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Massdrop x Peak to Plateau Yakino Wool Accessories

Massdrop x Peak to Plateau Yakino Wool Accessories

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Hi Everyone!
We took your feedback and have broken out the beanies and neckwarmers to be available on their own through their own drop.
The yarns are the same as used on the sweaters, 50% yak wool and 50% merino.
The fit and styling of these beanies and neckwarmers are based on existing styles from Peak to Plateau that the owner Stefan has been perfecting for years.
When compared to merino alone, these beanies and neckwarmers are warmer, more breathable and just as durable and good at odor resistance and wicking.
They are offered in One Size and in colors Dark Grey and Red, that match the red and dark grey of the sweaters.
Thanks! Kim
It's still listed in the same drop...the image shows the beanie, and you say they're separate, but the beanie is out of stock and that's what I'm here for. Did you mean they were a package deal before? Id like to buy one of the beanies by itself if it's available and in stock somewhere.
Is the beanie going to be restocked? The neckwarmer is nice and all..but I really wanted the beanie.
Same, no interest in the neck warmer, annoyed the picture shows the beanie but that's what's out of stock.
Confirmation will come today if it is going to be restocked.
Got mine last week and love how soft it is. A little tight for my head, but it was clear from the photo it was going to be on the small side. I'm curious if anyone has tried to wash the red one? Debris really clings to the fiber and I'm going to want to throw it in the gentle cycle and on drying line at some point. Curious if this spunky red dye is going to wash out at all.
The red dye shouldn't be a problem. Wash it on a wool cycle at less than 30 degrees C if possible. Better yet hand wash it for the first few times to be sure.
Is it wrong of me to wish for a real scarf rather than a neck warmer?
Sold out already?? Great idea to send an email with this item 15 minutes ago... and promote it as a holiday item.... sucka shit
Confirmation on restock should be known in another day. Thanks
My head is large but not abnormally so. This beanie is painfully tight so maybe steer clear if you have a large head. If anyone wants a red one, hit me up.
I'll take the red one for my small noggin if you don't mind! LMK where to contact
When will the red beanie be back in stock. Is there a waitlist I can join?
Sorry the red wont be back in stock, but more colors are coming, just waiting for confirmation about whether they will be on Massdrop. Will know in another day. Thanks
Rec’d yesterday. Nice quality. The grey is actually a dark chocolate color. It’s warm, warmer than similar style non merino, but not too warm. It fits my (s)medium head snug, borderline too snug. We’ll see if it stretches... I can foresee headaches if it doesn’t.
When will the beanies be back in stock?
Oh the nerve! Can you believe those no good, dirty rat-bastards at Patagonia had the balls to ripoff Peak To Plateau's logo like this! And to make matters worse, Sea To Summit tried to horn in on Peak To Plateau's clever, and oh so original, naming concept--how transparent! Where's a good lawyer when you one?


Ditto on the bummer that the beanies are gone. I’ll wait to join drop until next time
Dang, the beanies or gone, that was fast :(
Yeah, dang--'cuz beanies are so hard to find this year what with it being Winter in the Northern hemisphere and all!
By that logic I shouldn't care if the pants I want to buy are sold out, because you know, pants are easy to find...*facepalm
Both beanies are gone, bummer.
Those look too warm to wear in Miami. Pass.
Does anyone know if these run small? I tend to have a head that is larger than most and require extra room in the hat department, my hat size is a L/XL or 7 5/8”.
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They loosen up quite quickly after wearing for a little bit. Washing them contracts them back down.
I gotcha thanks for the info I haven’t washed it yet but I’ll keep that in mind Stefan and by the way I love the beanies and the sweater
My own experience with this company and similar items: I bought 100% Yak wool cap and neck warmer/tube through a drop last year, and they're extremely soft and warm. Had an issue with one (possibly my fault) and the company was extremely friendly and quick with getting me sorted. Although these are 50/50 Yak/merino and not all yak like mine, my favourite sweaters are merino and also almost as soft, so items in this drop are likely quite comfy and cozy. A great aspect of my yak cap is that I can still keep it on indoors coming in from freezing snow weather (like going to a mall) and I don't overheat or notice it's still on me. 3 hours left on this drop as of this post, but if you're sitting on the fence I'd say it's worth your coin.
Is it just me, or does the grey actually look brown?
It does read a little brown and that’s just due to the fiber of the yak. Similar to merino, yak fibers take color a little differently than a cotton or synthetic.
The omission of black and/or grey is probably the dealbreaker for me. Neither brown nor red match with my dark grey winter outerwear attire. They seem like popular enough shades to include, though I'm assuming they don't sell as well for whatever reason.
Wish we had the neckwarmer price on the sweater drop.
Can we get some weights on these products?
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Ah! Thank you so much! You know us backpackers like to obsess over our weights. Haha.
Of course! I love it! I should have predicted and had it ready for you!