Massdrop x Naked & Famous 14oz Streaky Slub Denimsearch

Massdrop x Naked & Famous 14oz Streaky Slub Denim

Massdrop x Naked & Famous 14oz Streaky Slub Denim

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Hey All - Ordered size 36 and they are just a little too big, but I want to keep them. Will they shrink a good deal if I wash them in hot water, or is that some form of sacrilege? Will they still look good if I bring them to a tailor to have the waist taken in? Many thanks! Joe
Quality concern. First time I wore jeans, one of the fly buttons fell off. I needed my tailor to replace it with a non matching button. I expected better...
Anyone have a size 36 they want to sell?
Mine arrived and they are way small, unwearable. The sizing chart is several inches off.
Size "33" are certainly not a 35" wasit as described in the sizing chart. They fit tight then my 32" Levi's! I think the waist is closer to a 31". That 4 f-ing inches off. They are unwearable.
My 32 measures 32 instead of 34 listed...way too tight.
Just got mine. My pair of 34” jeans measured 35” actual waist size, in comparison to the listed 36” average waist size on the provided chart.

That’s in comparison to my last pair of weird guys in the same size, which were initially 36” and stretched to a 37.5”.

So it looks like they’re on the smaller size of the measurements, but remember that the waist will stretch a fair bit with wear.
So I get an email stating "there were shortcomings in the yield of several sizes of these denims. This means that we are not able to fulfill your order at this time." Not happy at all about this situation.
What size were you hoping for? There's a good chance I will never fit into the "38" I bought. Would be willing to part with them.
I was hoping for 36. Think 38 will be to big but thanks.
Well this sucks, I followed the size chart but the thing is, the jeans don't even fit me. And there's no way to exchange or return the item is there?
I ordered a 32 and they are too tight any one have a 34 they would like to exchange?
My 29s arrived, way too tight despite my measuring based on the overview. Is there an option to exchange?
My size 34’s just arrived. way too tight. Anyone want to trade their 36 for my 34??
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Hi joe. I was able to return my size 34. But I may be interested In buying your 36’s. What the actual dimensions of your jeans. Only need Waist and thighs
Hi. turns out I’m giving them to my son, but thank you.
I've dropped a bit of weight since I originally ordered these. They arrived today. Haven't tried them on, but pretty sure they will be too big.
Can I resell them? If so, any recommended venues?
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Def tighter in waist than other weird guy jeans i Own. Gonna take a tape measure to them
I got a 38. They are loose, but not as loose as I thought they'd be. Wearing them around the house today with a belt. More recently on another drop I ordered a 36, we'll see how that is
This jeans must be close out or made in China from Naked & Famous because to sale jeans made in Canada with Japanese denim for $99 where is the profit . something is not adding up. Be aware .
Lol wut?!

Did you read the description?

”Once the denim is ready, it makes its way from Okayama to the Naked & Famous factory in Montreal, where it’s cut and sewn into the finished pair of jeans you see here.”

”Made in Montreal, Canada”

They have a different selvedge and branding from the usual N&F jeans. Also, just do you know, most jeans don’t cost $160-$300 to make. You’re just paying a designer markup for the style.