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Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua EDC Folding Knife

Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua EDC Folding Knife

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8/10/2018 UPDATE
Hi everyone,
We’re checking in with an update on the Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua EDC Folding Knife. We’ve been working closely with Millit to finalize production and we’re now tracking for an mid-September ship date. Again, thank you so much for your patience in light of the recent delays. We’ll be back with another update closer to the ship date.
8/3/2018 UPDATE
Hi everyone,
We have an update on the Massdrop x Schwarz Perpetua EDC Folding Knife. Millit is finalizing the laser engraving of the blades, and is preparing to send them to our warehouse over the next couple days. From there, we’ll be able to receive the shipment, do a quality check on our side, and ship the blades out. With the last pieces of work and travel time to us, we expect the blades to begin shipping out in about 2-4 weeks (the long range depends on logistics around packaging and shipping times). We’re sorry for the additional delay from our last estimate, and want to make sure we give you details on what’s going on behind the scenes. Production was slightly slower than expected overall (once the delayed metal was received). In the last few days, Millit ran into a couple snags with their new laser engraving system. They actually bought a new machine specifically for this project, and it has taken a bit longer than expected to get it working properly for this use case.
Here are a few of the latest production photos:

We know the additional delay sucks, and we’re sorry that you won’t get your blades for another few weeks. Obviously, in manufacturing new products delays come up, and it’s on us to keep you in the loop and do what we can to help minimize impact of these delays. We are working with Millit and our warehouse to get the blades shipped to us and prioritized at our warehouse to get sent out as soon as they arrive. We have also added a $10 coupon to your accounts, which will be automatically applied to the next drop you join.
If you don’t want to wait the additional time for this item, you can cancel your order via the transactions page:
As soon as we have a more firm ship date, we’ll be back with another update. (Next update on or before 8/16) Again, we’re sorry for the delay and appreciate your patience. We look forward to you receiving your knife soon.
Jaleesa and the Massdrop Team
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"... what I've said all along; people need to request refunds or chill out " Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man.

People have every right to be upset about such badly missed ship dates; it's not an over-reaction to be unhappy with two blown dates and little done to be kept in the loop. Could they have done a better job from the get-go on predicting an accurate date? Probably, but the lack of transparency & communication over delays only fuels the fire. If your amazon prime shipment was 2.5-3 months late you probably wouldn't be quick to 'just chill'.
I think the main point of the guys argument that you're missing is that there may or may not be deception involved. That the delays are not actually delays, that this is actually how long the production was intended to take. I've added a TL;DR at the bottom if you don't care to read a summary of why people think this may be the case, and why it's important to discuss.

By now Massdrop most certainly has detailed statistics on participation in a drop with respect to, among other things, expected ship date. They probably also have statistics on how many orders are canceled due to shipping delays, and the consensus (at least that I've seen on this thread) is the amount of people who will opt out of a drop due to delays is far less than amount of people who skip out on a drop due to an extended ship date. So there is a motive to give a ship date that is impossible to meet, because while they'll lose people when it isn't met, there still a net gain in participation.

Now just because there is a motive doesn't mean that is in actual fact what happened here. But discussing whether this a possibility I think is important. If they are willing to lie about one thing, isn't it feasible that they could make other claims and backtrack? "Blade will be in RWL 34!" then "The original estimate we got from the steel manufacture was unfortunately much lower than the actual cost. As such we will have to downgrade the steel to CPM 154CM, which is still a great, comparable steel! We apologize, and will apply a credit to your account, and open up cancellations to those who would rather have a refund".

It could also be on the manufacture's side as well. Massdrop could have came to them with an offer to give them this huge order, but they needed to meet a certain date. They could have agreed knowing that Massdrop really wouldn't have much of a choice but to stick with it even after a far blown ship date, and perhaps the agreed upon penalties for missing this would be far offset by the size of the order.

TL;DR Massdrop stands to benefit from overly optimistic initial ship dates, the guy is understandably concerned about this. I'm not saying any of this is true, again just because there is a motive doesn't automatically make them guilty. I think it's entirely possible that the manufacturer isn't used to such large orders, as I don't see comments about missed dates in drops where a much larger OEM (WE Knives) is involved. But when a ship date is this far overblown I feel like it is worth discussion, and adding unhelpful comments in the vain of "You're being an entitled idiot for caring about this" while not even bothering to take a minute out of your day to read why they care isn't helping the discussion.
Hey everyone,

We are very excited about this knife for a lot of reasons…

Our goal in making this knife was to produce a US-made, affordable workhorse knife that featured the same revered locking mechanism that Bill McHenry and Jason Williams created. This type of lock, which was patented and used only in Benchmade() and HK() knives for 20 years, has been time-tested by knife enthusiasts and others who have subjected them to all kinds of abuse on jobsites and on outdoor adventures for the 22 years it has been on the market.

The HK Axis (™) was consistently one of the most popular knives on Massdrop. Members consistently purchased hundreds of the full-size and mini versions (combined) every month, until it was discontinued late in 2016. Since then, I’ve been on a quest put a knife like this back in the hands of our members. At first, I tried to bring it back. When I learned that wasn’t possible, I set out to make something new and better and still affordable. I didn’t know how that would be possible at first, but then I met some willing partners who were just as excited about this idea.

First, we needed a US manufacturer who was willing to take on the project and able to execute the precision engineering and machining required to make a knife like this work - and not just work, but work well and reliably with every open and slice. Shane and Josiah at Millit Knives were fantastic partners on this project. They and their team of expert machinists spent many late nights at the shop milling stop pins, bending pocket clips, fitting springs, grinding blades, etc. Also they have the coolest shop dog I’ve met - but if you visit, be ready to throw the ball...a lot.

