Massdrop x Intern Series 1: Pockets & Packetssearch

Massdrop x Intern Series 1: Pockets & Packets

Massdrop x Intern Series 1: Pockets & Packets

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The Future of Carry is what’s in store!

Hey everyone, Techwear.Intern here and I'm super freakin' excited to share with you my very first official product release - designed in Vancouver, Canada and developed with extensive collaboration with Massdrop!

Massdrop x Intern - Series 1: Modular Pockets & Packits. The first seven products in an ecosystem of user-configurable pouches and organization. Built with a nowaste manufacturing methodology. Featuring a brand new system of compatibility that I'm calling the Modular Adaptive Carry Standard - MACS. By mixing and matching items built with MACS compatibility, you’ll have the freedom to create the perfect carrying solution for a day, a weekend, a trip; whatever your life demands (they also attach anywhere with 1in webbing connections, such as the MOLLE, PALS, and ARKIV and TECSYS systems too!).


Modular Adaptive Carry Standard [MACS] No-Waste Manufacturing USA Made Dimension-Polyant X-Pac VX-07 Fabric USA Made Lenzip Raindefyer Waterproof Laminated Zippers Woojin Hardware and Buckles Limitless Customizable Configurations Designed in Vancouver, Canada for

And because it’s Massdrop, you have a say in what’s to come next. Stay tuned and share your thoughts with Massdrop and Myself and let us know what features and solutions you'd like to add in the future! Duffels, backpacks, laptop and phone cases - we have a lot planned already and just about anything is possible to explore with a bit of abstract thinking. Visit this post to learn more about me, The Techwear Intern, and let us know what you'd like to see tackled next! Thank you so much for your support! I can't wait to hear from you all!
Check out my Talkpost below for more details about my work as the Techwear.Intern and what I have planned with Massdrop in the future:
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I recognize you!
Damn—time for a new wig an mustache!
Hi everyone!
It's been great to see such active discussion in this drop so far!
Just a note from the Massdrop side regarding payment: Please note, we are running this drop through July 12, but we will collect payment at the end of June on orders placed before then. This is to begin the raw material booking process to save as much production time as possible. If this is an issue for anyone, please make sure to join the drop after June 30.
Any update on this? seems like its been ages
Pretty disappointing that the straps are sold out. Still bought the bags though.
Anybody have a recommendation for a strap to use with these?
Aww no more strap
Does the Pocket Full System also come with all the Packets too?
I don't see an easy way to get every item, without any duplicates.
the next product should be a modular laptop sleeve/ maybe a phone compartment. All integrates into current bag.
Any colors? Or is that a silly question?
@Techwear.intern I do not have instagram how would I go about emailing you? i have some items I would like to discuss.
May I ask what size is this? And what centerzip pocket is on it?
Whats the outside velcro is for? I am kind of hesitant because of it - exposed velcro will collect all sorts of things and will look bad
RTFD: "Intentionally simple and functional, the MACS pouches are complete with American-made Lenzip Raindefyer #8 zippers, ((((( Velcro for attaching patches and labels )))))
, MOLLE webbing loops throughout, and G-hooks for creating your own customized solution with multiple interchangeable pouches."
I made an order awhile back and no money was taken, should I be worried?
Read the description
A question, I have the Lenovo X1 Carbon ( WxDxH: 12.74" x 8.55" x 0.63"; 323.5mm x 217.1mm x 15.95mm ), is the small enough for this laptop? It seems that it is but want to be sure before I join the drop. Can you help here?
Any updates?
Still really stoked for these
I just found a Kickstarter project by “Collective Carry” in Philadelphia which looks a lot like this drop. I also see that “Collective Carry” is followed by Techwear.intern. Is this a potential ripoff or is this some kind of spinoff product. I am both interested and a little taken back by the similarities in this drop and the Kickstarter project.
Do you think Kickstarter should be notified? It doesnt seem like the message is getting across?
Kickstarter as well as Indiegogo seldom care about overlap of projects, since they get their money upfront. You can try but my experience is that they will not react.
Do we have a ship date? I haven't seen any information lately?
@Techwear.Intern Looks like someone is attempting to fund a carbon copy of your pouches on Kickstarter?
hello i ordered a med bag... can you change order to the large?
Hey, does anyone know what jacket the model is wearing in the picture below?
I am on pins and needles to receive this EDC carry system and I would like to offer a suggestion for new add-ons. How about a pouch to hold a water bottle/coffee bottle? I think most EDC people drink one or more of these fluids in a day (I know I do). The size I use is in the 17-20 oz. size.
Does the full kit include the strap ? Or is purchased separately
You have to buy it for an additional $10
I can't seem to find a picture or description but what exactly are C hooks? I really like the idea of using say a medium packit inside my ULA backpack to replace the hydration sleeve. However I see the G-hooks are spaced and faced differently on the packit vs the ULA hydration sleeve. Would C hooks be a solution to attach to the packit's carry strap and into my ULA. Hope this question makes sense! Thanks
via the carry strap on the medium packit. Thanks
It's a purse!
Will the big one fit an Ipad pro with pencil holding case?
i was thinking of the same thing.
based on the ipad pro 12.9 dimensions, the Large one might be suitable, except for the short side being a fraction of an inch too close (i.e. 8.69 inches ipad width, with 9 inches of the short side of the large pack). or maybe the XLarge might be more suitable without being too much of a tight fit?
maybe somebody can chime in and shed some light on this specific use case?
I'd imagine this'll be great for people like me who lug around more than a couple of devices including an ipad pro 12.9 inches.
do you receive the 10 dollar credit as soon as you join the drop?
Is the length of the pocket including the hooks on the sides? Or is it the usable length of the pocket itself?
The length is just the usable length of the pocket
Massdrop question: Placing two orders more than doubles this shipping cost. What's up with this. It should double it at worst.