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Hey everyone -- A few notes about the drop that is now live for the Perpetua that I hope will answer most of the questions about this drop.
- These are available for immediate delivery. - We have about 130 of the first 1000 available. - There will be more coming, but not for a couple of months. - We've updated the photos on the page to show the final production version. - Serial numbers could be in any range - these are not kept in order at the warehouse (I know, sorry - we wish they could do that, too) - We've updated the photos on the page to show the final production version.
I think the covers the FAQ I am expecting, but let me know if you have any more questions. Carry On -- Jonas
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I dont really think so. I feel like he insinuated that I somehow am calling other people here liars. I just wanted to be clear and exolain my position. But I respect your opinion.
I find mine is pretty thick behind the edge, the grind is indeed very hollow, but seems It's still thick, is this okay or is this just me?
After reading the good news I started to fil the form at Millit’s site in order to purchase a functional clip suitable to a quality knife that it’s manifacturer suggested to have delivered. After all the silly mishaps during production it should not have been a surprise that the clip will not be available to buyers abroad! Oncemore it’s reason enough to question the function of the prefrontal cortex of the ones responsabel for this kind of xenofobie. So for me it’s goodbye to an overall nice EDC knife and back to my faithfull ZT 0562!
After thinking it was fine out of the box for a while I decided to adjust and lubricate my Perpetua with PTFE aerosol for no other reason than my machine oil is in a box somewhere in the garage:
Nice. Cheap as hell Blaster brand PB-50 with teflon is, after many trials and comparisons, the only lubricant I use on my knives. I have not, however, used any on my Perpetua because I try very hard not to lubricate a knife's pivot until the action is broken in--3 to 6 months, generally with my light use. And although it's not THAT smooth, mine does work one-handed...sort of. A bit sticky on the close. And that action was hard won, as the blade was so off-center upon arrival it touched the liner if you pressed downward opening the blade; and the blade was so stiff, the only way to get it open was to push with a ton of force. So I've been loosening, tightening, opening, closing, and just trying to find a balance with the hardware that gave me a smooth opening, no blade play on the lock up, a centered blade, and a drop-shut close. I've got the opening and no play, and the close is, as I said "close", or "close enough" I'd say. But the blade is still not perfectly centered and it annoys me. Seeing your vid though, I think its time for a drop of Blaster. Maybe that will let me torque on side a bit more to center the blade w/o wrecking the action.
Any update on the production of a new/aftermarket clip?
Much obliged!
Plz bring back
As an avid Benchmade owner of well over 50 of their knives, I just couldn't see the value in getting a knife that was a essentially a knife extremely close in function and style to an already produced knife at close to the same price. For a few bucks more or less I personally would just stick with what I know and buy another Benchmade. I'm not knocking the knife from Millit at all, but it just didn't show me that much if any innovation at all to justify buying one for the price listed. One note I might add to the conversation as to people complaining about any faults they find with one that they receive is that they have to remember it is a "production" knife and not a custom hand made knife. With that said, you have to understand that you may not get a knife that is perfect in every regard and might suffer some discrepancies that another one may not. In "production" items, not every piece is hand inspected to meet exacting aesthetic or functional properties and as such may suffer from some differing and less than perfect anomalies. There are very few folding knives from any manufacturer I've ever bought that in some way didn't benefit from a little tweaking on my part to make it perfect to me with regard to centering, blade drop, or smoothness of action and I'm sure the same could be said for Millit's model. I wondered when I saw the knife if TJ Schwarz, the knife's designer quite possibly approached Benchmade to produce the knife and was either rejected by them to do so or just didn't get the contract terms he was after. In any regards, I hope all that ordered one are happy with theirs but I just decided for various reasons to pass on this one. Good luck!

Ok, how does this happen. I just got the second knife I ordered and paid for in the mail 5 minutes ago. I open it up and this one is missing a Omega spring too. I mean damn what the hell is going on? How does this happen. I bought two because I like the design and ergos, and I wouldn't think I'd get a shit draw twice. I have a replacement for my first one en route but f me. MD customer service is total shit it takes a week or more to hear back. So what now?

Update with good news is I contacted Millit and they are sending me a replacement spring set. Millit was at least on the ball when contacted. MD not so much.
I must have the greatest luck in the word when it comes to the Perpetua. I got my second knife in a little bit ago. and I've been meaning to post this, but I just had shoulder surgery...
I was kind of hoping to get one from the second batch to compare it to my first one, but I ended up with #875 from the original run. It came perfectly centered, two springs, in a perfect box. It was a bit stiff like the other one I got, but I used the same technique I used before - a good dose of Liberty oil around the pivots and some dedicated time opening and closing the blade for a while. It took a little time, but now it snaps open and closed as good as if it were on bearings.
My biggest problem is still the tiny thumbstuds. I found another knife in my collection with taller studs that could be swapped out (the ones in the Perpetua are press fit, not screwed together) and put them in and that is all it took to turn this into a PERFECT pocket EDC machine! I tried to put a video here but the website won't support a video file type. Here is a link though if you want to see it:

The taller studs give my thumb just that little tiny bit of grab the needed to really flick the blade out surely every time and the results are amazing. Just becasue, I reprofiled the edge to 20 degrees and gave it a good strop too. There's really no reason for this blade to not be in my pocket now...ever.


