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Retails on the company's site and Amazon for $60. Massdrop's MSRP is accurate. Not knowing the shipping, I would suggest that this is worth it over Amazon (for once), as they don't offer Prime, selling for $65 + 4.99 shipping.

This edition of the game appears to have both the cards and board, but the cards alone can be found on their website for $25 (

The price, however, seems to have gone up to $60 at some point since November 2017, when it was promoted at $42 ( Either way, you're paying pretty much what it's suggested to be worth.

As to the difference between card & board game editions, here's quote from the game's maker:

"Cards Only Game: Just Cards, No Board Full Version: Has Board and Cards and Player Pieces. The Card Game is a simpler version and the board game has 4 additional elements. "

So if you want a more in-depth experience, the board game as offered by MD is the better bet.
from what I've read the card game basically boils the game down to a CAH style game which is a subgame of the full game.
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