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Wow, what a horrible experience with this product. It was defective right out of the box, passing no signal at all, and mCable stopped communicating with me when they realized the product was no good. I can post the email string to prove it. I'd pass on this one.....
Hi Ed240,

I'm from Marseille, maker of the mCable. Please let me know what site you purchased the product from and confirm which mCable product was purchased. If your product is our latest version and was purchased from our official Amazon site or at, you can return it without a problem. We take strong pride and love what we do - if there is a problem we will make it right.

The mTeam
I bought it on Massdrop, and returned it to them when mCable ceased any effort to help me.
Hi, I'm from Marseille, the maker of mCable. To address your resolution question, you don't have to mess around with the system resolutions to use the cable. However, if you want the best performance, set your content device to output at 720p and it will upscale to 1080p and provide superior enhancement of your image vs. having 1080p content as the source output. If you have a 4K TV, 1080p content will upscale to near-native 4K.

To address the prior question of the 3 generations of mCables, we recommend purchasing the most recent mCable Gaming or Cinema editions. We are very proud of our legacy generations; the difference comes from the updated computer inside the cable, which addresses the on-going changes and upgrades the game and console manufacturers make. Like an iPhone, the older versions are great even though they don't support the latest offerings.

As for the difference between our mCable Gaming & Cinema Editions, the Gaming also upscales and enhances movie/TV/streaming content, and the Cinema will do the same to games. However, each has their own special requirements and algorithms in the computer designed to maximize each separate and unique experience. For instance, our advanced anti-aliasing is specially designed to meet the needs of gaming content, which has unique needs in having realistic edges and elimination of shimmering effects.

Finally, we are constantly looking at new product development and are working on bringing some exciting new products to the market in 2019. We love what we do and want to make sure you fully enjoy your mCable - let me know if you have additional questions.

The mTeam
A really basic question, if you take 720p and upscale it to 1020p, is that any different to what my LG Webos TV already does? Do some televisions just fill 2/3 of the screen or something?

My TV is 4k, but generally runs a 1k picture, and my standard definition netflix is less than UHD. It all fills the screen and looks fine. Would this cable do anything for me?
Yes - there's a difference between filling the TV screen and actually enhancing the source content pixel by pixel, giving you more detail, greater depth, vibrant colors and a stunning picture. With your 4k TV, your content with mCable will appear near-native 4k. Check it out at
Do I have to mess around with system resolutions to use this cable? If I play a lower resolution video fullscreen on my display's native 1080p resolution, will it apply any sharpening/processing?
It's the second gen.
Is this the Cinema version or the Gaming version.... Would like the Gaming one.....
Did anyone else get an oxidized cable hdmi cable like mine? How would I go about getting an exchange if someone has experienced this as well?
does this support 2560x1440 144hz ??
So, all the confusion was driving me (and possibly others) nuts. I decided to settle things for myself at least, and just ordered one for the sake of working out what this drop is really for:

What arrived was definitively what mCable classifies as their "Legacy" - or first generation - cable (pictured exactly as you see in the images for the drop). Not the latest, 3rd gen gaming/cinema cables. Not the 2nd gen "Ultra" (gold sheath) cable. (Worth noting though that the marketing on the back of the box states, "...our third generation processing technology." So who knows how much random shenanigans is afoot?)

I'm trying to get my hands on a few different components to test the cable, but might not have them in-hand for another week or so. Once I do, I'll try to post some comparison stills and testing method to help out. (Maybe that belongs in the new "Reviews" section?)
could be they software updated their older cables.....who knows.... would be nice if the company would explain... at this price alot of people would try it either way......their top end cables are nice but...the price..........ouch...

would love a display port version for my monitors... with the ability to turn gaming/cin mode on/off...
Agreed on the gaming/cinema mode switch, but (at least according to the company) it sounds like they are using 2 different processors between the 2 cables. So if they made a cable with both processors, but it just cost twice as much as the 3rd gen cables do now...(so what, ~$250 USD?) I don't think that helps much. (Which is my nice way of saying, "I absolutely will not buy a cable at that price.")

In truth, I'd prefer they spend less time refining the visual quality (it's already pretty good), and more time figuring out how to reduce the overall cost.

As for display port: by the time you hit the output of the cable, the processing should already be done, right? In theory then, there isn't anything stopping you from tacking on an adapter to DisplayPort, DVI, or whatever. It's an interesting thought. If I can find some kind of adapter laying around in one of my many cable bins of shame, I'll try testing this out.
As of today (Apr. 24, 2018), this particular drop is for the 2nd Gen. mCable: the mCable Ultra.

TheBowArrow Looks like I owe you an apology for correcting you on the version of this cable (should have checked more thoroughly - my mistake).

Finally had a derp-moment and realized I could just Google the model number from Massdrop's order page to clean up this confusion. *In spite* of the fact that every image on the drop page is of the 1st gen. "Legacy" mCable, all 3 cable length options and their respective product numbers point to the 2nd gen. mCable Ultra.

[At least, according to Google and Rakuten. Links follow.]

Apologies for any confusion my original "corrections" caused. (Now, watch them ship the legacy cable...)
Would this be good for playing Xbox one backwards compatible games?
Great cable and it does work. I watch a lot of anime and it's Its most noticable for me with upscalling 720p to 1080p. The colour correction and image sharpening is great. I game with this cable just fine and there is no noticable lag so unless your competitive there should be no need to get the 1ms "gaming" variant. Linus Tech Tips does a review of these mCables and it's really well done. Definitely recommended.
Whats the difference between this and the gaming cable?
This cable is the mCable Ultra. It is the older version, which seems to be no longer advertised on their website.
One important note: this actually isn't the mCable Ultra either. That was 2nd gen (Ultra), and this is actually the 1st (now called "Legacy"). The Ultra is actually a gold/bronze color cap with a silver band around it. And for others' reference, the 3rd gen was split into 2 categories: Cinema and Gaming.

[Quick Edit: I'd nearly forgotten, but at least one person stated that they definitely received the mCable Ultra - despite the fact that the one pictured in the drop is the mCable Legacy. Not having received one myself, I can't say which you'd actually wind up with; so your mileage may vary.]

That took a bit of digging, but there's actually a video from the mCable CEO that helped to outline the differences on YouTube.