Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboardsearch

Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboard

Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Mechanical Keyboard

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Hey everyone, welcome to the project Mito and I have been cooking ever since Laser launched!

I've hinted at these special colorways during the ALT launch and I was really happy with how these samples turned out. I hope this drop can eventually serve as a template for other special sets - there are so many more possibilities out there.

Thank you again to the community for your support and also to Mito for his ever refreshing designs.

By the way - here are all the caps that would ship with the kit if you choose to purchase it.
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Pokemon Spin-Slash, Halo Spartan Laser spins, or spinning/splashing Ecco the dolphin?
All of the above under a neon sunrise

Hey everyone,

Happy to see we've hit the 500 units of the Laser keycaps. I'm super excited to get these in everyone's hands.

With the recent trade tariffs on various trade goods in the news we are making an attempt to get ahead of the unexpected by purchasing additional units with our just completed ALT order.

In order to do this, we did have to charge everyone that's joined so far. Of course, if you want to cancel, that is available in your transactions and you'll be refunded for your purchase.

My apologies for the confusion and getting this message out late tonight.
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Yes they are in 2 orders. Can’t wait for this beauty

Any possibility of SA Laser anytime soon???

Has the incompatibility issues (cracking/stretching stems) between box switches and GMK caps been addressed yet?
Anyone know the height of the keyboard at the front? Looking at making a matching wrist rest and want the height to suit. The specs say 3.2cm, however I'm assuming that's at the highest point.
Seriously dying for another drop off this!
Will this ship with 1.3mm (fixed version) or 1.32mm (which may crack key stems) BOX switches?
I ordered mine with BOX White switches. Given the latest info about BOX switches and GMK keycaps, is there any way I can get this without having the caps put onto the switches (or do something else like change what switches I'll be getting)? I'd really prefer not to have the Laser keycaps be broken before I even get them.
MiTo YanboWu anything that can be done for this?
In case anyone else is interested, Massdrop finally got back to me and said that the keyboard comes without the switches installed, so I'm assuming they aren't going to put the caps on the loose switches.
looking to purchase an extra dawn or dusk version of this guy - let me know!
I would so have bought this keeb if there was a dark grey color option. Please consider it C:

Now I'm not taking away from how nice it looks, it's just not my color style but it looks really nice.

not sure if you saw this one, but they made a grey-ish one, not exactly dark grey but grey version if it. link above.
strictly eyeballing it (as they don't provide size specs), do you think the optional iso shift key from this kit would fit this board? Trying so hard to find one that works haha
the right shift here should be the same as an HHKB which I believe is a 1.75u. ISO left shift (the one you're looking at) is 1.25u.
thanks a bunch! My search for an oem right shift continues haha
Just got in to mechanical keyboards and discovered this drop. Please, if anyone if reconsidering or is willing to sell me back a board and an increased price, I would be thankful. Wonderful board, excellent style.
i've got the board + keycaps (no switches), paid $225 and looking to sell for around the same, pm me on reddit u/eggshop