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Massdrop x Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x Matt3o MT3 Susuwatari Custom Keycap Set

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Hey everyone,
Super excited about something that I've been chatting with @matt3o for a few years now. Doubleshot MT3 is a significantly more difficult undertaking compared to dye sublimated MT3, there are far more tooling that will need to be created to support the different legends on this set.
As Matteo alluded to in his blog post - "It will be a loooong journey, each legend needs its own tooling, so we need to design them very carefully. It’s not like dye-sub that you can change the design at any time, this time legends are eternal."
The possibility ABS doubleshot tooling opens up is also very exciting - many popular custom keycap sets cannot be done in PBT and we'll finally be able to do those collaborations with designers that want access to more colors.
Finally, this set will be similar in thickness compared to other premium ABS keycaps we've done in the past and we'll keep everyone updated as things progress on this journey.
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So would a mechanization process which allows easy compensation for row profiles be realistic for the factory producing these? Could it also enable more advanced alignments like side-printing dyesub? The business value of the last bit might make it more worthwhile?
The process on this set is not going to be dyesub. See above.
All-over dyesub is already a thing, but I've only ever seen it with DSA.
Just wanted to give a quick overview on Susuwatari and reply to the most common questions that have been asked so far.
== Let's start from the name. I wanted to call the set Charcoal, Graphite or Carbon for obvious reasons but they've already been taked or not very distinctive anyway. So I came up with "Soot" which is cute but weak... until I remembered the "Soot Sprites" that in Japanese are called Susuwatari. I like to pick names that leave people with that "what the f*!&$#?" feeling so the name was picked. Consider it an homage but there's nothing else that connects us to Studio Ghibli (for obvious IP issues).
Now, since @YanboWu is like that neighbor old lady and can't hold a secret, you'll know by now that you might get a little extra unlisted surprise...
== Material. It's ABS. Why?!?! WHY YOU ABS?! I like PBT and dye-sublimation. They are superior in every possible way BUT, double-shot has its own merits. First of all we have a greater creative freedom when it comes to color schemes. You can't sublimate a color that is lighter than the background for one.
Dye-sublimation is a printing process. You first print the legends on a special paper then with heat and vacuum the ink in transferred into the keycap plastic. Now imagine to have a fountain pen with red ink. It's all fancy and dandy while you write on white paper, but you can't write on a black one. With dye-sublimation is the same. The ink color is "added" to the background color.
Doubleshot is a two stages molding process (hence double-shot). The legends are made of plastic and melt together with the keycap. Hence each legend requires a mold. Hence we can't go crazy with the number and complexity of legends.
Will they fuck up like they fucked up /dev/tty round 1? Things have changed a lot since /dev/tty0, Massdrop has put an engineer to check on production and if they send me prototypes in a timely manner there shouldn't be surprises.
Also. Dye-sublimation is very prone to error, each and every key is printed individually (well not really 1-by-1 but bear with me) and the chances of misalignment are pretty high. With double-shot we have one master and then all the keys are molded on that master. So if Massdrop gives me the opportunity to make ALL legends right, this set should be flawless.
== Why key X and Y are missing? We are prepping this set since a month now. I usually talk about my creations on Deskthority but the best way to stay up to date is through my blog . I always welcome input and criticism, I've added a lot of keys that have been requested in the last month by the community. What I'm saying is, sorry guys, pay more attention next time. Now it's a bit late to make requests... but I believe I still can fix a couple of things here and there (small things).
Please also consider that the tooling has to be redone from scratch, we can't add an infinite number of keys. Adding for example an "option" legend requires adding at least 3 new molds (1.5, 1.25, 1) and 6 new keys. These ain't free.
That is also the reason why we merged as much as possible all the kits together. We are not working on existing tooling, if we leave the numpad alone it would cost a kidney and we would risk of not actually manufacturing it.
That also explains why the huge difference in pricing between 100 and 1000. Once the tooling is done the cost of it is spread among all the keys. The more keys the less impact the tooling has on the final price.
== Are the keys textured or smooth? There seem to be a little confusion here. People seem to think that PBT is rough and ABS smooth. While it is true that PBT and ABS have different properties and finishes, the texture to a keycap is mostly given by the mold. The molds are sand blasted, the finer the sand the finer the texture, but technically you can have a rough ABS surface and a smooth PBT surface.
In my opinion /dev/tty was a very good compromise. The sides are rather smooth while the top is slightly textured. Susuwatari will probably be smoother.
== Color scheme I used a color scheme that is rather original. I mean not the colors but how they are distributed. It's not a standard RGB scheme where the key color corresponds to a key function. I like to try new things otherwise the market stagnates. You can totally not like what I did and think that I am a moron and that I killed the keycaps gods... but that's it, there's a monotone kit if you can't live with my colorway.
Honestly what scares me the most is the negativism from other designers and creators. You know, you always get a couple of random internet bullies but when the criticism comes a creator it becomes worrisome. You (we) are the creatives. If we do not try different things, if you don't question the "status quo", if we don't dare... who will?! It's your duty to be creative and it's your prerogative to fail! If all your designs are a success, my dear, you are doing it totally wrong.
== General unpleasantness I'm old fashioned. I try not to write to a person what I wouldn't say straight to his/her face.
If you don't like the t-shirt of a guy on the street you don't approach him and say "your shirt is so bad that if I vomit on it, it would be an improvement". You just think of it and pass by.
I seriously LOL'ed at some of the most edgy comments and I generally don't care about the dickheads, but please consider that there are people on the other side. People who care about making a great product. If you want to make a point unfortunately acting like a douche is the best way for being ignored.
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I'm glad that this will be my first Custom Keycap Set. I'm considering picking up the high profile Massdrop CTRL keyboard. Could it be possible to see a render of this keycap set on a black high profile Massdrop CTRL?
I guess maybe not but pls consider!! Foxes are Matt3o icons! @matt3o
Interested in base and monotone. If anybody is willing to let his spot go hit me up /reddit username u/petamva
Just like suzynanban just requested, I'd also be super keen if anyone wants to give up their base kit slot. I passed at the last minute on joining this drop and have been kicking myself since.
 Anyone willing to sell their base set slot? I really regret missing out on this.
Can anyone point me to a keyboard that has exactly this layout? (including the standalone delete key above backspace) I know the Leopold FC980M is close but not exactly the same
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Following up on your tip, I found a comment from one of the designers saying it should actually happen this year, so thanks
Wow, that's good news, I have been drooling over the Andromeda renders in multiple key drops, but never any info other than a name. Sorry wallet 🤪
looks great,but it needs a 2.5 u and 5.5 u spacebar.
Any updates on this? Super excited about abs mt3
+1 Any updates would be much appreciated.
Anyone with the extras kit who wants to sell me the 1u R3 ">_" key? And maybe a few other 1u keys you won't use?
취소하고싶습니다 부탁드립니다 취소하게해주십시요 ㅠ
그냥 취소가능하지 않나요? 아닌가.. ㅠ
Anyone willing to let go of their spacebar kit?
dang, apparently i slept on this one. this is an awesome set!
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The good news is once they have the tooling to produce double shot MT3, there will almost surely be a lot more sets using this profile in the future. The dyesub kits like MT3 godspeed can only be dark legends on light keys, so double shot will open up all of the cool SA designs but in MT3, which in my opinion is the best profile out there. The feel of the keys on your fingers is just light years ahead of any other keycap I've tried. I will bet you dollars to donuts you'll have a great set of MT3 by the end of the year. :)
oh i looooove the MT3 shape. i have the first batch of dev/tty/ caps. i was looking up that set and stumbled upon this color way! i really want them!!
Just tried my first high-profile keycaps this week (sculpted SA), and I've got to say, after using these for a couple days I am pretty fucking disgusted that I didn't jump on this base kit for $100.
Good for you.
Probably going to be my endgame keyset
Mine too if it redrops with added international kit.
Just a quick heads up. I'm now waiting for the first test samples that will help shape the final product. They are required mainly to check how thin those double shot lines can be. Stay tuned.
Any news on those samples? :))
Holy crap, I can't believe this hit 1000 on base kit... hooray for lowest price!
It'll be my first sculpted colemak set, and It'll be ortho! I want to thank everybody involved in bringing this beauty to life :)
YES, this Group Buy is going through, can't wait for my beauties to head down under. Another brilliant key-set design that will be worshiped for years to come.
Extra Kit Is it less than 500 sets?
Added another base. Couldn't resist at $99.

