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Massdrop x MiTo Canvas CTRL Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x MiTo Canvas CTRL Mechanical Keyboard

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Hey everyone,

I’m pretty excited to announce the second keyboard project that I have been working on with Mito - the CTRL keyboard inspired by the awesome XDA Canvas keycap set.

For this one, we went a slightly different route than the Laser ALT. The CTRL keyboard here is not anodized, it is actually powder coated. The powder coat gives the keyboard almost a soft texture similar to ceramic finishes. Additionally, white is not an anodizable color and even though the Canvas CTRL will be in an off-white color I'm not sure that color is achievable via anodization. It is very unique and I’m a huge fan of the finish Mito picked in the end.

One final thing to note about power coating is that there is a higher chance of failure where the finish isn’t up to our standards. With anodization, there is still a possibility of saving the aluminum stock. However, with powder coating failure will result in a defective case that cannot be sold. Thus, you’ll see this keyboard is more expensive than the regular CTRL, even the barebones version.

Mito and I had decided to include both the regular gray modifiers and the Bauhaus modifiers for everyone that really wants to customize the look and feel of their keyboard. Plus I always felt the Bauhaus kit was a pretty integral part of the Canvas experience.

Finally, regarding payment. Please note that we will be collecting payment at the end of the June. This is to allow us to start prepping the powder coat cases. It’s a very involved process and we’d like to have an extra buffer to ensure smooth delivery. If this is an issue for you, please make sure to join the drop after June 30th.

As always, I really appreciate the community’s support and I can’t wait to get these in your hands.
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MOQ stands for Minimum Order Quantity. In terms of manufacturing it is the threshold required to get an order placed and produced, and given the context I believe is applicable here.
Ronon MOQ is common in keycap drops. Each kit in a drop has a Minimum Order Quantity, below which that kit might not be made. For example, the Green Screen drop's graph linked below shows an order quantity bar for each kit. Kits below MOQ are shown in yellow, kits above MOQ in green.

For this CTRL drop it looks like MOQ only applies to the optional Canvas keycap set, which is now well beyond its MOQ of 100.
Hope you guys enjoy the project, here’s a less colorful option which I particularly very much enjoy!
If there’s any color combination you’d like to see or if you need assistance, please let us know.

Thank you very much for the support!
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I use several, sometimes even Blender!
If you can add the option of baby blue keycaps to match the baby blue accents of the Finalmouse Ultralight Phantom I'll buy one :)
Can I ask what you used to make the graph? Thanks
Just using Excel.
Late to the party... Any chance for last minute buys???🤔
Can we get the original one back? I missed the drop
Hoping this coordinates well with a Logitech MX Master mouse in Stone:
Very quick question before the drop ends!
I would like to buy this keyboard with Halo Clears AND Kaihua Box White switches. Is this possible to do?
YanboWu Thanks for the drop - hope to hear from you!
Unfortunately no, that would not be possible at the moment without making a bit of a mess in our backend.

Fortunately, both the box white switches and Halo switches will make their way back onto the site. I'd expect those to drop again at least once before the Canvas CTRL is fulfilled.

So pick the switches you'd like to try first and keep an eye out for the other drops. Thank you for your support!
Status as of 7/11.
7/11 -
passing on this, but waiting for a hot swappable 100% - called DEL ???
I would love if this was optionally wireless. Still all for high quality USB cables for when it is a desktop board, but I need an EDC for work.
Ugh, I want this badly! Though I cannot both this and the MiTo x ALT plus original ALT. Anyone missed out would like to trade with me? :D
Quick question! I read in this thread here that the finished textire of the board is like ceramic; does this mean that it feels sort of sandy/rough like a terracotta pot?
> does this mean that it feels sort of sandy/rough like a terracotta pot?

Nope, the keyboard is powder coated, like the back of an iPhone for example, it's a similar texture.
Great thank you!