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Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Planar Magnetic Headphones

Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Hello friends, welcome to our latest Massdrop collaboration announcement!
From our first conversation with Fang, we wanted to work on an accessible priced, open back, planar driver headphone, based on the HE-400 line (HE-4, HE-400, HE-400i, HE-400S, etc). Initially, the conversation wasn’t going anywhere, but following the success of the HE-350 and RE-00, we started to make progress. In the year since those launches, we’ve worked closely with the team at HIFIMAN to develop the 4XX, based on the related Massdrop community activity.
Here are some of the parts I’m most excited about:
HIFIMAN Planar Drivers - This is the tech that put HIFIMAN on the map. When reviewing planar magnetic headphones, most people talk about the speed of the driver and the low frequency “slam”. Speed (as a subjective term) generally creates a greater sense of realism; after you reach the point of diminishing returns on resolution, speed is (imo) going to have a huge impact on your experience. Through our collaboration, this technology is available at an all time low cost of $169.99.
Focus-A Earpads - Earpads have a massive impact on the sound, and an even bigger impact on the comfort of the headphone. Unfortunately, we often have to compromise here, choosing a less comfortable earpad because it results in better acoustic performance. Focus-A pads are universally regarded as incredibly comfortable. Soft velour is the only material that contacts your skin, and the foam inside is soft to match.
New Headband + Colorway - Where HiFiMAN’s original headband design had some structural challenges (heavy materials, small contact points), they had a stylistic elegance few would debate (unless you’re a Float fan, then you get to complain). In working on this collaboration, we were able to bring back the original headband structure, while solving the construction problems cited in Massdrop discussions. The colorway is new as well, featuring midnight blue earcups with black accents throughout.
Thanks for your interest and feel free to respond here with questions. That said, if the answer to your question is clearly stated in the description, I will apply a 10 day shipping delay to your next Massdrop order (jk but please read, our team spends tons of time making the descriptions as useful as possible).

This has been a great project and we’re excited to finally make the announcement : )
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It's Hifiman, not Massdrop. They are more and more becoming known for their poor QC. I'm guessing you've got a bad solder joint, but if you start messing with that kind of stuff, I'm sure Massdrop/Hifiman will blame the trouble on you...
ill not touch anything. Just wrote to the supports i hope they will bee helpful and not leave me hanging with a their bad product. Btw i found a guy in whats hifi complaining from the same as me. No answers thou.
Hey Everyone,
Thank you all for making the HE-4XX a huge success! It’s been great to see comments and reviews of the headphones start to come in as people receive them. The remainder of 4XX orders are on the way to all purchasers.
And the reviews have been great so far! A few select quotes from members in the discussion below:
“Probably the best product I’ve bought on Massdrop. These headphones are absolute heaven. “ @Sense

“The highs are high the lows are low, the sound is sparkling and crisp. Well rounded notes like a fine wine. For the money, you can't get any better!” @fisherman58

“Wow.... Just got mine a moment ago, plugged it into my Note 8, and they literally blew me away.” @Zaren
Knowing that all of the original drop headphones have been delivered or are on their way, we have another exciting update for anyone who missed out on the previous round.
We’re pleased to announce the 4XX is dropping again starting today! These units are from a different production batch, but HiFiMAN was able to deliver them ahead of schedule. After shipping out our units to members in the original drop, our team was able to finish QC of the new batch and is ready for them to be added to our ‘Massdrop Made’ collection as an in-stock drop with 1,900 units available.
Thank you all for being a part of this drop. We’re excited to be able to have even more members get their hands on a HE-4XX.
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WongWay PraiseTheKek I'm very glad I was wrong!
Bought a Goldring 1006 cartridge for my thorens TD 160. Significant upgrade from my aged ortofon cartridg. Huge improvement. Great investment.
This update is for members who joined the drop in March (3/2 - 3/3):
Updated 5/21:
The Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Planar Magnetic Headphones have arrived at the warehouse and the team is wrapping up quality control checks. The headphones are starting to ship and we expect all units to ship by tomorrow (May 22).

