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Massdrop x Klymit Static V UL Pad

Massdrop x Klymit Static V UL Pad

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Pretty thin and flimsy, It is lightweight as advertised but a little too lightweight if there are any pebbles under you you will definitely feel them. The pad also offers 0 insulation value and is slippery I had it slip out from under me a few times a night. I should have saved my money a bit and got a NeoAir lite.
The only difference between this and the other models is material and width. I've never had trouble feeling anything under other Klymit pads. They're 2.5" think, so those must have been very large "pebbles."
Any chance this pad will get the same upgrade as the insulated one, with flat valves and non-slip treatment?

Can someone telle me the size at foots ?
I see 51cm at shoulders, but it seem narrower at foot...
Overall a really impressive pad for the price. But I am pretty sick of the valve. It seems like I'm constantly having to wiggle it as I inflate and relate to maintain flow rate. Even at its best, it still feels restrictive and slow compared to thermarest pads I've used.

Think I got a bad one? Or have other people had this complaint?
Other than color, is there any difference between this and the other drop here: ? The specs look the same, but this one is labeled "Klymit Static V" vs just "Klymit V" on the other one. This one is also $10 cheaper.
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> Their 20d fabric is different but I'm not sure how, looks to be a little lighter, so may be a little less durable?

At least on the specs, the weights are the same, but the fabric on the MD version is labeled as 20d Nylon vs 20d polyester on the Klymit version.
I followed up with Klymit and another difference between the fabrics is that ours is ripstop and theirs is not (which would explain why there pad is a little bit lighter).
I own the insulated version of this and there is some resistance when inflating/deflating. Is it the same for this version?
nice idea but won't be buying 1 yet because;
20d nylon??? great please DO save weight and cost but not @ expense of having to baby one's gear.
too narrow for my sasquatchian big sexy.
airpads leak,rip, etc. WHEN will someone figure out how to give a closed cell pad an air option on top???
middle of the bush i'll keep my closed cell KNOWING i'll be comfy especially if no pine bows or moss/peat/thick thatch around.
carcamping? why the hell wouldnt you bring the king size guest bed???
long term 'dirtbags' said on ALL hard surfaces it did nothing and was painful.
make it wider while keeping weight and price down and i can see huge sales to winter wonderland wanderers...
should make it mateable to another pad too...
I used this pad extensively during the summer. Here’s my review after 4 months, 700+ trail kms.

Weight and packed size is the winning attribute here. So incredibly light and packs down smaller than a nalgene. For comfort, on a scale of 1-10, I give this a 5. Personally, I’m not a fan of the baffles. I can really feel them, even through my sleeping bag. Also very slippery. I’d slide right off the pad often if I was unlucky enough to not find a totally level site. Even slight unevenness. Which lead to lots of waking during the nights for adjustments.

Finally, my biggest issue with this pad is that after a couple months use the air is now very slowly escaping during the night. Which is a huge bummer. Woke up almost on the ground the other night. I submerged the pad to try to find a pin hole somewhere maybe, but I couldn’t. Which leads me to believe it’s the crappy twist valve that is wearing out.

With all the said, I’d still recommend this pad for its size and weight. Just be aware of the few downsides and possible valve issues.
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Thank you!! I’ll reach out to them. Thanks for the reply. ✌🏼✌🏼
Here is a valve repair video, using super glue (you're probably thinking what I was thinking...), apparently from Klymit themselves. YMMV of course. I'm not recommending anyone do this but I have not experienced any negatives myself.
I did this on my older Klymit pad as insurance against leaks.
Update on shipping please...
Estimated original ship date 08/29/17.
It is now 09/05/17???
why is massdrop selling older models without the full features of the newer models like the flat valves and non-slip coating? if I had known, I would have waited. This is not a good practice. How would an uninformed person know? I'm disappointed.
Very disappointed with pad...
There is a defect in the manufacturing of the product and it slowly leaks air.
I am hoping I can get a replacement pad from Massdrop.
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I'm also having this issue..
Have to re-inflate multiple times a night.
When i got all three of the various models from massdrop, each one a massdrop branded one i think. I blew each one too high pressure and left it for a week. Not one had a noticeable difference in that time. I have to say that the screw valve ones were near impossible to get to my usual higher pressures.
Anyone know if its the screw type ore the twist and and pull type valve? I finally used my klymit pillow and wowzerz i hate that screw type valve.
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Well all that thought for nothing, refunded due to backorder. So sad... Seems klymit is a source of disappointment here at massdrop.
Twist and pull