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Mauviel M'250C Cookware Sets

Mauviel M'250C Cookware Sets

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Avoid Avoid, I had bad services from Massdrop. I purchased the 10 piece M250c set but received a cheaper different pot (largest) than advertised . Massdrop wont entertain refund/compensation because they said I contacted them a few days after 14 days period. I wont be buying any further from Massdrop. If you scroll down the discussions, they are others that received different items as well.
May I ask how much the 10 piece set cost you?
No 7 or 10 piece set.
Cool pots
Really wish I could buy the 10 piece set this drop!
Make sure the copper doesn't contain lead; look it up.
The 10 piece is not showing as an option at checkout
Massdrop, can you bring this drop back? I am interested in 7 piece and 10 piece set.
Drop still inactive, despite the day it's meant to be available passing? What gives?
hey just wondering what the shipping costs are to Australia?
Just putting my input in here to help anyone on the fence, I bought this drop a while back for my wife and she is in love. The quality at the 2.5mm thickness is great and the handles are Perfex! We are now piecing together other pieces to complete the entire set.
eh, I'm genuinely curious ~ what do these do which my Calphalon pans don't?
In the market for some new pots, but holy mackerel the price span is big.
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What do you mean by pretty much oven friendly? What's tinning?
Traditional copper pots and pans have no stainless steel lining. Since its all copper, it reacts to food and acid. To make it usable, you "tin" it. Meaning they do a process to line the copper with tin. Typically, this is done on a regular basis. With these pans, no tinning is required.

As for oven friendly, many other types of pots and pans have maximum heat tolerances. This is all metal and therefore has a super high heat rating which can withstand most oven temps. Most calphalon and other non stick pans with coatings cannot go into the oven at high temp. It'll ruin the surface. Its the same reason why one cannot place the pan into the dishwasher if non stick.
Is the 10 piece set shipped in the Mauviel wooden crate?
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We will certainly try to get them.
I would definitely be in for a 10 piece set with the copper handle version!
Would love the M'250B 10 piece set instead of this! The bronze handles look amazing with the copper.
Please make it a reality Massdrop!
Most chef's prefer cast iron, or in this case, cast stainless steel with electroplated iron, due to the fact they don't transfer the heat as quickly as the bronze handles. So if you have a reduction going for 30+ mins, you don't burn your hand when you grab the handle.

Bronze looks nicer, but requires more work to keep looking good, and again, is going to heat up faster than the iron.
Wonder how bad it is as I haven't seen anyone complaining about it online. Do you have experience with Mauviels bronze line or other brands?
Will try to find more information about it.