MDG Engraved Aquamarine 16mm Polyhedral Dice Setsearch

MDG Engraved Aquamarine 16mm Polyhedral Dice Set

MDG Engraved Aquamarine 16mm Polyhedral Dice Set

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Is this the same material as the cat's eye aquamarine, or is this a different stone?
They appear to be the more expensive engraved variant of the cat's eye aquamarine, yeah.
I got the dark blue ones for my bday aug 3rd and love these MDG dice. Brother has a bunch for dnd and they are amazing. I already join the drop and can’t wait to see them.
Absolutely beautiful dice. They look different from every angle and the lettering is really crisp. They have great weight and satisfying sound. A perfect compliment to my aluminum dice. d20 weighs 13.85g. I have one issue though, the d20 is way oblong. The second and third pictures show the non uniform angles on the d20.


Just got these dice yesterday, and I have to say that they're really high quality. Great etched and painted numbers, no defects, came individually wrapped and packaged in a seperate but together package (think a weekly pill container). I would advise, as others have, not to roll these on a hard surface, or rolling them into each other, as they are definitely susceptible to cracking.
I'm definitely not an expert, but no matter how closely I look at the numbers on these dice they look very much painted-on and not engraved. Am I missing something?
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This is a buyer beware situation...some of these come with engraved numbers....others have come with just painted. They really should sell them separately, since the painted ones are still cool.
My brother has a set and they are engraved then painted in the engravin.
Are these natural gemstone or a synthetic gemstone?
ro my humble opinion, they look to NICE to be natural real. They more like like synthetische real.
I've seen a similar set on Etsy but the color for the set on Etsy looks more green-blue aquamarine. Does anyone know the true color of this set?
The website shows a picture of "engraved" Cat's Eye Aquamarine with Gold Ink at $80, and a "painted" Cat's Eye Aquamarine with White Ink at $45. Looking at the D20 image, the digits have a slightly rough look to them, which matches the "engraved" process, not the smoothness of the painted process. Factor in the font colour and the price, and these are *probably* engraved. But not all their gemstone drops have been. Just my opinion.
I am pretty sure these are Engraved *Cat's Eye* Aquamarine dice if anyone was wondering what type of stone it was. I didn't see it anywhere on the page but if I am wrong feel free to correct me.
I noticed these say "engraved". I have a previous version which has painted numerals (some of which have rubbed off over time). Are these a new version?
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I bought this set last drop and they are indeed engraved.
mine just came in and they were not engraved