Mega Nanodots (30 Count)search

Mega Nanodots (30 Count)

Mega Nanodots (30 Count)

Where's the price?
To negotiate the best possible price for our members, we must agree to hide our prices externally.

Can we ever get the little TINY ones in a group buy? Please?
Seriously?!? It's not available to ship in the Philippines anymore? Why MASSDROP?!?
id love to buy these, but the POSTAL office charges 13 euro to put in tax declerations. even tho tax would only be 3 or 4 euro.
I'd love these, but shipping is half the cost of one order of the item and goes up if you select more than 1. That's crazy...
Stranger Things Season 2 is here!!! Welcome to the Upside Down Everyone.
Meow! Friday the 13th! Fall is here! Who's looking forward to Halloween?
Hello everyone! We're trying to make a collaboration with Massdrop on some custom colors. If you're interested, here's a link to our poll!
Hello Massdrop! We've started a Nanodots contest with Massdrop! Take a look, share, and send in your submissions! We're super excited to see all of your "Emoji" creations!
Hi All! To help clarify, there is no pouch with the Mega Nanodots. Sorry for any confusion.
"Specs: Travel pouch and tube." There's no pouch included. Personally I'm not bothered but it's incorrect & misleading to advertise it.
Is there really no pouch? I think that'd matter to some people. Massdrop, can you confirm the pouch on this?
I didn't receive one anyhow. It comes in a closed tube {as shown} and the balls are coved by another tube, the two black ends can be unscrewed to gain access to a User Guide and a sheet containing pics of Nanoconstructs - they are housed individually in either end. Both were poorly folded but like the missing/incorrectly listed pouch it's incidentally to yours truly as the product itself is worth it & the tube it comes in is fine for storing the Nanos. There's no mention of a pouch on the housing or in the User Guide.
Mail call. They are interesting. I think my kids will have fun with them.
However, they do not have the same strength to weight ratio that my all my small Zen Magnets and Neo Cubes have. In fact, I'm positive that my little Neo Cubes ($5 per 216 pack), have a stronger pull strength. They really need to have enough power to not just fall apart when picking up a few with less than 10 hanging. With my Neo Mags, I can lay out an entire pack of 216 into a single chain, and pick them up holding only a single one on the end. Could probably add half as many more to it, and still hold them all by a single ball on the end.
So.....interesting, but could be a whole lot better. At nearly $1 per ball (after shippin), I had higher hopes.


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There is a precise reason and prose for the size and strength of Mega Nanodots. Check out our post about this here.
Thank you. I'll check it out. Our family is a real pushover when it comes to magnetic toys.
$6.75 shipping ... really? There goes all you cost savings ...
Completely agree. Absurd shipping cost. I'll pass.
Are these good quality? Thinking of getting them but idk how the quality of these are
I love magnet toys. Probably more than my kids even. 😁 They are especially handy to give to kids when driving for an extended period of time. And similar situations . They are how we first figured out the value of fidget toys for ADHD kids.
In this pic is a sphere that I made a while back. Actually have one at home and the office. If I remember correctly, they took just shy of 10 packs of 216 for each ball. They are the original small nano dot size.

Buyer beware. A similar toy, BuckyBalls were made illegal to sell in the US in 2012 until a judge overturned the ruling in 2016. They can be very dangerous for children or pets if they are ingested. They will stick together in the stomach and pin the intestines together and the only way to remove them is with surgery. That said, I own many sets of BuckyBalls and they are an awesome toy, especially for the office. Just please be aware of the very real danger if you have pets or children.
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Lol! Omg! I literally spat out my coffee...😲
Hard to believe that these are legal, but Kinder eggs are not! LOL
So... milli-dots.
Man, I wish this drop had the blue color. The blue Mega nanodots are BEAUTIFUL!

Blue now available!
@cpl1 I assume that these can work together with standard Nanodots. These magnets still have a "North" and "South" pole as would any magnet. @toooonc No, I don't think these are legal in Canada. Bummer, eh?! @RyanMP1011 I would have to say, these are nothing like buckyballs, because they're Nanodots! However, yes in principle, they're the same.
Are these usable with the standard size Nanodots ( that dropped last week? Obviously they're both magnetic, but I've heard elsewhere that similar magnetic toys of different diameters don't always get along.
Can this be shipped to Canada ? Is it is banned there?
Anyone have experience with these? Are they like buckyballs?
yes but bigger.