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Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua EDC Folding Knife

Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua EDC Folding Knife

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Hi everyone, We have an update on the production status of the Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua EDC Folding Knife. Unfortunately there was a delay in the steel shipment, and we now estimate that the knives will ship to members in late July. The nitro-v stainless steel arrived at the manufacturing facility later than expected, and the team has just completed cutting the blade blanks. The liners have been cut, and the omega springs have been received and inspected. Based on the steel delay we now expect production on the knives to be complete in mid July. After shipment to our warehouse and quality control checks, this puts our estimated ship date to members in late July. We apologize for this delay and we’re working with the team to get these folding knives through production in a timely manner. We know this delay is disappointing, so we do have some good news to share! The signed design sketches just arrived at our office, and we're planning on sending them out next week. Huge thanks to TJ for hand signing 1,000 (!) cards.
Edit 6/1: the cards will ship out by the end of next week (6/8).
We also have some production photos to share:

If you don’t want to wait the additional time for the blade, you can cancel your order via the transactions page: We’ll provide an update on the production status in late June.
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You are fortunate. I have no patience with or for "things" Actions of people clearly trying their best and still failing don't illicit that sense of low-grade fury I get when a machine doesn't work, or my new toy hasn't arrived. And thank the good gods for that or I would be the most insufferable prig who ever lived (instead of just ONE of the most insufferable). Indeed, I buy probably half as many products from MD as I might otherwise if I didn't have to wait for them. I have no idea how I'll make it until November waitint for those Spyderco sprint runs. If they weren't very, very cool I wouldn't have bothered with them.

One thing good I will say about the wait: it cuts down on collectors scooping up a bunch of a desirable product so they can resell it immediately, or relatively soon anyway, at a higher price. And from the few examples I've seen, the MD-exlcusive knives resell for 10 to 25% more than the original cost on the secondary market.

Even, I hate waiting for toys.
I got mine yesterday. I'm so psyched for this knife! That Millit skipped Blade Show to get this done is a major show of commitment. If they can storm into the hundred to two hundred dollar utility folder market this could be very good for them over time possibly starting with more Perpetua drops and variations.
Hey everyone,

We are very excited about this knife for a lot of reasons…

Our goal in making this knife was to produce a US-made, affordable workhorse knife that featured the same revered locking mechanism that Bill McHenry and Jason Williams created. This type of lock, which was patented and used only in Benchmade() and HK() knives for 20 years, has been time-tested by knife enthusiasts and others who have subjected them to all kinds of abuse on jobsites and on outdoor adventures for the 22 years it has been on the market.

The HK Axis (™) was consistently one of the most popular knives on Massdrop. Members consistently purchased hundreds of the full-size and mini versions (combined) every month, until it was discontinued late in 2016. Since then, I’ve been on a quest put a knife like this back in the hands of our members. At first, I tried to bring it back. When I learned that wasn’t possible, I set out to make something new and better and still affordable. I didn’t know how that would be possible at first, but then I met some willing partners who were just as excited about this idea.

First, we needed a US manufacturer who was willing to take on the project and able to execute the precision engineering and machining required to make a knife like this work - and not just work, but work well and reliably with every open and slice. Shane and Josiah at Millit Knives were fantastic partners on this project. They and their team of expert machinists spent many late nights at the shop milling stop pins, bending pocket clips, fitting springs, grinding blades, etc. Also they have the coolest shop dog I’ve met - but if you visit, be ready to throw the ball...a lot.

When we first approached Millit about the concept, we didn’t yet have a designer in mind. But, lucky for us, they were already collaborating with TJ on their Torrent model and had a good working relationship. It’s possible to make knives with designers and manufacturers who live in different countries and may not even speak the same language, but it sure is nice when they live miles away from each other and already share the same love for their work and speak the same design language. When Shane recommended TJ for the design, it was a no-brainer. That’s when things really got started.

