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Microplane Elite Series Box Grater

Microplane Elite Series Box Grater

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Was going to go for this, in multiples for presents, until I read how poorly designed it is. Maybe Massdrop could get Microplane to make a better version, one able to stand up to actual use. Replaceable blades would be nice, too.
I'd pay 50% more for a significantly better version.
I hate to say this, as I love Microplane's other products, but this is one of the worst products I've had the misfortune to use. Sure it's sharp, but the front and back panels are unusable as they buckle under any amount of pressure. The bottom of the grater isn't lined up with the top half - sticking nearly two or three millimeters off from the top - and the drawer that catches grated food is so tight I had to pry it open with a flathead screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

This is not the quality I expect from Microplane's products and calling this an "Elite Series Box Grater" is just plain misleading. This product will, unfortunately, be going straight to the trash.
I am dumbfounded as to why Microplane makes these versions with the plastic housing. A friend of mine has an extra course grater like this and I am always afraid I am going to break it. Compare that to any of the series with the stainless housing that seem indestructable.
"Elite cheese grater"... lol. I think I'll stick with my $5 supermarket one that doesn't bend under pressure and is easier to clean because of its basic shape.
How do you keep from cutting yourself with Stainless Micro "Blades". Is there an included hand held device to keep your fingers from the blades or do you just guess and add extra "iron" to your dish if you miss?
I use cut resistant gloves. They're cheap.
Just got mine in. Instant disappointment regarding the quality.

The rear panel, the one with the fine and coarse blades, has a significant give. The slightest pressure from a finger causes the panel to buckle. Feels really cheap.

I suppose it will still work but you would expect it to be a little more rigid, especially considering how many small, hard items will have to have at least SOME pressure applied in order to zest or grate..
The expected shipping date was 7th of august 2017, as stated on the drop.

Can any1 confirm that it has been shipped?
Great drop!
How much is the shipping?
Shipping within the US is $3.75 . You can see the shipping rates for any drop by clicking Join Drop and selecting your country without having to enter any payment info.
Hand wash only or dishwasher safe?
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Because there are abrasives in dishwashing tablets...
Everyone seems to recommend to hand wash!!
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