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I have the 2C Classic and it's powerful as $%^& I did change the opamp. Well build amps for sure.
This vs R2R-11?
I can't tell from the description, but is this the version without DSD?
look the specs, DSD feature included.
First time looking at a true external DAC, love clear, crystal sound and need a replacement for my internal Sound Card (Asus Xonar Essence STX). Pairing with Senn 650s. This looks like an amazing deal for the price and has the I/O I need (RCA, USB, 1/4 headphone) but am slightly worried about the volume knob issue reports and reports with a dull sounding headphone amp. Debating if I should jump at this or not. or jump at the airist audio R-2R/THXAAA 789 drops
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Honestly on paper they both look like great products. The reviws for the soundstage of the R2R is geared towards what I want and I can always pair with a good amp when it ships out in December...... 6 months to wait tho is quite awhile
Yes that's definitely true.
My DAC don't recogonize 44.1/24 PCM while it works for others. Anyone experiencing the same?
Well... I received my unit two days ago... here are some impressions:

1. The DAC itself sounds good. I have no complaints about the sound at all. I tried it with HD598 and HD660S. I feel like the amplifier is just enough to power the HD660S, not sure it can power something like HD600 or HD650...

2. It was shipped with a US power cord. So all you non-US guys should know that you'll probably need to buy a UK/EU or whatever power cord you need when it arrives.

3. Now to the problem... If you look at the manual, you'll see that there is a nice setup mode allowing to manipulate a variety of settings. You are supposed to move between the settings by rotating the volume nob, and alter a given setting by simply pressing the volume nob. Simple and elegant solution, I must say... Two days of use, and this thing somehow already got messed-up. Sometimes I just gently touch the volume nob, and it responds as if I pressed it.
As a result, settings get altered while I flip between them. It's very hard to operate the unit like that. I don't know if it's a firmware or hardware problem, but it's very annoying. If anyone is interested, I can easily record a video with my phone and share it...
I also received mine. Did you install the software. I tried to install, somehow my win10 gives me an error message, saying "The driver DLL required to access the device is missing".
Although I did not install the driver, I can still use it. Will it make any difference? THanks.
Initially, I did not bother installing the software since I did not need it. I'm just using the optical output of my sound card. I just wondered if it will work better via USB and here are the findings:
1. It only supports sampling rates up to 192kHz with 24-bit depth. Not that I really care, but it's not the 384kHz/32bit they talked about...
2. I believe I heard the familiar and annoying USB-popping when I tried USB. But it could be my imagination, because the volume knob failure drove me nuts at the moment.
Does anyone else have an issue with this dac clipping on certain low frequencies. I've tried the bass shaker test at the following site ( with many other dacs (Centrance DACport HD, Teac UD-301, Audio Technica AD-HA60, xDuoo TA-01) and never had a problem, but for some reason this one clips. It happens on the headphone outs and line outs. Is anyone else experiencing this or do I have a faulty dac?
Mine got shipped! Expecting
me too!! exciting
This one or / Denon pma50 🤔
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hello bro ur Wrong .. the 50 ohm its for speakers not headphone
the headphone jack for denon pma 50 can drive all the headphone 10 - 600 ohm with 3 level Gain 👌🏻
I already have the denon pma50 its great , but i wanna have more idea by Comparison with other device .
my senn 598s sounded so bad with the pma-50 that I measured the output impedance impedance of the headphone jack myself. the symptoms were bloated, uncontrolled bass and recessed mids and high end. Turned nice cans into Beats specials.

its not a difficult measurement to make. you just need a dummy load and either a low frequency sine wave and DMM or any audio sinewave and an oscilloscope.

the measurement calculation is explained here, in the technical section, after the discussion of the problems high output impedance can bring.
Looks a better deal the Topping 7s. Better DAC and better AMP. Am I missing something?
Do we know what service is going to be used for shipping outside of the USA?
(specifically Canada).

I'm contemplating shipping it to the border and driving to pick it up instead and taking a chance with duties at the border. Costs about the same amount