When we first approached Millit about the concept, we didn’t yet have a designer in mind. But, lucky for us, they were already collaborating with TJ on their Torrent model and had a good working relationship. It’s possible to make knives with designers and manufacturers who live in different countries and may not even speak the same language, but it sure is nice when they live miles away from each other and already share the same love for their work and speak the same design language. When Shane recommended TJ for the design, it was a no-brainer. That’s when things really got started.

TJ Schwarz is truly a pleasure to work with. He’s won awards for design innovation from a very young age, and been selected to design other knives by companies like Millit and CRKT. It was a privilege to have him as a partner, from the first sketch to the 3D-printed modeling, all the way through prototyping and filming his interview. Despite being incredibly talented, he’s also quite humble. During design revisions, he stuck to his design principles but listened with an open mind - we talked a lot about handle curvature and ergonomics, and how that affected the placement of the thumb stud. Ultimately, we had the prototype 3D-printed so we could evaluate it, which led to the slight lengthening of the inner curve to give pinky fingers, especially for those with larger hands, fit comfortably and grip firmly. I learned a lot, and we had fun spending time with him in Idaho to film the video you see on the page.

By joining this drop, you will also get to meet TJ and have a chance to ask him questions during a live Q&A that we’ll host in Apri. Also, TJ is going to hand-sign up to 1000 prints of his sketch of the Perpetua that we’ll mail to everyone while the production is underway.
Please note that final production versions will differ in some small but important ways from our prototype shown. The first and most significant is that the stop pin will be much shorter, so that it doesn’t protrude from the scales. It will also go through a tumbling process to soften the edges of each ‘tier’ so that it’s more comfortable in hand and in the pocket, but still easy to open. (photo below).

Community members also contributed to this knife’s refinement. We reached out to get feedback and, based on the comments, we made the following adjustments to the prototypes:

1) Increase the clearance between thumb stud and scale for easier opening
2) Soften the cuts on the jimping for a more comfortable thumb rest area
3) Increase blade length to maximum allowed within the handle

These were great suggestions. We appreciate this feedback, as well as TJ’s willingness to make the changes and Millit’s ability to execute them. THIS. This right here is what we are all about. Taking good stuff, making it better, asking the community how to make it great, finding awesome manufacturers to work with us and make them affordable. Sincere thanks and appreciation are due to everyone involved, and to you for making this possible!

Carry On -- Jonas
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Patience, and thanks for yours! I think they are printed and on the way to get signed - I am hoping we ship them in May, but it might be June.
Any possibility of an update on Delivery of the knife?
So over 4 weeks ago the project was at 99.9% done ... now it’s still a month away? what’s up with that ?
I love the look and specs of this knife. So bummed I missed the drop. How many requests would you need to do a second run?
I'm kind of hoping this is going to be a stocked item at some point like the FF Falcon.... Or maybe some over run for. The first drop, cancelations maybe
That would be excellent. I just know that I need one.
massdrop this is getting rediculous. first delay, delay,were on schedule, two weeks, mid month, next month now 40 days more. I will have to rethink future drops cuz this is dishonest
I hope this knife is worth the three month delay!
Just received the latest update, with the September estimate for shipping. Delays can be frustrating, and I know for myself, cancelling my order was starting to become a possibility.

But something occurred to me; when you think about manufacturers releasing new products, we almost never get a hard estimate. At best you hear about “Q2, 2018” release dates or, just as often, seemingly out of nowhere, the new product drops, and we all scramble to hopefully pick one up, if it’s limited production.

The stuff we we don’t see, and it’s the reason why it’s so frustrating here, are those material delays, refinement stages, QC issues, and machine problems that we’ve been experiencing here. We don’t see them with say, the knives that Millett designs & releases completely in-house, because we’re never exposed to the internal processes that happen within the companies whose knives we enjoy; we just find out they have a knife ready to buy, and either we get one or we don’t. The most frustration we experience is having a knife sell out, and we have to wait for more.

Anyway, I’ve come to realize that perhaps my expectations were misplaced in this drop. While it certainly falls upon Jonas and team to try and give us accurate estimates, much like life, things happen. Dont get me wrong; I’m frustrated as hell with having to wait longer and longer for this knife to get made. But what I realize is more important, is that I personally am willing to wait longer for a product that meets or exceeds my expectations, as opposed to a price of crap made poorly, but delivered on time. Here’s hoping that is the case here, and that all parties involved use the experience from this drop to better inform projects moving forward.
I'm beginning to suspect the name of the knife may be a shortened version of "Schwarz Perpetually Delayed edc folding projected ship date"
@JonasHeineman @JaleesaG Updated: Mid-September ship date which means an end of September ship date. How about another $10 credit? A three month delay!
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I have always received the $10 they promised.
i never have
Question, I see listed in the specs for the Perpetua that the blade hardness(HRc) is 57-59. Why such a lower level heat treat at between 57-59? At that HRc your not taking full advantage of Nitro-V's potential!!! The Nitro-V should really have a much high heat treat!!!
Hello everyone! I thought I would start things off with a big thank you to Jonas and his team at Massdrop for his leadership throughout the grueling process of refining this knife. Absolutely could not have done it without you.

Various sketches, models, 3D prints, and prototypes have been bounced back and forth for quite some time between myself, Millit and the Massdrop team. What you see here is the culmination of perhaps a lot more work than most people realize. The goal for this knife was for the end consumer to have the feeling that we "Thought of Everything" - we really did try to.

I hope you all like the design and I can assure you that Millit will be flexing their muscles as one of the nations highest quality OEM knife manufacturers on this project.

Thanks again
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That’s a badass concept
Did you consider a deep carry clip?