Centering was off on mine but corrected by simply switching the liners & wedging the blade to one side with cardstock as I reassembled it. While the quality overall is good, it surely could easily be improved. Don’t like having to use two Torx wrenches to loosen/tighten the pivot. Makes it easy to ruin a screw head doing this. Easily ‘cured’ if it had a “D” hole on the liners & a flat on the pivot diameter. The Omega springs while secure on the axis bar they don’t pivot freely. Not a major issue for function but it didn’t feel right when reassembling. The ‘cure’ is better tolerance but I got mine to fit better with round nose needle pliers. The thumbs studs are not easy to manipulate. They could be taller or a scallop on the edge of the G10 would cure that. I’ll likely tire of that shortcoming & simply file/sand/polish the G10 some. I really do not like that the thumbstuds are not removable. It’s annoying having to be more careful when sharpening in a Lansky or KME guided sharpener. That‘s about all. Peace out.
Got mine today! I missed the initial drop, but lucked out there were a few left. I got #0703. Looks great. Blade is awesome, nice grind, super sharp.
The centering is off on mine. It favors the "show" side, but doesn't touch the liner. I'll try and tweak it a bit later. My clip seems fine, and not as sharp as some have described.
The action is stiff, but flicks open with thumbstuds, which I find to be adequate. I'm sure the action will slick up over time. I did notice quite a bit of oil near the pivot and the lock bar.
Overall, I am please I got one and grateful there were a few left over.
I am getting really goddammed annoyed with this smartpost and waking up the day it should be delivered to find out itll be 2 to 4 more days every time.
I have dealt with Shane from Millit in response to my issues. I have been absolutly floored with how well I have been treated. These guys are stand up guys. I feel like people are unfairly blaming millit for design and matetials choices made by massdrop. Massdrop tasked millit with making a cheap usa made blade with an axis lock. Its massdrops knife not millit....millit has to follow orders of using 304 ss liners which cant be heat treated in order to keep cost down. They also made they clip they were supposed to, they didnt make it badly they made it to design. I know it was suggested by Shane to use a better liner material for future drops. This all lies at massdrops feet. AGAIN millit was just making said knife out of said specified materials. Dealing with them for my issues has been the best experiance i have EVER had with a knifemaker. Honestly every snafu here was massdrops. The knives has great action when pivot was adjusted. Fit and finish was also very good. My knife had bad staining issues but all that tells me is millit missed 1 bad blade in 1000 with only 8 guys in the company and that massdrop didnt even do the quality checks they said some of the delay was for. Of course millit has learned from this and I hope massdrop has. If u have an issue contact millit. They want you happy and take pride in their work. They dont want you walking around with a knife that doesnt represent them welI and will help you. Now they did make a knife to design peramiters but if those perameters dont work they will work with you to fix it. It may cost it may not. I was so impressed with how well I was treated I bought the last slimline sight on seen. These are my first 2 millit knives but will not be my last. I am kinda embarrased how I acted when I saw my blade stained. Since then I have opened my eyes and learned some other FACTS that changed my opinion on the situation. But lets all chill massdrop has become a b****fest. Its best to calm take a min to breath, down, contact the company. P.S. Millit didnt say it was massdrops fault some knives have issues. I came to that on my own when looking at the facts.
Got mine (0869) today: few notes
All hardware is present and tight . Omega springs installed. Blade centered. Liners straight. Clip is soft and already flexed and bent. Box smashed all around. No corrosion present on blade.
all in all I’m happy with my purchase except for the clip. Needs to be replaced with something stronger
I just don't understand why they did n't use a kershaw/benchmade/spiderco clip attachment point pattern. This would have opened up many of options for modding/replacing the clip. This proprietary pocket clip attachment point is mind boggling, especially since they used such a malleable metal and bulky design.
@MillitKnives @CarbonHandprint still no comment on whether the liners are heat treated? Also is the pocket clip heat treated?
They've already mentioned that the pocket clip is made of 304. 300 series stainless is not heat-treatable.
The action on my replacement Perpetua has broken in quite nicely. The clip still sucks though. I've accidentally bent out the clip twice already, and all the edges are sharp.
I'll ask again, any changes planned for the second manufacturing run? Or will the second run mirror the first?
I just need one more day and I'll have the money to join this drop... 😭😭😭 lol, a dollar short and day to late.
It's crazy that so many QC issues slipped through such a small team. This is the kind of thing that gives 'Made in USA' a bad name...
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I'm not trying to say the community is being unreasonable, just thinking out loud about what might have happened to make this run so much different from past Millit projects. Sadly, stuff like this has killed manufacturing companies before. It's easy to go broke trying to solve problems on a first attempt at a large-scale manufacturing run. Hope (for everyone's sake) that this isn't another one of those stories.
Gotta agree. Sounds like growing pains; frustrating as a customer I'm sure, but good on Millit for agreeing to an ambitiously large production project. They've owned their mistakes and they'll only get better from here. Comparisons to Benchmade or even WE (as others have previously stated) are unfair, and missing the point of this collab.
Yea, with all these qc problems, I gotta wait. This just looks rushed. Sad to see.
Same here, which sucks because I would like to try out the Nitro-V steel. I just can't see the price when WE Knife Co can knock out better knives like the FF Buc, with arguably better steel, and a level of QC that blows Millit out of the water. This knife might have done well to be farmed out to a different company.
This thing uses an Omega spring, or at least a spring that looks remarkable like a Benchmade Omega spring. Can they do that? I thought the Axis lock was patented by Bechmark. Am I wrong?
Their patent expired, just can't use the name "axis lock"
I see, thank you for the clarification.
Unfortunately I have QC problems with mine. Mine came off center, rubbing the liner, and with blade play. There is a spot on the blade that you can see where it was hitting, it's not to prevalent has to be in good light. I was able to tighten the play out and get the blade off the liner. It's only off where it no longer rubs and I can't get the centering on. It's too bad, because other than that I like the knife and think it has potential. I actually didn't have the give in my clip either, and I like the blade shape. I also got a cool SN 747. I will say I'm a little bummed and don't know what to do.

