Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitorssearch

Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors

Massdrop x MEE audio Planamic In-Ear Monitors

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New Kind of Driver, New Kind of Sound

The Planamic in-ear monitors use an entirely new type of driver, designed in-house by MEE audio with feedback from the Massdrop team and community. Combining the benefits of planar-magnetic and dynamic drivers, this design yields a sound unlike any other in our IEM lineup. Warm, coherent, impactful, liquid, and rich, it has a different timbre than you’d get from dynamic or balanced-armature IEMs. The 10-millimeter driver’s single-sided magnet delivers a flatter wavefront of sound to your ear, while its flat impedance means the frequency response won’t vary wildly depending on the source. Listen directly from your phone or experiment with various portable DACs and amps. Featuring a universal-fit housing that shares characteristics from our most comfortable designs, the Planamic comes with both braided and mic-equipped cables, among other accessories.

Note: At checkout, you’ll have your choice of color: black or dark blue.  Please note we will be collecting payment at the end of August to begin production.  

First-Run Production Perks

When you join a drop before it goes into production, you’ll get some exciting perks:

  • Q&A with MEE audio’s Mike Jones
  • $10 credit toward your next Massdrop purchase
  • Extra set of comfy, unique spherical Comply brand foam tips (size M)
  • Cleaning tool for nozzles/bores
  • Cleaning cloth

Planar Magnetic Meets Dynamic

The result of more than a year of development, including eight-plus prototypes, the Planamic was born of MEE audio’s belief that the most coherent-sounding systems are based on single drivers. So rather than pursue a hybrid or multi-driver structure, the company set out to develop a new driver that addressed the common issues seen in planar magnetics. The upside of a planar-magnetic driver is the flat sonic wavefront it produces; the entire surface of the driver moves in a single plane due to the traces and driver magnet structures. The downside is that the size and weight in the ear can be much greater than that of a dynamic or balanced-armature driver. This means most planar-magnetic IEMs are large and open-backed, isolating poorly—something MEE audio wanted to avoid. The solution: modify the traditional dynamic driver design to derive the pros of planar magnetics without the cons. 

Planamic Driver



  • Massdrop x MEE audio
  • Ear coupling: Intraaural
  • Housing: Medical-grade 3D-printed resin, with black or dark blue earpieces
  • Finish: Painted surface finish
  • Driver: 10mm Planamic moving coil 
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz~20 kHz
  • Impedance: 16 ohms at 1 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 91 dB +/- 3 dB (1 mW at 1 kHz)
  • Microphone directivity: Omnidirectional
  • Microphone frequency response: 100 Hz–5 kHz
  • Microphone sensitivity: -40 dB +/- 3 dB
  • Cable: 51 in (130 cm), detachable
  • Cable connectors: 2-pin, 0.78mm pins
  • Cable plug: 3.5mm, right angle
  • Wear styles: Over the ear
  • Weight without cable: 0.4 oz (10 g)
  • Weight with braided cable: 0.7 oz (20.4 g)
  • Weight with headset cable: 0.8 oz (22.2 g) 


  • Detachable braided cable
  • Detachable headset cable with inline microphone and remote
  • Shirt clip
  • 4 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes
  • 3 pairs of Comply T-200 memory foam ear tips in different sizes
  • Carrying case
  • Massdrop’s 1-year warranty 


All orders will be shipped by Massdrop.

Estimated ship date is Nov 7, 2018 PT.

After the drop ends, payment will be collected and the group’s order will be submitted to the vendor up front, making all sales final. Check the discussion page for updates on your order.