Massdrop who can help you with that if you're interested.
Yeah, you can switch the caps around easily! Also the WASD V2 has a "Mac Mode" that you can activate with the DIP switches on the back. To activate Mac Mode you will just flip DIP Switch #1 up to the On position, and make sure Switch #2 is Off! This essentially swaps the Command and Option keys around to make them where you would expect on a Mac keyboard! Just make sure you flip the switches when the keyboard isnt plugged in, or simply unplug/replug the keyboard after doing it. I personally love DIP switches for their ease of use, you don't have to worry about programming or flashing firmware to the keybaord to get the layout you want!
This ships $5 cheaper than the caps-only for me (SG)!?! Man, makes me think whether I need another WASD.
I think it's pretty good value, the caps provided in this drop are the Base Alphas, Modifiers and Novelty sets, which add up to about US$100+. Keyboard is another US$70. Seems like a pretty good deal.
Yeah, totally agree. If only I don’t have a WASD already. Also, want those specialties and spacebars. 😁
Can we have a full size keyboard option, pretty please?
If you look elsewhere on Massdrop, they have a barebones WASD board sale, so you could get the fullsize and the caps separately!
"features Cherry MX Brown switches, which create a satisfying tactile bump with each keypress"
will there be an option for the white case for the WASD Keyboard?
WASD boards, much like the Ford Model T, come in any color you want as long as it's black.