Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x Matt3o /dev/tty MT3 Custom Keycap Set

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9/17 UPDATE:
Hi everyone,

A quick update on shipping: Keycaps have been making their way out of our warehouse throughout the weekend. You may just be receiving your shipping notification, but rest assured that they're en route. If you haven't received a shipping notification as of yet, you will be receiving yours soon. Thanks for your patience.
Any chance you guys will have extras of the mods & Elven kit? My order was accidentlove you cancelled after the extended cut-off date & they told me it couldnt be fixed. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Even though the extended date was simply b/c it was taking longer to ship & the orders were already placed with the Vendor. Doesn’t really make sense to me.
mmgreenmms and everyone else interested in buying anything I have left over, here's what I have available right now (anything crossed out, I'm keeping):
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Let me think about it. Did you have a preference for which one you'd like?
Either one. You decide once you get a preference for the profile you like. If you decide on the profile you like, I can buy the profile you don’t want.
After a long wait, I finally received my keycaps today. Because I'm placing these on a Tokyo60, I actually have a bunch of extra caps, if anyone is interested in buying some off of me.
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I'll post some images of what I have left for sale or trade.
Posted what's left. Left me know if you any of them.
Anyone have a ergodox kit they want to sell? Or trade for triumph novelties?

i want to put this on my ergodox instead
It’s a truly amazing set except that the backspace keys in both my Beige mods sets are reverse printed. Still waiting to hear back from Massdrop :( hopefully they have extras for these issues.
I revived a deformed key. How can I get this fixed? I put in a support request and got a generic response saying they would get back to me, but that been more than a week ago...
I did not receive the beige apple kit with my order. Who can I contact about this? Thanks.
Ordered the Extra Beige Mods set only to find out that I don't need it, if anyone is looking for it send me a message and we can try to work things out.
I'll buy it. Didn't realise I'd need one til it was over
guys which one is correct arrow position ? A or B ?
and how about the R5 flat how to check if the arrow is left bottom right or it all just same?
sorry if this sound like a silly question

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and how about the R4 flat how to check if the arrow is left bottom right or it all just same?
I don't have the set in front of me right now, but I think they are the same.
Missed the drop :\ R3??
Some kits here if you need them:
So, I received my keycaps this morning and iunstalled them at lunchtime. Not a MASSIVE difference to the flat keycaps that came with my ergodox ez but, noticable. I did not quite realise that the function keys need a mod set to complete (f5 - f8) but not a big deal, I don't have seperate function keys. So, now I just need to wait until this massdrop goes active again to get some kits for my other keyboards... good drop, good quality. hopefully 3rd time will be smoother process. Many thanks for the drop,