Massdrop x MEE audio 2-Pin Balanced Cable Setsearch
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Massdrop x MEE audio 2-Pin Balanced Cable Set

Massdrop x MEE audio 2-Pin Balanced Cable Set

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“Audiophile cables” can be a touchy subject.  Pricing is often expensive and claims of sonic improvement can cause debate. In order to receive quality and professionalism, the pricing for cables can be quite high. In order to get better pricing, cables can take a long time to be custom-made by a one-man shop or sent overseas from an unknown vendor. Cables can arrive with incorrect wiring, a plug that wasn’t shown on the website, or connectors that don’t fit the same as stock connectors. We take a practical approach when it comes to cables...deliver high quality at reasonable prices and help connect the gear in your collection. With this collaboration, we worked with our partners at MEE audio to create an affordable cable package for 2-pin in-ear monitors that covers your needs for all the best portable gear.

2.5mm TRRS cable: The cable allows you to connect to digital audio players such as the Astell&Kern or FiiO series, which feature fully balanced output jacks for additional power and control with even lower distortion on the signal.

The cable also allows you to get the most out of devices like the Astell&Kern bluetooth XB10 receiver:
3.5mm TRS single-ended adapter: This adapter is for convenience, so you don’t have to carry another cable & swap if you need to connect to a standard unbalanced output jack. WARNING NOTE: Please be careful not to use the 3.5mm TRS single-ended adapter into a balanced 3.5mm TRRS jack or you could damage the amp.

3.5mm TRRS adapter: For balanced output jacks that use 3.5mm. (Please take care to use the correct plug if your device has two different 3.5mm jacks. TRS is for single-ended and TRRS is for balanced.)
Sony Pentaconn 4.4mm adapter:
The Balanced Cable with adapters is not the first cable that we have worked on.  We requested that Noble begin offering lightning connectors and 2.5mm TRRS balanced cable options.  We also offer a 2.5mm TRRS cable option with the Massdrop Plus. This is so you may have easier access to using your IEMs with balanced amps and digital audio players or USB DAC/Amp combos. We’re working to make cables and connectors available at reasonable pricing so that you can put together the best combinations of gear.
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Great, can’t wait
Any update on this? Also similarly, I have an idea: Massdrop should try to manufacture a 4 pin xlr female to quarter inch plug adaptor, as well as/or a quarter inch female to 4 pin xlr male adaptor for users with different amps who don't want to have notorious adaptors with cables that change coloration such as these:
If you guys can manufacture an adaptor eliminating the cabling junction, you'd be the first to do so on the market.
Are these compatible with Fostex cans... Like the TH-610 or the Massdrop TR-X00?
do these work with the TRN v80s?
@CEE_TEE Can these be made without the plastic hooks? Or the plastic by the ear connectors can be removed? Would like it straight for my iSine20 
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OMG. YES. Super-easy.

Now I have to try and put it back. :)
Can anyone send me a link to the 4 pin XLR connection in the picture?
Coming VERY soon. ;)
will these also fit the Nuforce HEM8s since they are listed to fit other 2pin Nuforce Models>
I just ordered a Massdrop Plus. Does anyone know how these cables compare to the Null Audio Brevity or Arete cables? My main listening devices are my iPhone & laptop.
Will we see the MMCX version of this anytime soon?
Hey there, I received mine last week and have been using it daily since then. Unfortunately, it seems that only the bass is coming through: the highs and mids are almost muffled and I even tested it on my friend's IEM to compare, just to get the same result. Is this intrinsic of the cable? To add a very bassy colour to the sound? Or is my cable just faulty?
Has anyone tried this with the Audeze iSine's? Will it fit or nah?
Is this one compatible with UE Triple-fi earphones?
Just a heads up to potential buyers regarding the fit of the SE 3.5mm adapter... To be clear, I like the cable, and love that it comes with all these adapters! Just one day need MD to drop an XLR adapter that will work with this set 😊 Now, the issue... at least with my LG v30 the 3.5mm SE adapter is loose, which means if the connection to the phone is jostled or turned the audio can be lost. Quite annoying. I thought the issue was an isolated one so I requested a replacement from MD. The new one they sent has the very same problem. Not sure what other phones or DAPs would be affected. Just putting it out there as a heads up. I can add that I have the MMCX version of this cable and adapter set. If I substitute the 3.5mm adapter from the MMCX, I do not have this annoying effect. Putting that fact together with the fact I have had this problem with 2 different sets of the 2-pin version of the adapter tells me that the version of the adapter that comes with the 2-pin set is designed/machined incorrectly.
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Yeah, I have run across a cable with a plain 3.5mm TRS jack that doesnt have the same problem, and the only difference is that it fits a bit more snug than my other TRS cables. I honestly think that it is the outlier, though, not that the other cables have improperly-thin plugs.
I will test on my other phone - Samsung S8
Read if you have a loose cable to IEM connection, in particular when using with MD Plus earphones... This is different than the loose SE 3.5mm adapter issue I raised in a separate post. Probably already addressed elsewhere, but just in case... If you have the loose connection problem, there is a simple fix, by applying a small piece of electrical tape... At the cable's connection, right above the pins, there is the fat/flat part that is supposed to sit flush in the earpiece. Apply a small piece of tape to the side that does not have the raised groove (one side is flat, one side has a groove). You should now have a very tight fit, and since the tape will be inside of the assembled IEM/connector, it is also invisible.
There's an audiophile sucker born every minute.

