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Hello friends, welcome to our latest Massdrop collaboration announcement!
From our first conversation with Fang, we wanted to work on an accessible priced, open back, planar driver headphone, based on the HE-400 line (HE-4, HE-400, HE-400i, HE-400S, etc). Initially, the conversation wasn’t going anywhere, but following the success of the HE-350 and RE-00, we started to make progress. In the year since those launches, we’ve worked closely with the team at HIFIMAN to develop the 4XX, based on the related Massdrop community activity.
Here are some of the parts I’m most excited about:
HIFIMAN Planar Drivers - This is the tech that put HIFIMAN on the map. When reviewing planar magnetic headphones, most people talk about the speed of the driver and the low frequency “slam”. Speed (as a subjective term) generally creates a greater sense of realism; after you reach the point of diminishing returns on resolution, speed is (imo) going to have a huge impact on your experience. Through our collaboration, this technology is available at an all time low cost of $169.99.
Focus-A Earpads - Earpads have a massive impact on the sound, and an even bigger impact on the comfort of the headphone. Unfortunately, we often have to compromise here, choosing a less comfortable earpad because it results in better acoustic performance. Focus-A pads are universally regarded as incredibly comfortable. Soft velour is the only material that contacts your skin, and the foam inside is soft to match.
New Headband + Colorway - Where HiFiMAN’s original headband design had some structural challenges (heavy materials, small contact points), they had a stylistic elegance few would debate (unless you’re a Float fan, then you get to complain). In working on this collaboration, we were able to bring back the original headband structure, while solving the construction problems cited in Massdrop discussions. The colorway is new as well, featuring midnight blue earcups with black accents throughout.
Thanks for your interest and feel free to respond here with questions. That said, if the answer to your question is clearly stated in the description, I will apply a 10 day shipping delay to your next Massdrop order (jk but please read, our team spends tons of time making the descriptions as useful as possible).

This has been a great project and we’re excited to finally make the announcement : )
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Each individual are tune differently, listening perferanceare you have try the one to your liking.
Yes, us$15.
Hey Everyone,
Thank you all for making the HE-4XX a huge success! It’s been great to see comments and reviews of the headphones start to come in as people receive them. The remainder of 4XX orders are on the way to all purchasers.
And the reviews have been great so far! A few select quotes from members in the discussion below:
“Probably the best product I’ve bought on Massdrop. These headphones are absolute heaven. “ @Sense

“The highs are high the lows are low, the sound is sparkling and crisp. Well rounded notes like a fine wine. For the money, you can't get any better!” @fisherman58

“Wow.... Just got mine a moment ago, plugged it into my Note 8, and they literally blew me away.” @Zaren
Knowing that all of the original drop headphones have been delivered or are on their way, we have another exciting update for anyone who missed out on the previous round.
We’re pleased to announce the 4XX is dropping again starting today! These units are from a different production batch, but HiFiMAN was able to deliver them ahead of schedule. After shipping out our units to members in the original drop, our team was able to finish QC of the new batch and is ready for them to be added to our ‘Massdrop Made’ collection as an in-stock drop with 1,900 units available.
Thank you all for being a part of this drop. We’re excited to be able to have even more members get their hands on a HE-4XX.
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WongWay PraiseTheKek I'm very glad I was wrong!
Bought a Goldring 1006 cartridge for my thorens TD 160. Significant upgrade from my aged ortofon cartridg. Huge improvement. Great investment.
I would like to know if HIFIMAN or anybody else makes a cable longer and balanced into a 4 pin connection on a headphone amp I have.
any chance they will have left overs after the first ship date that people can quickly pick up?
Received my pair yesterday, I've been testing and comparing to my beloved HD6XX and... I'm impressed! This headphones are gorgeous and have the WOW factor I missed on the Sennheisers. Detailed, airy & bright sound, with enought bass and sub-bass to enjoy even hip-hop or EDM (not like the HD6XX), good soundstage, excellent texture, fast response... Really great, specially given the price tag, well done Massdrop!

My only complaint is the build quality: they look solid and well finished, but one of the right earcup screws popped off after a few minutes and now it won't stay in, even after pushing it for a while. I'm attaching some pictures so you can see what I'm talking about. Has anyone dealt with the same problem? I'm considering putting some glue on, but I don't know which one should I use, don't wanna lock the pivot movement so I have to be careful. I also contacted support, but they said the don't know how to fix this, and the only thing the offer me is a replacement or return, but I'd like to keep my pair because they sound great. Suggestions?

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I would personally not use crazy glue since its somewhat brittle when dried.Use epoxy resin it has a slight flex to it but has the adhesive strength of CG.
They offered me a replacement or refund, but since my pair sound perfectly fine and I really like them, I'll keep them and get a partial refund. Massdrop aftersales were very nice, I can't complain tbh, my only concern is with the poor QC (either Massdrop or Hifiman made too many cuts here).
When are we getting this back :(
can i change with he400s' headband?
How forward is the female vocal on these? It looks like there is a dip at 2k hz would it make female vocal sound far/quiet?

Also bass start to drop around 70 hz would it be noticeable?

In my opinion vocals are fairly recessed on these. It's not bad when you're listening at high volumes though. To me the recess in the vocals makes the sound stage seem much larger because they do seem so distant. They are still clear at higher volumes, but distant

I don't notice any bass reduction until 30Hz or so but I'll be damned if they didn't change the frequency response curves since I jumped in on the original drop. The one they have posted now is more similar to the HE 400S whereas the original was more similar to the HE400I.

HE4XX original from innerfidelity:

HE400I for comparison:

HE400S for comparison:
LOL hopefully they didn't do a switcheroo on this.

But mannnnnnnn that I might be a deal breaker for me, I have the habit to adjust volume based on vocal volume and on headphones that have recessed vocal I tend to blow my ear drums out without realizing it lol.
Finally received my headphones and they are defective - left channel cuts out when you move your head.
Did you make sure the cables are plugged in in the right direction? Sounds silly but the L / R symbols should be facing outwards.
No, and to be brutally honest that makes no sense. On the bright side, I received my replacement pair and so far they are working fine.
It sounds great, but had to pay about 30% more to get them into Canada. :l