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Max Falcon-8 Programmable Macropad Kit

Max Falcon-8 Programmable Macropad Kit

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I'm really late to the party, but I've written a CLI-based firmware programmer for this keyboard:

It works by defining a layout in text format (example:

Works on linux, osx. (There's a windows build as well, but I don't have a windows machine to test it on.)
Having a little difficulty with the programming side of this - can't seem to have it save my key strokes. Shows up on the programming piece, but when I remove the jumper and hit reset, it continues to use the build in media settings? Anybody else have this issue and figure out how to change it?
Arrived safe n sound in Canada. Put it together tonight. No problems, nice quality, even took a nice coat of flat-black spray-paint like a champ and fits with all my other keyboards. Make sure you follow the directions to use the new firmware.bin in the v2.1 Instructions.

Not sure that I like the complicated programming system, but I have other macros available to me on other boards, so this is primarily a gaming pad, reading, and lock-station setup. Very handy if you have a 40 or some 60% boards for your main input device.
Are there non-video programming instructions for this anywhere online?
The programming tool on the Max Keyboard website has a text FAQ. You pretty much need to use it anyway, so instructions are included. The firmware has to be upgraded first, as our PCBs are the old Ver 1.0. All instructions are in the text file.

Watch the video if you want to learn to do the multi-key macros, though, it's a bit trickier.

Also, make sure you are using the "Max Falcon 8 V 2.1" utility, not the RGB one.
just bought this so i can use it to access the bios for my new ring intend to mount to the case and have it as a cool way to unlock and turn on my pc.
Annnnd I'm officially addicted to mechanical keyboards... *orders some fancy keycaps from ebay, sad they will likely arrive just before the actual Falcon-8 does*
I've been waiting so long for this...
I have one assembled, with cherry mx clears and black multimedia keys for sale. pm u/mangogello if interested
Anybody got their max falcon macropad yet?
Any body got the shipping information yet?
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Hold up, I think they just pulled a fast one on us. I just got shipping notification for that item!
HA! Yeah just got that too, way to send people mixed messages Massdrop
Does the software allow you to program launching custom applications with parameters? I watched the programming video in the description but the only thing I could see was programming keystrokes and basic windows functions.
You can do what it is you're looking for using something like NirCMD ( to map shortcuts to more complex functions.

For instance, I have a hotkey set up on my macropad that instantly puts all my monitors to sleep.
Has anyone tried running the reprogramming software in WINE on Linux? If so, did it work properly?
I wish I could just buy the PCB and standoffs because I've already bought the rest of this kit as a switch tester in a previous drop. Buying the PCB straight from maxkeyboards would set me back £35 for shipping alone.
Does anyone know of any clever and practical uses for this?
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I've seen people go as far as having an entire Planck keyboard purely for the macros they use on the daily. Having repetitive things automated is so much better on your hands and fingers.
This is belated, but perhaps it will help others. I don't know how clever it is, but I casually, manually dual-box WoW using two PCs with one.

I'm too cheap to pay a monthly subscription for multibox software, and has its drawbacks (especially if your computer setups are different like mine are - "real," hard core multiboxers have multiple, completely identical gaming rigs), so I bought this for my second PC. I can cover all the major spells with 8 buttons, so having the macropad set to numbers 1-8 (for action bar buttons 1-8) works well for my purposes (leveling, world quests, farming old content).

I've tried using gaming pads like the G13, but having small hands, they didn't work well for me - and they took up more desk real estate. The Falcon-20 is a bit overkill for my needs, but if Max Keyboard comes up with a 10 or 12 key macro pad, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.