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My pleasure!
Fuck, missed it
At $99.99 I had to join. Now will have to wait patiently for these and the upcoming Godspeed sets!
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Chill, it was a joke - it's all good I joined with only a few hours left as well :) I'm excited for this one, but the wait is LONG, who knows which board will be getting these :D
I planned on modding a black HHKB for these but if I can get a Rama60 that would be nice too.
Making a little dance for the base kit new lower price at $99.99! :D
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Right? The drop lasted a month, is not to hard to not miss it.
@sevenseacat No I completely take blame. I had everything in the cart lastnight and had second thoughts “do I really need this ?” I asked my self. Decided to sleep on it. Woke up. Went to work. Told my self I’d join at lunch. Because I do need it. I ended up getting held up past my normal time for lunch. And bam. Before I knew it, it was over. 😑
DDOOO IIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! . . . . . sorry I just have to scream... 50mins left...
It's done!!
We should be at at least 987 now that I’ve joined — surely we can come up with 13 more people
Pretty sure it'll hit as word gets around forums etc. At $99 it's almost a no-regrets purchase and one can even sell it for a profit if one no longer likes it after 9 months
We did it!
Does this drop end at 3AM EST?
Yes, you are correct. (Well, technically it is 3AM EDT, but it is also 24:00 PDT so same thing.)
Great, thanks for the reply! 3AM EDT! Woohoo.

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It just did.
Yes!!! We did it
986! Oh cmon...
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If this doesn't hit 1k there's some serious trolling going on with folks joining today and then cancelling in the last 15 mins.
Yeah that would certainly suck. A last-minute update confirming that we hit 1,000 would do a lot to prevent people from nervously canceling.
damn this is close!