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this is exactly the same issue I'm having . and what do you think about those "torx" srews?
No quality control with these knives what so ever! They also seem to have used the absolute cheapest materials they could get their hands on!
Everyone with issues, no matter how small need to contact customer support. It's the only way they will make improvements or get the manufacture to make improvements. Even if your not wanting a return or replacement. for the rest of us, please be a pain in there butts
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My initial message to customer service was September 24th. They replied with the canned response on the 27th. I replied I wanted to keep the knife, not exchange or return. I let them know the clip was soft, and for a knife that had supposedly been through QC twice, these were issues that should have been caught. Reply was if a new clip becomes available, they would work on getting them out. that was my end of discussion with them.
Mine was sent sept 24 and answered sept 30 by Rachel B from community support.
Really disappointed the knife I received made it's way out of Millit's doors in this condition. I was really looking forward to getting this one. Hopefully the karambit will be in better shape than this one. Serial number is 95
Just ordered the Perpetua, I just assumed it was on bearing, that’s a hard way of learning read descriptions more closely. I guess for the materials and craftsmanship you’re getting at that pric, it would have been even more unbelievable to have bearing. Enjoy everyone!
On the bright side, you don't have to worry about cleaning out bearings every time a bit of dirt or lint gets near it!
You‘re Right. Actually makes alot of sense to have washers that’ll hold up better in the grime and dirt. And will straight out last longer, Perpetua’s purpose I suppos. Thanks for the bright side. Enjoy
After spending what feels like forever reading the discussions I feel like there are some manufacturing issues caused by an overreach in the timeframe to produce this knife. I believe the manufactures have listened to the complaints and will address the issues. This has the potential of being an outstanding knife but I'm not willing to gamble on the first run. I will wait for the next run and hopefully it's more consistent. Just my thoughts
Got mine and very disappointed. Mine came out of the box severely off centre and way over tightened. Loosening the pivot does not solve the centering issue and the lock fails to engage if I want any decent action. Right now it’s slightly loosened so that it’s just about one-hand openable (with thumbstuds), has a tiny amount of blade-play, and is still severely off centered.
Somehow I feel Like I got super luck with my Perpetua from the first drop. Mine showed up a little stiff like most, but perfectly centered. A few drops of Liberty Oil and some breaking in time and I can now say that is a perfect Axis lock knife. It's got a clean, snappy action, I've got zero problem with blade centering, liners, the clip, or the edge. I've been carrying almost daily since it arrived. I joined this new drop too becasue I LOVE this knife! I feel really bad for everyone who has had such a bad experience with this one. It seems like MD, Millit, and TJ had a really great opportunity here and somewhere it came off the rails. I really hope everyone can get their issues straightened out and get the same satisfaction out of this sweet little blade that I have!
are these still really 57-59 hrc?
This is a quote by TJ in bladeforums it has been also stated be millit somewhere in instagram i think
Thank you, I'm happy to hear you like the knife! I would like to point out that the final hardness is 60-61 Rc on the Perpetua. We've found that Nitro-V has great properties at that high of a hardness. Thanks again.