Mcusta MC-18 Sengoku Busho VG-10 & Damascus Folderssearch

Mcusta MC-18 Sengoku Busho VG-10 & Damascus Folders

Mcusta MC-18 Sengoku Busho VG-10 & Damascus Folders

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Anybody got experience with these? Mcusta has had problems with qc in the past, particularly lockup issues, so I am curious if that has changed.
Yet again, no Ieyasu with Damascus. Third time this drop hasn't had what I wanted.
I almost bought one of each. No pocket clip is a deal breaker for me. I love the look.
Wish these came with a pocket clip.
Mcusta in a nutshell. Fantastic EDC knives with no pocket clips.
Mcusta actually does make ONE knife with a pocket clip. It'd be cool to see Massdrop do a drop on that knife, but I'm not sure if that'd even be possible.
Not a good deal.
Knife Center has it In Stock with free and immediate shipping for $108.95
Also, they list it as having a $144.95 SRP.
probably because there not the same knife. the ones you linked are the MC-1 this drop is for the MC-18
So, no pocket clip at all? The back side is not shown. Seems like a deal breaker to me...
I kind of hate that there's a constant flood of Mcusta products. This price for VG-10 is a bit steep. But. These particular knives are just beautiful. If only all of their knives looked this good.
i want this green one, make it possible massdrop plz
green one with pocket clip too plz
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Is there a pocket clip?
Apparently not, unfortunately. It's a shame, because I would love one of these, but without a pocket clip, it's not really practical.
No shipping to europe?
I'd buy it if they had the Ieyasu in damascus.
yup and the Nobu in damascus is sold out. Looked like a promising drop :(
Massdrop can only offer what the manufacturer has guaranteed to provide. For all we know, these could be the last of the stock held by manufacturer. As for the Damascus blades, the design is determined by how the blade folded and forged. I got 3 on the last drop, and they look good.
And this time the style I want isn't even in the drop. ffs