Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboard

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Hey everyone, welcome to the project Mito and I have been cooking ever since Laser launched!

I've hinted at these special colorways during the ALT launch and I was really happy with how these samples turned out. I hope this drop can eventually serve as a template for other special sets - there are so many more possibilities out there.

Thank you again to the community for your support and also to Mito for his ever refreshing designs.

By the way - here are all the caps that would ship with the kit if you choose to purchase it.
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Pokemon Spin-Slash, Halo Spartan Laser spins, or spinning/splashing Ecco the dolphin?
All of the above under a neon sunrise

Hey everyone,

Happy to see we've hit the 500 units of the Laser keycaps. I'm super excited to get these in everyone's hands.

With the recent trade tariffs on various trade goods in the news we are making an attempt to get ahead of the unexpected by purchasing additional units with our just completed ALT order.

In order to do this, we did have to charge everyone that's joined so far. Of course, if you want to cancel, that is available in your transactions and you'll be refunded for your purchase.

My apologies for the confusion and getting this message out late tonight.
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Yes, I believe there will be two coupons. Did you order them at different times (i.e. ordered two orders)?

If yes then I'm absolutely sure you'll receive two coupons.
Yes they are in 2 orders. Can’t wait for this beauty
success! congratulations MiTo and YanboWu !
Thanks a lot for the support chief, hope you enjoy those!
I'm way too excited for this!!!! I wish you guys could ship it tomorrow! This thing is gorgeous!
So just had a thought, what happens if you plug the ALT in to two different computers at the same time one in each USB port?
I'm also curious about this...
You know... that's a good question. Let me test it out!
Will serialization be LASER engraved instead of a sticker like the K-Type?

(See what I did there?)
Hello, i had a big question that i don't find a answer.
I want to know how we use the print screen or all the Fx button (F1,F2,F3 etc ...) ? Things there is no button for them i wonder how.

From what i understand you can programs it on QMK firmware but i don't know how you do that (i'm on windows 10 by the way)

I'm totally new to such little size keyboard which is why i ask.

Thanks a lot in advance !
There are guides out there for QMK programming, and from what I read there will be an ALT branch.
Typically to access F1 etc, you hold FN+1
i have not used a QMK powered keyboard, but all of my 60% boards work like this.
i got another question. i contacted mass drop help center, but want to double check?
i joined yesterday and after i submitted my credit card info I got a text msg about a 1.00 dollar transaction the another tex msg about that 1.00 dollar transaction was canceled? is this how its supposed to go? would i miss this drop because my credit card?
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Woot! Drop success! So happy
Nice, glad to know! Thanks for the support mate, hope it exceeds all of your expectations!
MiTo How shiny is the metal case on this thing? Looking to make a decision to buy this thing by today or tomorrow xD
It isn’t shiny, it’s anodized. Take a look at the pictures on the main page!