Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen (2-Pack)search

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen (2-Pack)

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop Fountain Pen (2-Pack)

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To anyone that has ordered this...did your shipment come safely?
Because I had just received my order today. And with one of the boxes, the seal was broken and the two refillable ink cartridges were missing.
I kinda took a gamble with joining this drop (I had some doubts but decided it was most convenient for me to order these pens through this service) but I didn't even get what was advertised. I'm kinda disappointed with this drop :/
The seal on one of mine was still closed and both cartridges were missing anyway.
Another Massdrop fail. Why have you downgraded this formerly great drop!? Instead of selling the Pilot pack with the converter, you are selling the cheezy big box office store version WITHOUT the converters! I can get these pens for less--with the converter--from my local third generation fountain pen shop.
This is beyond ridiculous.
IMHO, I've gotten some good deals here but this is not one of them. I just bought the turquoise pen, fine nib, for $9.65 USD on Amazon, and that included a squeeze type converter and one ink cartridge. The foam-lined Pilot container it arrived in doubles as a case. Free 2 day shipping since I have Prime. Other colors and nibs were available at different prices. -- Lyn
My pens apparently shipped 15 June and disappeared sometime around 21 June because Asendia cannot track anything within Canada and does not register shipping info with Canada Post like the USPS does.
(FWIW, 103 trustpilot users rate Asendia 0.8/10 https://trustpilot.com/review/asendia.com)

Happily, Toby, at Customer Service, was very helpful and issued a prompt refund.
Thank you, Toby!
Update: My shipment arrived today, 7 weeks after shipping date.
So ugly...
Such a shame that those types of pens don't work for left-handed :(
(Those tips are made to write from left to right, or else they tear the paper/no ink comer out)
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I'm left handed. This is one of my favorite, smooth writing pens. Maybe you got a bad one?
Oh I think I see the problem now. I'm left handed as well and I have found that though I must push hard to write with most other types of pens, fountain pens require no pressure - the weight of the pen itself is enough to cause the ink to flow onto the page with capillary action. I have included pictures of myself writing with a Metropolitan to show how I do it - I do turn the pen a certain way for the flow to work, but I write normally. It's incredibly smooth and fun to write with.

They can't mean "compatible with standard cartridges," can they? I was pretty sure that these only worked with proprietary Pilot/Nakimi cartridges.
I think your right.
You'll get a way better deal on amazon for this pen.. choice between medium and fine, and you'll get the converter included. PLUS prime.. how is this even a drop? I would buy on amazon: http://amzn.to/2q0d3CJ
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Yes this is true, the amazon offer is much better for me unfortunately because of the shipping. The other advantage is I can choose to get the medium nib. So for the same price (or less really) and with a shorter turn over time I can get exactly what I want with Amazon on this offer.
I see your point. I think you'll like the pen once you get it. Enjoy.
fine nib only? .... no thanks
The courier company charged me $10 extra even after paying all the charges at Massdrop. Don;t understand, why !!
Do pens come with converter ? what is the different between CON-50 converters and Squeeze converter?
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Thank you for the clarification. I brought that up when I was just about to go to bed. I don't exactly express myself the most clearly at that time.
I know what you mean. Been there, done that.