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Most cables output sound. That should be good enough, Right!? :-)
That's crazy lol
They occasionally drop that version as well (I have purchased it also)
thank u bro : )
Any chance of a straight 2 pin connection?
One problem I found is that the part that go in to recessed socket is too thick and it couldn't fit into my 64audio a12t recessed sockets, so I have to carved that part off a bit with my knife to make it fit in. Apart from that, I enjoy this product very much. The cable is soft and easy to handle. The material used in the part that have to make contact with your ears is very comfortable. The 2 pin connectors make a slight angle just right that they wouldn't push themselves to your head so it doesn't cause any fatigue. I love how all materials are made of plastic instead of, like many after-market cables, metals which can end up scratching your beloved IEMs. Very good design overall. Please make a white version. My CIEM is white and I think it would look so much better with a white version of this.
Hm I'm having the same issue with my IMR R1s
Please make a set for Sennheiser HD 6XXs.
Just to be clear, these ARE silver-plated copper CABLES, right? The silver-plated copper points to the connector, and the description just says silver-plated copper (but not CABLES).
My plug just open up as I tried to remove the earphone from my DAP.
Is there anyone who i can contact on this? what is the warranty for this? I have played it for 3 times to date.
Appreciate any help here
@CEE_TEE can you help me here with my broken plug. I am not sure how does the warranty works for this product.
Appreciate any help here
wish this worked with 58x 6xx etc...
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I just like the idea of multiple termination points, I'm aware there are plenty of cables I can get for 40-120 bucks if I want them :( A "one cable fits all" with adapters made for the the actual cable without looking "jenky" was what I liked here... although I also realize its missing some ;)
Just received this set, so first of all thank you Massdrop for the speedy delivery! While I can't say about the sonic quality of cables in general, what I can say is that the cable is indeed nice and easy to deal with, but more importantly, the 3 adapters included are very convenient for me. I know there are other adapters available, I haven't seen one that is an L-shaped or as heavy duty, at least not on Amazon. I'm sure these adapters exist in AliExpress, but I don't want to deal with yet another marketplace, at least not yet.
The one thing I really hope for is longevity and durability. Hope these last longer than the cables I've owned. Thanks again MD!
Mine just arrived this afternoon. This is my current set-up, with files coming from my LG V30 (taking the picture) and Tidal. I'm only 10 minutes into it, but so far, very good. With my Noble X and Astell&Kern XB10, I was a clear potential customer.
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This is a close-up of how they fit into the NuForce EDC.
Thanks for the pic. Looks like it's much more eyeglasses friendly than the stock Noble cable.
Can these be used with PX pinnacle?
Hi Tokky, This is the version you need for P1 Pinnacle and PX Pinnacle:
May I ask what's the difference between the MEE-made balanced cable set ($99), besides the 2-pin connectors?
I have the above cable and am considering getting this 2-pin set.
Thanks in advance.
It's too bad the 2-pin looks almost proprietary to the plus x, so it won't look as good in other iems. Bummer.
You're not wrong. They look a little funny in my Noble X and NuForce EDC. I posted pictures in another comment. That being said, I like their effect on what I hear.
What would happen if I plugged the balanced 3.5mm into a smartphone?
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If I use this cable and the Stereo 3.5mm adapter to my LG V30, will it still be balanced signal or just single ended one?
just use the single ended 3.5 mm single ended adaptor for non balanced inputs. Plugging a balanced input to a non-balanced source won't make it balanced. Balanced inputs should be plugged into balanced outputs. There is an adapter that is single ended so use that for your phone.
Can these be used with the massdrop Sennheiser 6xx?
I'll probably drop in on this one when the XLR is included rather than these other useless adapters.
Probably useless for your use case. For my situation, which is portable where IEMs are concerned, this set is perfect - I have two prtable DAC/amps - one uses the 3.5mm balanced and the other the 2.5mm balanced. Straight out of my phone (LG V30) I use the single ended 3.5mm. Hence all connectors are useful to me. I imagine your particular use case is IEMs with desktop gear, so probably not useful for you. But probably useful for others.
Will you guys drop a version with Mic?