MecArmy TPX20 Tactical Pensearch

MecArmy TPX20 Tactical Pen

MecArmy TPX20 Tactical Pen

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This pen needs a special refill that contains poisonous ink...

I’m trying to imagine how this looks when you use this as an actual pen. That ring part is going to look so dorky as you write. I guess I can try holding it with a digit through that ring (finger or thumb?) and write like a toddler, and be ready for anyone who wants to creep up on me and attack me and stab them in the ”secret nerve” places. Yeah...
Not a fan of tacticool. I am more of a minimalistic/classic aesthetic kinda guy.... not like I could order this anyways, finger ring with spike makes this illegal in Canada.
Lol They cancelled the drop
This is the stupidest thing I've seen on MD yet, and I bought the mini-grappling hook, for f*ck's sake. Too much more of this tacticool nonsense and I'm going to ditch the EDC category.
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The pen part costs 6-10 dollars. The window breaker part costs 5 dollars (which is the neat part imo). So the housing costs 85-90 bucks that Mec Army makes? No...

I'm going to have to disagree with you and say the potential customer is not the criminal here. This price point is robbery.

I do love my MecArmy compass though...
I Carumba! I made my initial comment without noticing the PRICE! That tares it--anyone who buys this thing needs remedial education, adult supervision and an online chaperon.
This is a weapon, it is NOT a pen. In Aus it will be illegal to carry.
Put this in my hand and I dare you weenies to make fun of it or me! Try it & I'd just tap you with that carbide tip on one of the secret nerve spots (and there are many), & you'd go down like a sak of potatoes my friend. I think it's kinda cool, wish it was a bit cheaper.
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You're so tough. We're all scared.

Feel better now?
You have a deep sense of humor, my man.
I think there are a lot of people that would find this very neat and useful. Perfect my MY edc anyways. Anyone who has one, care to give us a review?
I think it’s awesome. For sure on the tacti-cool side, but hey, I’m always looking for alternative self defence items for the collection, and the wifey wont carry a knife, so this will suffice.
I dunno man, pretty cool, but there's only one skull, and I see several surfaces that could have more spikes and/or bottle openers.
Why not just make it a single shot pistol?
Ships to AU? Guessing customs are going to have fun with this one :)
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I've imported many knives from the states, no issues, but this falls under a knuckle duster? Interested to hear if anyone in AUS has managed to get one through though.
I see, didn't think of that hmm not sure then.
Neo's across the US will love this...
Wait, the Neo's where you live have money? Around here they're mostly hobos..
For those times you’re trapped upside down in your car, underwater, and soon to drown and you need to write your last will and goodbyes.