TJ Schwarz is truly a pleasure to work with. He’s won awards for design innovation from a very young age, and been selected to design other knives by companies like Millit and CRKT. It was a privilege to have him as a partner, from the first sketch to the 3D-printed modeling, all the way through prototyping and filming his interview. Despite being incredibly talented, he’s also quite humble. During design revisions, he stuck to his design principles but listened with an open mind - we talked a lot about handle curvature and ergonomics, and how that affected the placement of the thumb stud. Ultimately, we had the prototype 3D-printed so we could evaluate it, which led to the slight lengthening of the inner curve to give pinky fingers, especially for those with larger hands, fit comfortably and grip firmly. I learned a lot, and we had fun spending time with him in Idaho to film the video you see on the page.

By joining this drop, you will also get to meet TJ and have a chance to ask him questions during a live Q&A that we’ll host in Apri. Also, TJ is going to hand-sign up to 1000 prints of his sketch of the Perpetua that we’ll mail to everyone while the production is underway.
Please note that final production versions will differ in some small but important ways from our prototype shown. The first and most significant is that the stop pin will be much shorter, so that it doesn’t protrude from the scales. It will also go through a tumbling process to soften the edges of each ‘tier’ so that it’s more comfortable in hand and in the pocket, but still easy to open. (photo below).

Community members also contributed to this knife’s refinement. We reached out to get feedback and, based on the comments, we made the following adjustments to the prototypes:

1) Increase the clearance between thumb stud and scale for easier opening
2) Soften the cuts on the jimping for a more comfortable thumb rest area
3) Increase blade length to maximum allowed within the handle

These were great suggestions. We appreciate this feedback, as well as TJ’s willingness to make the changes and Millit’s ability to execute them. THIS. This right here is what we are all about. Taking good stuff, making it better, asking the community how to make it great, finding awesome manufacturers to work with us and make them affordable. Sincere thanks and appreciation are due to everyone involved, and to you for making this possible!

Carry On -- Jonas
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I'd be interested to find out as well. I've had to do the same thing and forget I ordered it lol. It took a few weeks but finally forgot about it, until today haha.
Patience, and thanks for yours! I think they are printed and on the way to get signed - I am hoping we ship them in May, but it might be June.
Hello everyone! I thought I would start things off with a big thank you to Jonas and his team at Massdrop for his leadership throughout the grueling process of refining this knife. Absolutely could not have done it without you.

Various sketches, models, 3D prints, and prototypes have been bounced back and forth for quite some time between myself, Millit and the Massdrop team. What you see here is the culmination of perhaps a lot more work than most people realize. The goal for this knife was for the end consumer to have the feeling that we "Thought of Everything" - we really did try to.

I hope you all like the design and I can assure you that Millit will be flexing their muscles as one of the nations highest quality OEM knife manufacturers on this project.

Thanks again
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That’s a badass concept
Did you consider a deep carry clip?
PROJECT UPDATES: Hey folks - I will post notes and photos here as I get them, stay tuned for more updates.

4/5/18: We've submitted the group's order to the vendor, and the project is underway, thanks for making it happen! The latest news is that all of the materials have been ordered and are on their way or in production. Some of these parts take up to five weeks to make and/or ship, but work will begin sooner on any materials that arrive - this includes cutting the liners and clips, profiling the blades, heat treating, etc. I don't expect much news before the second week of May, but I will share more progress updates as we get them.
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Hey Wobbs - Both TJ and the Blades team have been pretty busy so we couldn't schedule this for April, I think we are shooting for May. There will definitely be an email that goes out in advance with more info.
When might the posters be sent out, or has it been decided to ship with the knives? Also any further updates on possible delivery date?
I received my signed drawing awesome, now waiting on the Perpetua.
Curious if the prints have been ship. If so, I did not receive one.
John H
Just got mine today, I'm fairly close to where they ship from so I assume yours is probably en route.
This might be a bit premature, but as Mr. AveryC said the signed cards "will ship out by the end of next week," [i.e., last week]; and as most stuff MD has mailed to me has taken about a week to arrive, I figure that timeframe is probably shorter for folks in other regions, so perhaps the first of the cards have made it to their destinations?

How about it? Anyone received their cards yet?
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I received my card today. Ummm....what’s the point of these cards again?
Just a perk for joining the very first drop of this product.
Will this Become available again in the future?