Mauviel 16-by-12-inch Copper Roasting Pan w/ Racksearch

Mauviel 16-by-12-inch Copper Roasting Pan w/ Rack

Mauviel 16-by-12-inch Copper Roasting Pan w/ Rack

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It finally arrived and wouldn't fit in my oven by half-an-inch. I got it to fit, when I removed everything, and turned it in diagonally. Sooooo sad
16x12 is the spec of the pan. the handles make it too big for conventional ovens

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This is not 15.7in wide.
I have logged 2 cases with support. The first one was closed because they claimed they have not heard back from me, but I sent them 3 mails with the photos below.
I opened a new support ticket.

For any Americans who may be looking at this, that is not at all a standard oven. By American standards that would be an absolutely tiny oven. A standard American oven opening is 24".
How can one suggest they do this drop again but the one with the brass colored or cast iron handles instead?
ooppss... wrong product, meant Emile Henry Tagine....
You can use this tagine on the stovetop as well....
Just a small warning: I've bought it here, got it, the quality is really good but it doesnt fit into my oven by 2cm. No joke. I cant use it, and no refund possible after you buy. So be carefull (the problem comes from the handles) and make sure it fits in your oven.
Any chance of one of the Mauviel 9- or 10-piece copper (not Tri-ply) dropping?
Are you referring to a 9 or 10 pc set?
If you post a link to the ones you are interested in I can
potentially get a drop going for it.
That would be great!

The best set is arguably the 250c 10-piece:

I have seen 150s 10-piece sets floating about, but can't find any on the official site. However Costco has a 150s 9-piece:’Heritage-Copper-with-Stainless-Steel-Interior-9-piece-Cookware-Set.product.100308163.html

Mauviel USA has a couple of 7-piece sets that are interesting also:



Any of these at a good price (and shipping to Norway) would be very interesting.
Costco currently sells this pan and they charge $199. It’s making this drop look even more enticing!’Heritage-Copper-Tri-Ply-Roasting-Pan-with-Non-Stick-Rack-%2526-Thermometer.product.100358559.html?catalogId=10701&langId=-1&storeId=10301&krypto=b7gFiBYTdz915CRdRzf12bsCwWPd%2Fu9XH%2BK5rtKe3zpZOqd9ZOp25GuREhe%2BGpw6jrdscPz5RED2eqJe0FyvwZwouJtB%2FSeyrNmYXkKHiD00Ossgf%2FIzQZdSpbljc5xB
In general I like Mauviel but the issue I have with some Mauviel has coating of copper that sometimes thin. At this price point I would be interested how thick it is. Over the years several manufacturers claim the advantages of copper but do not use a thick enough plating.
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Thank you for the reply it helps a lot.
The specs here say "Tri-ply copper, aluminum and stainless steel" but the link does not mention aluminum. Are you sure this is a similar product?
I have An all-clad this size and love it. I think it is the prefect size pan.
I've owned this roasting pan for a few years (just not the copper version) and it's really good. The support thing alone changes the way you roast chicken. You can roast a chicken over veggies and the chicken does not get wet and the skin gets nice and crispy while all the fat and juices drip on the underlying stuff. And the pan itself is very sturdy and heavy and well-built, and it looks pretty good.

I don't remember paying that much however (but again I have the stainless steel version not copper).
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I think you are absolutely correct for simply roasting however for casseroles the copper heats so evenly I find I get better results and save energy.i have used mauviel for forty yrs and have never burned one recipe due to even heating and lower cook temp .
Assuming equal thickness, the copper would give you better heat transfer, but you are right in the oven the difference would be basically nothing. That is in fact why they didn't bother making the roasting pan from 2.5mm copper but instead 1.5mm copper (well, 10% of the thickness is steel). 1.5 mm copper is no different than about a 3mm thick aluminum. It's more for looks than anything here.
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