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MEE audio Pinnacle P2 IEM

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Just got mine in and they sound good. My Noble X (my everyday IEM's) are at Noble for repairs and I wanted to pickup a backup pair of IEM's to keep in my work truck. I used to have the P1's and they sounded great off an amp, but lacked bass. I sold them. I really like these P2's so far. Bass is much better than the P1's and at the sale price, these are a steal. They may not be at the level of some of the upper end IEM's, but they are way better than what most people are buying at twice the price. Did a quick A to B against my older Noble 3's last night and the Nobles were much fuller sounding with a lot more detail and wider sound stage. The Noble bass was more solid as well. I didn't feel like the P2's were going to be outclassed that bad until I did the A to B test. I was really happy with them till I put on my Nobles. I still think that the P2's sound very good for what they are. I will buy a few more pairs if they are available on sale again. I really don't think they are bad at full price, but I would probably spend slightly more on something else given that situation. There are some pretty decent IEM's these days at just north of $100.
Just got mine! Any recommendations on a replacement cable?
And it's on its way to us, way ahead of the estimated ship dates!
Can confirm. Exciting and should now definitely arrive before Christmas!
Got mine today. Sound great.
How do these compare to the 1more Triple-Driver IEMS?
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How I wish mine lasted :(
Looks like we are in the same boat on this one. From the get go I realized that the cables near the earpiece were thin and delicate , devoid of any sort of reinforcing with thicker rubber or plastic. I thought it may be have been due to my occasional usage going with it for gym sessions but now i really feel that its the usual daily usage of the iems being coiled for storage, being entangled etc. Oh well.... i guess replaceable cables are still the way to go.
These or the NuForce EDC drop, anyone have an opinion on which is better?
I have the P2’s and just got the MEE Planamics..... The P2 are SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE AND FIT BETTER! The sound is better balanced as well. The Planamics sound pretty good when I can actually get them sealed in my ears, but that’s just it, they fit so poorly that it takes too much tinkering to get them to fit well. Stick with the P2 and you’ll be happy.....they sound great!
Really nice deal. I have a few pairs of these. Pros:
  • Outstanding comfort
  • Can be worn down or over ear
  • Great isolation with Comply tips
  • MMCX connectors
  • Low impedence for mobile use
  • Subtle look
  • Nice-looking case and full suite of accessories
  • Wish case was a little bigger
My notes on sound: Great at this price. If I had to criticize, I'd say that this headphone is a little compressed and bright. It doesn't have much power at the low end and can trend bright, but Comply tips help with that (at the expense of some top-end clarity).
This is a fantastic deal. I picked up the P2 for $70 in the recent blue box (was listening to them when I saw this deal today). It was a steal at that price. At $42, it's hard to imagine a better deal. For context, these are selling in the same price range as the frequently recommended budget champs, SoundMagic's E10, and the P2 blow those out of the water. I picked up two of these for gifts. They have nice packaging that aligns much more with their list price than their selling price here. These would be a great entry point for someone wondering what good headphones sound like. Soundwise, they are solid all-arounders. Pretty balanced, good clarity, with no heavy emphasis that stands out starkly. They have more bass than the P1/PX, but they aren't bass heavy. My only real complaint is the cable, which is rather thick and stiff. Here is a real world shot, along with a side-by-side with their PX big brother.


I agree with everything you said. Spot-on review. I got mine on Amazon for a bit under $70 and they definitely sound like they're worth more than their price tag. I still like the PX a bit more overall but only when I have the amp to push them. The P2 are definitely the better EDC pair.
Yep, I feel the exact same way about the P2 relative to the PX. The PX shines with good power.
I purchased the P2 at full price on Amazon a year ago and consider them good value at $100 - so at less than half price this is a definite bargain. The overall sound signature is similar to the P1 - but this has a warmer, more 'mainstream consumer' tuning - with less treble extension and less resolution than the P1 (and they are much easier to drive than the P1). They are a very pleasant listen with good sense of space and an "all round" tuning that works pretty well with most genres. Performance wise I rank them more or less on par with my SE215s - although these are brighter than the 215s. Big plus is that they are light and super-comfortable. I can wear them for hours with no problem and the negative profile fit means you can lie down with them in. MEE microphones are also good so call quality is fine. This is the cheapest of the MEE cables - it's ok but a bit stiff. The braided upgrade cable is better (comfort & durability- wise - not sound-wise). The carrying case is excellent. I also have the EDC1 and the P2 is much better in build and sound quality - comfort is a draw. I haven't noticed any durability problems after 1 year. At this price, these are a great buy for gym, commuting, every day out and about, where you want good quality sound but you don't need a 'critical listening' level of performance.
Very tempting at this price. P1/PX seems more neutral with better stage/separation in reviews.... but notice manufacturer recommends using with amp. I prefer something I can drive directly from a portable device. Anybody have experience with P1/PX who can comment on sound quality without amp? I currently have EDC3 and Tin T2 pro at the moment. Love the fit of the EDC3 but feel bass and stage could be better. Tin T2 pro is a bit better in these respects but just isn't comfortable for me. Any thoughts how P2 compare? Sidegrade? Upgrade in any respect?
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I have the edc1s and they have nice bass. Not a ton, but I've heard they have more than the edc3s do. I haven't heard the 3s to confirm though. If these are as comfortable as the edcs, it's worth a try $$. Makes long phone calls nice. Anyone on long wear comfort / sleeping?
I have the PX. They need to be amped to sound good. I cannot drive them satisfactorily from my Pixel 2(via dongle), my iPhone 6s+, or my iPad Pro. The PX are extremely comfortable. I have been eyeing the P2 because I wanted a little more bass response from the PX and also something I could drive without an amp. I ended up getting a set of MD Noble Luxe which I really like, but at this price the 02 are hard to pass up on.
Man, every audiophile in the world should purchase these at this price just to have them. Ridiculously cheap!