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MDG Cat's Eye Frosted Blue Polyhedral Set

MDG Cat's Eye Frosted Blue Polyhedral Set

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Cradle the Cat’s Eye

For weighted rolls, elegant style, and an upgrade to any gaming collection, try the Cat’s Eye Frosted Blue polyhedral set from Metallic Dice Games. Made from natural Cat’s Eye (chrysoberyl) gemstone—a stone known for its properties of good fortune, serenity, and happiness—these dice feature a mystical aesthetic with subtle bright streaks on the edges. The white Arabic numerals make the colorway really pop. 

Note: At checkout, you can add a dice bag in black, blue, green, purple, or red for (+ $3). 

MDG Cat's Eye Frosted Blue Polyhedral Set


  • Metallic Dice Games
  • Chrysoberyl gemstone
  • Arabic numerals
  • 16 mm


  • 1 D4
  • 1 D6
  • 1 D8
  • 1 D10
  • 1 D12
  • 1 D20
  • 1 percentile die


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