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MEE Audio Matrix3 Bluetooth Headphones

MEE Audio Matrix3 Bluetooth Headphones

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Listen to gasmaskdude and do not buy it. The quality of Mee Audio suck. Mine broke within three months of usage. It is very cheaply made. I would not recommend it to anyone.
I haven't used these but i did have a pair of in-ears from this brand(shure se 215 knockoffs) was a total waste of 50$, sounded terrible and built just as bad. I went for the Shures and man was i blown away by the difference in audio quality.
Id recommend spending a bit more for a better product.
How much does the shipping cost to Finland?
Anyone have hands-on experience with these over a period of 6 months or so? I'm wondering if they solved the problem the Matrix2's had where the plastic surrounding the sliders broke for many users.
Does " Estimated ship date is Aug 28, 2017 PT. " means that they will only send the package on aug 28 ?
HFP 1.5? God, engineers are lazy! You need 1.6 for HD voice support. AptX support is also not universal in Android world.
This does not have much of a drop in price. If aptx hd is coming, they might want to drop a bit more.
Hi everyone, do these maintain the superbly flat, close to boring frequency curve from the matrix2, or do they go for a more mainstream sound signature? I hope they didn't change that, I would rather have great vocal presentation over thumping bass any day of the week. There are literally thousands of headphones that can deliver the latter.
Mine had a huge recess in the lower treble, compared to most mid-fi headphones like Thinksound, AKG K553, Senn MOE, v-moda M80/XS etc.
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Not to be negative, but denim has got to be the most god awful material ever to be used on anything but actual jeans👖 Not even Sennheiser could make denim look good.
who cares about denim... it's not Beats headphone, therefore automatically a fashion inferior. Just enjoy the music and don't walk out of the house with it.

How do these sound compared to DT990 Pros? I've been looking into wireless headphones, and the only one so far that I want is about 200 out of budget.
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DT990 have the most emphasis on bass. But I'm not at all familiar with all the technical details and how to describe them.
The Matrix-3 is the opposite - the low bass is weak.
With Qualcomm's newest wireless technology,''Aptx-hd" is coming out and will be used by lot of newly released devices in this year, i suggest that you wait for a while.
All noise-canceling bluetooth headphone;the likes of sennheiser pxc 550, sony mdr1000x or bose qc series will get an updated version with this newest aptx-hd
Not Sonys, since their LDAC tech is superior to aptx-hd and now is included by default in Android O +
Which Apt-X version is this? Is LL (Low Latency) supported?

Couldn't find which one on the MeeAudio website either!
I can confirm Brainwavz HM5 pads fit on these headphones. Much better than the stock earpads if you have larger ears.
how do you install them?
Cut a notch around the mounting clip. I did a sloppy job, but the pads stay on after installation,