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Hey everyone,
Now that the drop is over and all of the units have been dispatched, we wanted to provide a post-drop update. The goal of this update is to give more transparency on the success and failure rates on this drop, along with clarity on what we're doing to resolve any issues that came up in this drop.
Issue Resolution: • Legends + Keycap issues - Members who experienced issues with legends and keycaps are being issued replacements. When producing thousands of keycaps it is likely that a small portion of them will be misprinted. That being said, we are working on a few alternative manufacturing and quality control check procedures to decrease these failure rates.
• Colemak + Dvorak or International Kits - Additionally, for those of you that have purchased the Colemak + Dvorak or International Kits, we've found issues with the production of these kits and don’t believe they’re up to our standard of quality. We plan to get these kits remade and have replacements sent out. We'll be reaching out to those affected via email with more information.
As always, if you have any issues with your set please reach out to our community support team via your transactions page (, and they will help you out.
We’re happy to hear that many members are loving the profile, and we are now working with Matteo on improvements for the next run!
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YanboWu I didn't hear about this drop... any chance another run would show up soon?

Thank you!
definitely not likely until this round ships, as is how it went the last time.
this is a very unique set. I hope the manufacturing get it right this time. way to go, chinese manufacturers.
I'd love to see a "Compose" and "AltGr" key offered for the bottom row in future drops.
Looking for triumph numpad if anyone has one to sell. Reddit u/objex, thanks.
after using SA for a bit, this type of high profile seems better than DSA... I guess it takes some time to get used to the profile
Does anybody have an extra 7u spacebar I can buy off them?
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I ordered it with the last batch
cool, let's do this then when you receive it. thanks :-)
how is the new version going?
will this drop awaible soon or later? thanks
maybe next year for R3 is matteo3 decides to continue this project. otherwise you can find some in reddit mechmarket
Does anyone here have an extra 7u spacebar they would be willing to part with? I would be interested in just the spacebar or a full Winkeyless kit of any kind.

I have some I can trade. If you want to do that as well. Let me know with /dev/tty you are looking for. I mods, extra mods and novelties.
I'd love to see some blank sets run for the profile, and use some of the more popular colorways in other profiles.

Nautilus, Carbon, Laser, and others. 2 to 3 colors with modifier and accent keys.

Seems like a good way to add some simple (and likely cheaper) options to the profile and get it out there a bit more. I love the minimalistic look of blank sets, and would love to see them run with this profile

Just my $.02
I just got the 'replacement' massdrop sent me. Instead of the Colemak/Dvorak set I got a numpad... Seriously??? Anybody get their colemak/dvorak/international sets replaced without issue?
Were the final color codes for this set ever published? Just curious.
I finally have a board I like to use with these.
My preonic bucktooth layout dropped around a (technically redundant) Triumph navigation section on a XD75re. I wish I had gotten the dvorak kit for the 4th row hyphen (Blank, next to G.) The previous layout never worked for me. This kind of does. But the fact is I’m getting some Nyquist and just chucking the nav section. But it looks nice on the XD75 at least. Triumph doesn’t end up matching anything else in that color area I have though which makes the color blocking here kind of useful as a solid accent area compared to my old layout.
I totally forgot that I needed x3 Beige 2.25u Shift Keys. If anyone ordered extras, please hit me up on Reddit - same username 20four80five - I ordered 3 Base sets, 3 Beige Mod sets, and 3 Beige Apple Mod sets.
AGH i missed it both time... anyone looking to get rid of an elven set and/or a base set / beige mod set send me a message