Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set

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9/17 UPDATE: Hi everyone,
A quick update on shipping: Keycaps have been making their way out of our warehouse throughout the weekend. You may just be receiving your shipping notification, but rest assured that they're en route. If you haven't received a shipping notification as of yet, you will be receiving yours soon. Thanks for your patience.
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Hi JaleesaG,
DHL shipped the package to the UK for Royal Mail to deliver it to me. Royal Mail is a ROYAL a**wipe and try to deliver packages in the early mornings on Saturday. Currently my package is in Germany (back with DHL I suppose). Could you help me with either getting it resent or with getting a refund?
Thank you, Mark
Contact Massdrop Support ASAP. No one checks these comments.
Does anyone have an extra R4 or R5 7u spacebar that I could buy?
If anyone has a set they aren't happy with, message me and I'll pay what you paid.
Was the alignment and other issues reported in round 1 fixed in round 2?
I can't wait for another massdrop... doesn't anyone know of any other set that is similar in design?
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The MT3 profile and the /dev/tty set is created by matt3o. The Godspeed set is made by mito. They are different persons.
Yes, sorry. MiTo is using matt3o's MT3 profile in the new MT3 Godspeed set.
If anyone is selling their ortho kit or small blanks kits, please let me know.
Hi guys, Anyone out there that can spare me a 1.75 shift key? Sort of missed the bus on that one. Beige, preferably, but anything else works fine too. I'll Paypal you, or maybe trade? I have a few keys I wont be using...
I have a green one that I can part with. Do you have any of the triumph colored stuff?
Afraid I don't... I bought a very vanilla white and beige (plus a few reds, off course). But I only use ISO, so a few ANSI keys, enter, long left shift. All of that.
Hi, I have finally received and inspect all my set, I've noticed that I have double F2 in one of the set.
Thanks, Matt3o, these look and feel pretty great I didn't expect the sculpting to caress my fingertips they way they did, but... it happened.

i feel like it's time for a new drop, what do you say :)
Will there ever be a r0 Del key for this set? I have the KBD75, and I want to put the delete on the top row instead of to the right of my backspace.
Novelties kit comes with an r0 delete
Sucks to have to buy a whole kit for just a single key. Dang it lol. Thanks for letting me know though.
Does anyone have a spare triumph r0 end key from triumph novelties?

It was a good thing I bought this keycap set. Dye-sub print quality and keycap's shape is excellent.
That board and those caps pair so well
Is it possible I'm missing both down and left yellow arrow keys (the profiled versions)? This is what I have (I have installed the "flat" versions for now):
If anybody isn't using them and would be willing to sell/trade, please do let me know!
Just a note to counter-balance all the negative comments about Massdrop support. I contacted them about the issue above on Suday at 5:25pm. Imagine my surprise when I received a response from an actual human the same day - Sunday - at 8pm, just 2½ hours later! They gave me three options - return for replacement, return for full refund (return shipping covered by MD in both cases), or 20% partial refund. Great service, pity it's apparently not nearly always like that.
My very first set of custom keycaps. They're gorgeous! Now I just need to get used to typing on them... I'm using a Filco Majestouch 2 TKL with Cherry MX Browns. The feel is very nice but while I was waiting for these I ordered a Havit K390L low-profile keyboard with Kailh PG1350s and I got so used to it... It will have to be done though, no doubt about it ;-)
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I might actually sell the novelties once I receive the replacement kit. Surprisingly I like this toned-down "classic" look more. Interested? ;-)
Sure! I've got a similar setup, the only problem is that i've bought a Ducky ONE 2 and now missing four additional R0 keycaps :D I also like the subtle orange WASD / arrows. Are you on reddit? (if yes - pm me. same username like here)
Wrong International Kit.
Anyone else with my same problem ?
For this order: OPTION Keycap Kit: MT3 /dev/tty Round 1 International Kit
I received ONLY 10 internationl keys instead of the ENTIRE KIT !!
The entire order is worthless if the internationl kit is missing.
I have made an order of 233$ and I have paid another 50 Euros for custom, and now there is a mistake in my order!
Is unacceptable.
Any suggestion is well accepted, thanks in advance.
p.s.: sorry for my poor english...
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Contacted Massdrop support. They will ship me the correct International kit (I hope so!) for free. I will update this post as soon as the kit arrives.
I have no words... They sent me another WRONG international kit. And I had to pay (!) 26 Euros (30 $) for custom... What a mess... :( Massdrop never again.

I think that trumph numpad has one wrong key. (two trumph enter keys are same)
I've got my base+beige mods sets and I'm looking for a great keyboard to put them on - Any suggestions? I really like the keyboard in the image on the drop main page. Does anyone know which keyboard that is? Thanks!
SNES theme?
I ordered the base set during the recap. All I could get my hands on were the base alphas and the TRIMPH novelties.
Why does the base set come with F1-F4 and F9-F12 but not F5-F8? This is REALLY ANNOYING. So now I have F1-F4 and F9-F12 that are the MT3 format and none else. Just seems like a cheap tactic to get more money by having people to fork over another $50+ just to finish out their function keys.
That being said, the keys are really well made. They really bring out that old school terminal feel. They have a nice heft to them if that make sense.
Yeah, they should have included all the F keys in the base kit. I mean, they do include all of them in the modifiers kit...
Anyone have a row 0 End key from the beige novelties set they don't need?
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Yep, the top row, and the tallest if you compare them side by side
OK, got it here. I don't think I'll ever use it so you can have it. PM me on u/piit79?
Hi all! The extra caps lock I ordered does not fit my Ducky premier pro keyboard. The connection to the keyboard is not in the same spot as the original caps. See picture. I dont have access to my other CAPS key now (I think there is another one delivered), can anyone check if this is also not in the center?

Yes, this is called an offset keycap. It won't fit a lot of mainstream boards.
Quite good. Quite good. i keep going back and forth on the height. Finally kind of getting used to this.
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Friend gave them to me actually
Well they’re nice too. ;)
finally got my addon set. but i need a offcenter stem 6u spacebar.. was there something i missed? i have spacebars from the 1st drop bei the are too wide but still offer offcenter stem and centered as a dual solution. my K1 Raptor Gaming is sad.... :(
Sorry, very OT. Why would they make the spacebar stem off-center? Now I'm thinking about it I myself might be the target audience - I always hit the spacebar with my right thumb ;-)
@matt3o are you able to sell the extra beige mods separately (not on massdrop)? Or is there a plan to have another drop soon? I just got my beige mods and the base set from the recap drop but didnt realize that it wouldn't have all the keycaps i needed for my KBD75. I am missing important keycaps such as my shift key...
How many requests have to be made for a drop to come around again ? Bummed I missed these but I see there are currently 9,795 requests including mine. Just wondering as I'm a bit new to custom keycaps.
I just got my keycaps today... From 38 keys of small blanks, I'm missing a 1.25u R4 key.. Why not from the 1u key?!?!? Argghh Oh well, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
And after taking a closer look on all of my kits, I found a R1 PRT SC key. Quite rare I must say. Don't know where this key should be placed... LOL
80 euro import costs for some plastic, I'm gonna treat these well
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Hi mate! I am actually in P3. MK newb so having a chat would be nice to broaden my horizons ;-)
Pm me on Reddit, same username :) I'll bring some of my boards with me
I’m looking to buy a set of extra beige mods and/or a set of novelties! Let me know if you have any available!
I received my keycaps today. It is very disappointing that there are no 1.5u "Super" keys.