We apologize for the slight delay, and we’re looking forward to you receiving the Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Planar Magnetic Headphones!

Updated 5/10:
Hi everyone,
We have an update on the Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE4XX Planar Magnetic Headphones. There was a slight delay in production, and we now estimate that the headphones will ship at the end of the month (by May 31).
The headphones are currently wrapping up production and they’re expected to arrive at our warehouse in about a week. Once they arrive they will go through the receiving and quality control check process. We’ll provide an update at this time with the latest information.
We apologize for this delay and can you assure the team is doing the best they can to get the headphones prepared for shipment in a timely manner. If you don’t want to wait the additional time, you can cancel your order via the transactions page:
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Makes it even harder when zeos just released a review of these 2 days ago. Got me that much more hyped up for next week
Well I've waited this long, things happen and QC is important, do it right! Thanks for the update, anticipation grows...
I got my long awaited cans recently. I'm underwhelmed when I compare them with my ATH-M50. I was expecting to be blown away, I guess. So I have a Xduoo X3 hifi music player and the volume at 75 is very good with my M50s, but for the HE4XX, that volume was very low. i had to crank it up to 90+ to get a good volume. It was the same case when I hooked them to my Pioneer AV receiver. I needed to increase the volume by 10 points to get the same volume as my M50.
Are these hard to drive or did I get a lemon? Thanks for the help!
Sounds like you need a better amp. I have the 6xx, 7xx and the HE4XX need the most power on my JDS The Element dac/amp. But when you give it the power it needs, these things are truly enjoyable. I don't even care to go back to the other cans and am looking at the SUNDARAs next.
They need a lot more power. On my amp I would do 9-10 o clock using m50, 2-3 o clock using 4xx.

It's typical for magnetic planar cans to be more power hungry (minus the oppo pm3's, which doesn't need as much, but does scale very well).
I abloslutely love my 4XX. Right now I have them running on my desk with a FiiO Q1 DAC/AMP with my FiiO X1 II and they actually work great for desk speakers lol, I also am using the balanced output on the Q1. I can only compare them to my Sennhieser PX550s and they perform at least on par with them. Good bit more low end, mids and highs seem to stay pretty smooth. Build quality is very good as well as comfort with not hot spots experienced while wearing them. Now dedicated headphone amps are great with these cans but when I plugged them into my Emotiva X-100 man did they ever come alive, absolutely love using these at my desk at home with that amp. I really hope the 58X I have on order sound just as great cause then I will have two sets of cans that I will defiently be hanging onto.
any news about the drop with shipping on end-June?
I am wondering the same thing. Give us some updates please massdrop
So I got these today and I was blown away by the difference planar makes especially in the bass! Detail is fantastic also.
So happy especially for the price, until I listened to the intro of Some Chords by deadmau5, where a bass rattle made itself very apparent.
It seemed like a common problem and could be fixed by removing some screws and putting them back which I did, and it worked!
I took off the earpads with this method: (emphasis on the pull the tab toward the CENTRE of the earcup) then removed the screws, then put them back, then put the earpads back (put is an understatement, the earpads are an absolute b*tch to get off and on just warning you now).
Not sure exactly what caused the rattle in the first place but its gone now! Hopefully this helps if you have the same issue.
The headset is really good and build solid but the links that hold everything is out of this world shit.
one of the 3.5 jacks keep falling out anyone else have this issue?
also no laser ingraved number
I just received my HE4XX and used with schiit Asgard connected with my desktop or with mojo connected with my samsung S8+. I liked it, but I think they need some time before playing at best. Compared with my best IEM (noble 10 K encore, 64 audio U6 and JH audio Rosie CIEM) actually the sound is quite dry and less detailed, but absolutely not deface especially considering the difference of price.
I'm selling my Vali 2 for either DV or Massdrop CTH amp. First of all, does CTH come with same tube socket size? And which of the two would you use for 4XX's? My problem with Vali 2 was that even with warm tubes, it cannot tame the touch too bright highs of 4xx (I have sensitive ear to sharpness)