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Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboard

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Hi everyone, The Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboards are beginning to ship! We do want to give a heads up that shipping will span into early next week for some orders. For anyone who does not receive tracking information tomorrow, we apologize for the slight delay and we’re working with the warehouse to make sure all of keyboards make it out the door as soon as possible over the next few days. We look forward to you receiving yours soon!
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how much are you selling it for ?
my reddit is iGoByBigE, please pm me
Would LOVE to see this drop! Anxiously awaiting any news about ETA.
Will this ever be dropped again?
@JaleesaG Is there a common rule for how many requests the Laser Alt needs for another drop?
Any eta ETA when this will be availible again? I really cant wait to put my hands on it, literally ^^
Can anyone recommend any switches for this keyboard?
I was directed to complain here, since Massdrop customer support told me to post here instead of receiving help from them. Is it just me or is it it nigh impossible to add the actual switches on to this board? I busted a couple switches because it was really hard to push them in.
Is it normal for this board to be extremely tight and nigh impossible to put the switches into the board? How do we prevent these issues from happening?
My ? key is dead on arrival :( Tried different switches with it too. Also reflashed it, to no avail.
I seem to have lost my list of default commands while waiting on switches, is there anyplace online that has a list of the default FN key commands?
Anybody running into any issues where the board will just disconnect out of nowhere? I'm new to under glow so I'm not sure if this is normal but the under glow area seems to get pretty hot, wondering if the board is overheating. I flashed a new keymap via the MDloader but the LED's should be stock firmware.
Touching the bottom left of the board shocks me and causes the board to short and turn off:
is the spacebar 6.25u or 7u?
Hooray, so after 4+ weeks and a big custom fee I'm finally one of the lucky ones with a button that doesn't work. My N button doesn't work and no, the switch pins isn't bent or anything. I've tried multiple switches just in case. It's just dead, great.
If anyone wants to sell their keycap set PM me :>
Question. Why are there no notches on the F and J keys? I felt very disoriented typing without that notch and am wondering if it's possible to get replacement keys with the notches to help type?
I thought I had a broken LED but turns out the LED spacing on the top near the USB-C Ports are un even, the top right has more of a gap vs the top left.
Got mine today. Dissapointed in the anode on mine as you can clearly see the aluminum underneath. I've contacted MD for options. Stabilizers even after being lubed, are pretty rattly. I'd recommend anyone who is annoyed by this to replace with genuine cherry stabilizers. I've got a few on order and they'll be going into this board immediately, with these stabilizers going into the trash. These are as bad as the ones that came with the original k-type. just rattle city. Pros: the RGB is pretty nice, online qmk configurator is very user friendly. Just dissapointed mostly in the finish on the one i received.

Is it possible to replace the stablisers on this? Myself I mean.
yes its super easy. Pull out the switch. Pop out the cheap stabilizers, replace. Literally a few minute job to do. Just buy plate mount genuine cherry stabilizers
Stabs do rattle quite badly. As someone else has commented, the backspace seems worse than the spacebar, which is odd as usually it's the other way round. Can this be fixed at all? Really annoying as otherwise I love the board.
Is there any way I can raise the angle without resorting to just putting something underneath the back of the board? I'm definitely used to a board which is a higher angle. Would be nice if they had made the feet more acute.
Just got mine too! I'm not really liking the dawn. My initial thoughts were purple keycaps on pink would contrast beautifully (it does!) however I changed my desk to a dark teal and the pink just doesn't go (light grey before) but the DUSK, I feel would look amazing :) Anyone would like to swap? Loving the keycaps but I agree with everyone regarding the rattlesnake spacebar. Guess nothing can be done? Also would like to ask if anyone order the speed silver? Never tried them before and I find them too heavy for me especially with these keycaps. :(

I have the Silvers. I know what you mean, they are a touch heavy, but I think I will get used to them. They aren't so bad that it causes finger pain as some heavier switches do for me. And yes, spacebar and backspace rattle is very annoying. I don't think anything can be done really, but if anyone can suggest a fix I'm all for it! How do you change LED colour btw? I know how to cycle through the pre-sets, but wasn't sure how to select a specific colour?
Wanna sell it?
#402 here. Very nice looking board. I like the halo true switches quite a lot. The spacebar stabilizer could use some lube to quiet it down a bit, but otherwise very nice and crisp typing experience. I'm quite used to having a bump on the F and J keys to realign myself on the home row. Sadly these keycaps don't have a bump. Does anyone have a good product or a homemade solution to give these keycaps a discrete little bump?

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Now that you mentioned it I did look and notice the larger curve on those two keys. Probably why I can still generally find the keys without the bumps. Maybe I'll get used to it
Thanks for pointing that out, I was running into this issue too, but now that I know, it should be good!
I'd also like to know if the box switches are the out of tolerances version, or the new re-tooled ones.
I love this keyboard! Serial #000012.

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that's perfection where you got it or what you use to make it?
I just put on a GMK Cyan spacebar, a Jelly Key Eden artisan cap, and a Mechcables Jumbo Laser USB-C cable from Massdrop.
Anybody else having problems with the mechcables cable? The LEDs are so dim when using that cable with the ALT...
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This sounds like an insufficient power draw issue. The keyboard will automatically lower the LED lights (all the way to shutting them off) if there isn't enough power. Are you using an USB hub? USB 2.0 should be able to pull enough power for your keyboard + LEDs.
No hub, tried all the ports directly plugged in to my desktop. I'm guessing it's a problem with the hand-soldered usb-c cable. You even warned me a few months ago!
Just got my keyboard and i love it, Unfortunately had to order new Stabilizers since the one that come default are one of the worst i ever experienced they rattle like a snake, other than that i love the keyboard. Was expecting better stabilizers from this drop!

I clipped and lubed the stock stabs; they work fine and don't rattle for me. I have clipped and lubed GMK stabs in my other board and there isn't a noticeable difference between the two.
Mine aren't that bad to be honest. Probably could use a bit of lube.
Anyone in the UK received theirs yet? I think Heathrow customs must like mine as it's been sitting there since the 22nd
Australian customs likes mine too. Hoping to get it sometime this coming week....
Eventually I did actually get a customs notification... though handily I was out of the country and it had expired by the time I got home. Fortunately, they'd not processed it and it's been released now to the UK delivery agent. It just said it was in clearance processing for me for ages, so I'd check there isn't an email/card somewhere! Good luck!
Maybe a dumb question, but is the serial number the big number or smaller number beneath it on the back serial tag? i.e. +--------------------+ | SERIAL | | # # # # # # | <- this? | # # # # # | <- or this? +--------------------+
The middle bigger number is your Serial! ;)
Thanks! Just a sanity check..
Just got my keyboard - seems like my 1 key isn't working..but the LED for it is lighting up.
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Did you check the switch pins? I had this issue, turns out both pins got mashed and didn't make it into the hot swap socket.
Which key? Im (my quote key is bad) having the same issue.
Well, mine arrived like this. No box damage externally, so I don't think it's shipping related. Not new at this so I don't mind opening it providing I can get a replacement stem but I'm contacting MD anyway.