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Updated 10/23
Hi Everyone! I’m happy to announce the the jeans are 99% shipped. Thanks to everyone for their patience with this drop, and we're looking forward to hearing what you all think about the denim!

Updated 10/16
Hi All - I have a quick update on the remaining units of denim. The jeans arrived at the warehouse last Friday, and are now going through quality control check. We are on track to start shipping on 10/23.

I’ll update everyone on or by 10/23 with the status of the shipment.

Updated 10/9
Hi Everyone,
We have an update on the remaining units of jeans. 70% of the orders have shipped, but we are still waiting on the final shipment from the vendor. These units are now expected to arrive by the end of this week.
Once the jeans arrive at the warehouse they will go through the receiving process. Based on the amount of time this took for the initial batch, we expect the jeans to start shipping the week of 10/23.
I apologize for the delay on this, and I can assure you the team is doing the best they can to get these jeans shipped to you. I will update everyone on or by 10/16 with the status of the shipment.

Updated 9/28
Hey all - I wanted to provide a quick update on this drop.
Quality control has been completed for all serialized units under 500, and they will be shipping out within the next week.
Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the remaining, higher serial number, pairs of jeans to arrive at the warehouse. I apologize for the miscommunication on my part in my last update, as I was under the impression it was all orders that had arrived. The remaining units are expected to arrive from the vendor within the next week and then will go through processing (quality control) and ship out. This means they should all be shipped out within 2-3 weeks, though the team will be prioritizing them and trying to get them out as early as possible.
Sorry again for the miscommunication and for the delay. I will update you all on or by 10/9.

Updated 9/22
Hi Everyone! We have a quick update on the status of the Massdrop x Naked & Famous Ichiban Selvage Denim. All units have arrived at the warehouse and we wanted to give you a heads up that we’re going through the receiving process right now, and will be cutting it close to get these out right on the original ship date of 9/28. Each pair of jeans has to be unwrapped, quality checked and then repackaged.
We are still aiming to have the denim start shipping out on the original ship date of 9/28, however there is a chance it might slip a few days. We apologize for this potential slight delay and we look forward to everyone receiving the first production of these jeans!
We’ll provide an update next week to confirm an on time shipping, or with an updated date if it is delayed a few days.
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MD received the return on 11/13. They promised a replacement would in the mail as soon as the return was on the way back to them but instead I am waiting over a week for them to reply to my messages and I still have no answers.

MD has failed me every step the way on this drop and has offered nothing but empty promises and virtually zero communication. I will definitely think twice before ordering here again.
Oh yeah, MassDrop has a reputation for having particularly shitty and unhelpful support, and particularly their projects delays/shipping issues/poor product management. It should be a disclaimer when you buy so people know what they're getting into ahead of time
Hey folks, wanted to post some progress pics for everyone in the drop.

On the left is the pair I bought as part of this drop, received them at my place in Oakland last week they're brand new. On the right is the first production sample, which I've worn for 118 days. I did a rise (lukewarm water in a tub, scrubbed a bit, no soap/detergent) at 60 days, and a wash (washing machine on cold, dash of tide, machine dried) at 118 days.

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Solid read bro.
I'll wash with vinegar if the time ever comes.
And I'll keep soaking as my wash method. :D
Vinegar is used to set the dye, it will help keep the color fast for longer
I've been wearing these jeans a few times a week and while they were originally stiff and a bit of a chore to wear, as to be expected with this weight and type of denim, they've broken in and are pleasant to wear daily. Can't wait to see how they fade and patterns develop.
I’ve been wearing mine for a while now and not seeing much if any fading. Maybe 20-30 wearings and they still look pretty much the same.
I have a brand new size 29 for sale in Berkeley CA 94710. Willing to sell for $80.
Just figured it was worth a shot asking...anyone somewhere in EU get a pair in 30 and wanted one in 31?

Been wearing them a bit but I think it's just a little bigger than I would like.
I'm in Finland if that helps, little patina on the cuff but nothing you wouldn't do yourself anyway.
How about sizes up to a 44?
Tony V (Massdrop Community Support) you are the best.
He deserve a huge high five as awesome support.

Thank you.
looking for sizes 32-33 to trade with a 28, because my thighs are killing me with it. Tags are still present but are removed
Have a size 31 I'm looking to trade for a size 32, only tried on once.
Also potentially for sale if anyone is interested.
I could be interested depending on price.
Why are these still offered for sale if there aren't any pairs left? Kinda disappointing when I tried to join the drop. Please update this stuff!
Fully agreed. I keep getting 'blue balled' like this... not fun.
Got hit with a $27 CAD customs fee, which is annoying for a pair of pants that were made in Canada to begin with
i always order my massdrop stuff to a P.O box in the states, otherwise i get the same stuff, never been hassled at the border for customs or duty.