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Whats the difference between this and the gaming cable?
This cable is the mCable Ultra. It is the older version, which seems to be no longer advertised on their website.
Looking for clarity because I'm by no means a pro: if my monitor is UHD and connected to my PC with a displayport cable, would that be superior to buying and using one of these instead?

Most games have resolution options up and beyond my monitor so that's not an issue, but I notice that a lot of my media is now woefully under-detailed. I guess I'm asking if anyone knows if this would be an upgrade or a downgrade when viewing HD/bluray when the alternative is displayport? Would it have a downgrading effect on games which can display at UHD resolutions?
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Just wondering about any noticeable improvement to 720p/1080p movies using this instead of displayport. Using a UHD monitor at 3440x1440 has diminished my appreciation of the movies' quality, so I'm wondering if the upscaling effect would improve the movie's quality over viewing them unaltered through displayport... I'm not sure how else to ask the question? :S
So the mCable will make it better, it will do the same thing as the displayport but it will increase certain details making it better. They both technically upscale but only one will make it better.
Hello everyone! I know this is quite late, but I needed some help before I buy this- I watched Linus and I'm a bit confused; I have a 4k monitor; but my laptop can only output 4k 30Hz. I have some 1080p content; if I'm using this cable- do I need to set my resolution to 1080p; or do I leave it at 4k when playing my 1080p movies? Also, my movies are of a low bitrate, will this cable improve the visual experience?

Edit- my local Fry's has this listed for $21; nevermind, not buying this.
It does not matter what the resolution is set to.
Anyone tried this out on the Nintendo Switch?
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Sort of. A lot of videos I had seen recommended reducing the sharpness of your TV and letting the mcable do the work. My TV sharpness was set to 60 (out of 100), and I reduced it to 50. It seemed to look better after I did that. Also, make sure to turn OFF any upscaling features on your TV.
Also, there seems to be no noticeable input lag. I was able to play (and win (: ) multiple Rocket League competitive matches. I also battled a few mini-bosses in Breath of the Wild and everything seemed normal. If there was any input lag, it wasn't enough to impact gameplay.
So if I have a 2k monitor and connect my ps4 with this, will it upscale to 2k or will it not do anything unless it's 4k? Can I also plug it to a HDMI switch no problem?
It will upscale to 4k and the monitor will down sample to 2k, resulting in better quality than plain 1080p. LTT has a video in which this cable impressively works pretty damn well. For $30 it is pretty appealing
First off, vanmmyers was very close, but according to the maker of the mCables, the onboard chip actually detects the screen resolution - so it won't go up to 4K and back down to 2K, but just straight to 2K; and this is supposed to work better than jumping back and forth (all of this is allegedly...I have no way to confirm this).

As for the HDMI switch, I can give you a definitely-maybe. I don't know exactly what mumbo-jumbo is going on inside the cable, but it's very possible that if your switch isn't HDCP compliant that the source will either A. not upscale or B. not display at all. Your mileage may vary from one HDMI switch to the next.
Is this the Gaming or Cinema version? Either way it seems to cheap as those MSRP @ $120-$150
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Actually, this is the mCable Ultra. I received mine today and that's what the packaging said.
Interesting. That doesn't seem consistent with the images/descriptions here, but thanks for sharing the info. I'm all in favor of Massdrop managing to wrangle a better deal for newer versions and it certainly would make this a better buy.

That being the case though, dear MD: please update the photos and description to clarify which version of the product this actually is.
Just to let anyone who wants this or the gaming edition for their PSVR it won’t work with the second generation hmd, Only the first. I don’t know why, but I bought one and the screen stayed black I sent it back they tested it and others and their conclusion was it was only a problem with 2nd gen hmd.
No option for the gaming version?
Does nothing besides 720p to 1080p for a 4k@30hz TV :-(
LMAO, I've been scratching my head trying to figure out what is shipping to me, I got an alert from FedEx on Monday and today I got a notice from Massdrop.