Massdrop x Oblotzky SA Oblivion Custom Keycap Setsearch

Massdrop x Oblotzky SA Oblivion Custom Keycap Set

Massdrop x Oblotzky SA Oblivion Custom Keycap Set

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Hi everyone,

We’re excited to announce the Massdrop x Oblotzky SA Oblivion Custom Keycap Set has arrived at the warehouse, and the team is wrapping up quality control checks.

We’re on track to meet our estimated ship date, and we’re looking forward to you receiving the Oblivion Keycap Set!

You'll also find a link to photos taken by Oblotzky with his QC samples. We hope you enjoy the set!
omg, it looks amazing. can't want to have mine!!!
So exciting! My 7bit red modifiers have shipped as well. If only my CoolerMaster drop wasn't delayed. :/ I need a keyboard to put these caps on lol.
UPDATE 04/05/2018 (aka 05.04.2018)
We have production pictures! I've not spotted any errors in these, so I am confident in sharing them with you. It looks to be around 30% finished, and I'll get another update towards the end. Everything appears to be on track for the scheduled delivery by June 19th!

UPDATE 09/22/2017 (aka 22.09.2017)
Drop concluded! Thanks so much to everyone that participated in this group buy! Seeing all these numbers roll in after so many hours spent on creating this set is a wonderful sight. I'm so happy that we had this much success! Now begins the last part of this epic journey, the long wait. Hang in tight :)

UPDATE 09/18/2017 (aka 18.09.2017)
Bossman has given green light that all kits (yes, all!) are being made as long as people don't jump ship! So keep your orders in, or join if you haven't and our dream will be made true!

Hello and welcome fellow enthusiast!

I am here to guide you through what has been my pet project for the last 11 months. Back in October of last year, I started designing this keycap set as I wanted something on my keyboard that reflected my trade: Programming. You will find many influences of that profession in this set, but for those of you unfamiliar with it, I'd like to give you a short introduction to it.

First of all, lets talk colors. To make code more readable for humans, key words in it are highlighted with different colors. Just like in school when you were tasked to write nouns, verbs, adjectives and so on in different colors so you could better understand how sentences are constructed (at least we did that here in Germany). These colors are often carefully selected by designers and make up a 'color theme', one of which is called Oblivion. I've translated these colors over to this keyset in the same manner as it was done for the Penumbra keyset before. A solid dark shade of gray serves as the background for these beautiful colors, a visually stunning combination.

To expand on that theme, I created a second set of Modifiers called 'Git'. Git, developed by Linus Torvalds who also created the Linux operating system, is known among all modern programmers. It is a version control software that is used to keep track of code changes and also to back up code and other files on servers and the cloud. This software has many commands for various purposes, and simply acts as novelty text in this keyset.

Furthermore, there are some kits in this set that contain seemingly strange text such as XOR, RET, JMP, MOV and so on. These are instructions for Assembly, a very low level programming language. It is basically one level above punching ones and zeros into a computer, very fancy stuff. They serve as abstract legends, as they are used on keyboards where almost every user is using a different layout. Providing regular legends such as Shift and Tab for them would often lead to incorrect labeling, but with Assembly instructions, it remains neutral.

The Monochrome keys have very little to do with programming. I added those as an alternative for people that don't like colors on their sets as much, but still appreciate the selection of gray tones of this set. With a few accent keys, they allow you to build some nice vintage looking keyboards.

I hope this shines some light on the background of this keycap set.

Lastly, here is a handy sheet where you can check what kits are required to cover your layout, please feel free to suggest which I could add to the list!

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask! I am here from start to finish and beyond to answer anything that might be on your mind :)

I hope you will enjoy the ride as much as I!
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Glad to hear it!
any HHKB users have some issues with the key set not having L R alt, \ |, delete, R shift, fn?
This is my proposed solution i guess.

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I see, I got the wrong one then 😭
You might be able to grab one when they do a re-cap event
Looking for both Oblivion & Hagoromo Numpad Kits. Hit me up at
Looking for GD & WFK Spacekeys, willing to pay good money for it.
looking for a set - hit me up at thanks! :)
Looking for Oblivion Assembly set, willing to pay good money for it. Please contact me via . Thanks!
So excited! Just noticed that mine changed status to shipped today :)
I got two shipping notifications for two different keycap sets today. This one, and enjoyPBT 9009. This is a good day.
and it is coming!!!

just received my tracking number
It’s shipping! I got a tracking number.
Is there any chance to purchase any extra kits anywhere?
Photos are out! Just saw Oblotzky's post on reddit, hope he doesn't mind me reposting here!